The Warmest Romance Chapter 1215 -1216

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Chapter 1215

Ruan Shishi nodded seriously, “he’s inside. I’ll take you there.”

The old lady smell speech, an age, disorderly steps forward, face clearly exposed the vicissitudes of age.

At the thought that after the old lady went in, she would see Yu Yimo sitting in a wheelchair. Ruan Shishi unconsciously slowed down her pace, which was a little heartless.

It must be very sad for the old lady to see her grandson become like this.

Even if she didn’t want to, the old lady had quickly walked to the gate. After stepping in, she saw Yu Yimo in the wheelchair.

He was wearing a soft off white sweater and brown trousers. He didn’t make any modeling. His hair was a little messy. He dressed casually, but somehow gave his emaciated body a little more softness. When he saw the old lady, his face rarely showed a soothing smile.

At the moment when the old lady saw him, she was in the same place, speechless and speechless, until Yu Yimo called her grandmother, and then she slowly recovered.

Seeing the wheelchair he left, the old lady’s eyes trembled. Soon, tears welled up. She hesitated to step forward, her hands trembling, but she did not dare to touch him, as if for fear of damage, “Yimo…”

“Grandma, I’m still alive.” Yu Yimo took the initiative to hold the old man’s hands and said in a soft voice, “don’t worry, I’m ok.”

“But your legs…”

The old lady was so old that she didn’t understand anything. When she first saw him in a wheelchair, she probably knew it.

Soon, the old lady responded and asked, “did Yu Gubei do it? Is that him? “

Yu Yimo frowned and frowned, but he didn’t say anything.

“Sin! What a sin! If your father hadn’t brought that woman back, it wouldn’t have happened… “

Ruan Shishi stood aside, just like an outsider, looking at the picture in front of him, but his heart was inexplicably sour and dreary.

Five years ago, when she was in the Yu group, she thought that the Yu family wanted power, money, money, food and clothing. But she didn’t expect that such a family would be entangled with family grievances. On the contrary, the simpler the family was, the happier it was.

The old lady could not accept the fact that her excellent grandson had been interrupted by others. With the stimulation and the recent mental pressure, she was soon unable to stand up and fainted.

After the old lady was sent to the bedroom, soon, Su Yucheng called the family doctor, did the examination, took the medicine, this was stable.

After more than two hours, it was getting darker and darker, and the villa was slowly quiet.

There is a small bar beside the dining hall on the first floor, and there is a small cocktail party beside it, which is full of Su Yucheng’s private collection of good wine.

At this moment, he and Yu Yimo are sitting next to the wine cabinet, discussing something in a low voice.

Su Yucheng said solemnly, “this time Yu Gu Bei has made a big mistake. He will definitely fight against us with the spirit of 12 points. Therefore, I’m afraid we will change our policy in the future.”

Yu Yimo, listening to him, never said a word from the beginning to the end. He held the glass in his hand, and his brow never stretched.

After a moment, he said coldly, “Yucheng, think about it, with our ability now, can you pull him down?”

Chapter 1216

Su Yucheng pondered for a moment, shook his head, “difficult.”

Today, the power behind Yu Gubei is not Yu’s group. He has strong support, Lord Luo.

That vicious man, who has been on the road for so many years, really has his own means to survive until now. Now, once he is willing to mobilize resources for Yu Gubei, I’m afraid they can’t resist it completely.

After all, now he has no shares in Yu’s group, and he has no capital and dividends. Even if he really takes Yu back, he may be just a shell.

Yu Gubei is a good abacus player. From the beginning, he won over Lord Luo Jiuye to build bricks and tiles for his empire. Now, he has firmly grasped what he wants to hold in his hand.

That’s why he dares to do whatever he wants.

However, even so, people will have a handle. As long as they can find Yu Gubei’s handle and hold his real criminal evidence, then he will be finished.

But before that, he must first take the shares of Yu group out of his hands. Only in this way can he keep Yu group.

His eyes sank and he suddenly thought of something. He looked up at Su Yucheng and said word by word, “I think of a way. I don’t know if it will work.”

Su Yucheng’s eyes brightened, “tell me.”

“Do you remember the woman that brother long and Xiao Meng captured today?”

“I remember.” Su Yucheng nodded, “it’s said that it’s Yu Gubei’s woman.”

“We can use her to force Yu Gubei.”

Su Yucheng was a little surprised, then stopped for a while and shook his head, “I don’t think it’s very good. That woman doesn’t seem to be so important to Yu Gubei.”

“Is it?” Yu Yimo’s eyes are slightly heavy. “I don’t think so.”

He used to treat Yu Gubei as a wary opponent, so he knew all about him. At that time, Yu Gubei never had any women around him.

And this Lu Xiaoman is the first woman to appear beside him.

Its particularity can be seen.

Su Yucheng asked, “how do you want to try?”

Metaphor to Merton, is about to open mouth, suddenly next to the stairs came footsteps, he and Su Yu pair look, subconsciously tacit stopped the topic.

Then he took a sip from his glass and saw Ruan Shishi coming towards them.

The woman came up to them, looking a little sad, and asked directly, “do you have any wine? Give me a drink.”

Yu Yimo was slightly surprised and turned to see her. She was sure that it was her. Her eyes sank. “What wine do you drink?”

Ruan Shishi didn’t think so. He sat down at his side and said, “any wine will do. Give me a cup.”

Smell speech, Yu Yimo’s handsome face suddenly black down.

Is this woman really not understanding or pretending?

Seeing that he and Su Yu didn’t respond, Ruan Shishi reached out and picked up a clean cup beside him to pour wine himself.

Suddenly, a pair of big hands stretched out and held her wrist. Ruan Shishi was surprised. She turned her head and looked at Yu Yimo’s dark eyes.

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