The Warmest Romance Chapter 1185 -1186

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Chapter 1185

The little monk was only four or five years old. He was about the same size as sensenshasha. He had big eyes and was dressed in grey Haiqing clothes. He looked very cute.

Ruan Shishi was so happy that he laughed at him. Then he turned around and explained a few words to brother Meng Longge. Then he walked away with the little monk.

Just now, she told Xiao Meng that it would be inappropriate for them to wait here. The three of them would wander around in the yard. Therefore, it would be enough for her to go alone so as not to arouse suspicion.

Just now, when chatting with Abbot Zhenyuan, Ruan Shishi asked him if anyone had been here recently. Abbot Zhenyuan denied that all three of their guests were rare guests, and he said he would stay with them for a few days.

Now that she can walk around, she also wants to have a look and find the clues she is looking forward to.

“Little friend, have you been here since you were a child?”

The little monk nodded seriously, and said softly, “yes.”

He said, taking her to the door of a Buddhist hall and explaining in a low voice, “this is the main Buddhist hall. We all worship Buddha here.”

Ruan Shishi nodded thoughtfully, then casually asked, “how many people are there?”

“Abbot Zhenyuan, and Ziqing, Wu en…”

The young monk gave a few names, and there were only six or seven Manchurian. Ruan Shishi listened to him with a smile and did not interrupt.

After a while, she asked again, “is there anyone else living here besides you?”

Before they came in just now, brother long said that she felt that the footprints outside the door were a little messy. She glanced at them without thinking much. However, when she arrived at the Buddhist temple, she found that the abbots here, including monks and young monks, were all wearing cloth shoes, and there was a footprints on the outside. It was clear that the soles of the shoes were printed, and the size looked like men’s.

She had to think more about this.

She asked, the little monk had nodded, suddenly, it seems to think of something, quickly shook his head, “no…”

Although his reaction was quick, Ruan Shishi was still keen to catch something. She looked at the little monk. The little monk was young and simple. He bowed his head and stopped talking.

Seeing his appearance, Ruan’s heart slowly tightened, and he had the answer at the bottom of his heart.

Is there anyone else in this monastery besides the abbot and monks?

A man’s face flashed through her mind, but she was not sure.

Would it be him who lives in the Zen house?

Ruan Shishi’s mind moved. She looked down at the little monk who was speechless. She bowed slightly and said softly, “OK, you can take me to other places.”

The little monk nodded his head cleverly and led the way in front of him. Ruan Shishi followed him. He raised his eyes and swept around. He was a little nervous.

After walking around the small Buddhist temple, the little monk’s mood gradually brightened up. Ruan Shishi talked and laughed with him. He planned to turn back to the room where Xiaomeng and Longge were. Unexpectedly, his eyes touched a side door beside him, and his action was stunned.

This side door seems to lead to another small courtyard. She can’t see anything from the outside, but just now the little monk Ziji took her around and introduced her in detail, but he didn’t take her to the small courtyard.

Chapter 1186

That’s a little suspicious.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, suddenly reached for Ziji, who was about to leave, and said in a soft voice, “you haven’t finished taking me around. Why are you leaving now?”

Ziji suddenly took a step back, opened the distance with her, two small hands together, cheeks pink, milk said, “men and women give and receive.”

Ruan Shishi was stunned, and then she couldn’t help laughing. She looked down at Dingdian, angry and laughing, and asked, “is this what your Abbot taught you?”

Such a young monk knows that men and women are not compatible. The more Ruan Shishi thinks about it, the more funny he is. Finally, he can’t stop laughing.

Ziji’s cheek was redder. For a moment, he didn’t know whether to advance or retreat. He could only stand in the same place, and his grape like black eyes didn’t dare to look at her any more.

Seeing that he had not spoken for a long time, Ruan Shishi had to cover his smile and said in a soft voice, “OK, OK, I won’t tease you. Forget it, let’s go.”

When Ziji heard this, he looked up and said in a low voice, “don’t tell the abbot about this…”

Ruan Shishi quickly promised, “OK, OK, I won’t say anything.”

After that, she followed Ziji, walking on the road that had just rained. She walked forward with one foot deep and one foot shallow. The matter of Pianmen yard just now was also forgotten by her.

At the same time, in the yard, Yu Yimo slowly turns his wheelchair and comes out of the room. Looking out at the scene that it has just rained, the air is clear and pleasant.

Just now, he seemed to have heard a woman’s voice, which was inexplicably familiar, like the voice of Ruan Shishi.

It’s just that after I came out of the room, the sound disappeared again.

Du Yue also came out of the room, looked at Yu Yimo and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Yu Yimo hesitated for a moment and said in a deep voice, “I just It’s like I heard Ruan’s voice. “

Smell speech, Du more tiny a Zheng, can’t say words.

Having been with Yu Yimo for so many years, he has long known that Ruan’s poems are special to him, but he doesn’t know that they misunderstand and and miss each other again and again. Until today, does he realize his heart?

Before Du Yue answered, Yu Yimo turned his head and asked, “do you hear me?”

Du Yue came back and said in a low voice, “No.”

He really didn’t hear the voice of Ruan’s poetry. He was afraid that Yu Yimo might say that because of the missing in his heart?

Hearing the words, Yu Yimo’s eyes flashed a little dim.

Originally, Su Yucheng said last night that he could bring Ruan Shi to see him today.

At this time, the back door of the courtyard is suddenly pushed open. Su Yucheng, wearing a black windbreaker, strides in. His face is a bit obviously worried. Before he approaches, he sees Yu Yimo and says, “Yimo! Something’s wrong

His voice with anxiety, let Yu Yimo and Du Yue are a Leng, also followed by unconsciously nervous.

Can make su Yucheng nervous like this, what’s going on!

Su Yucheng strides forward and shouts in a low voice, “Yu Gu, the grandson of the north, has brought people here! I think we found out here. We have to get out of here! “

In a word, Yu Yimo’s whole body is stiff for a moment, and his brain is blank for a moment. The first thing he thinks about is not himself, but the people in the Zen hall.

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