His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1979

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Chapter 1979

Eldon Valles, who was mentioned by Luo Youyou by his name, was stupid. After standing at the door for a long time, he came back to his senses and took a look at Luo Youyou to confirm that Luo Youyou is not. After joking, the whole heart was lifted up.

Luo Youyou was giving him the steps…

Eldon Valles felt that he was so capable. As soon as he stepped forward to speak, he was called by his mother, “Kurosawa!”

Sakura Kurosawa subconsciously glanced at his mother and touched it. The elder’s angry face, his instinct is to apologize.

I am sorry.

It seems that in front of the family, he is just a machine for admitting mistakes and inheriting honor.

Seeing Sakurahara Kurosawa’s surprise and happiness when he was called by Luo Youyou from the beginning to now facing his mother’s numb and confessed face, Luo Youyou didn’t know why his heart gasped.

He is so arrogant, but he seems to be used to apologizing in front of his family.

What’s wrong, let’s say sorry for the family’s face first.

Why… people have such inertia?

Luo Youyou looked at Sakura Kurosawa’s bent back. He should have done this kind of action countless times. He bowed and apologized, took responsibility for admitting his mistakes, and was scolded by the family, and then moved forward with the burden of their indifference…

Remembering that when he was young, Kurosawa Sakahara used to sparkle in his eyes, but now that light is gone.

Perhaps they met Christian when they were five years old, and the two of them performed a good show in London. That was when Eldon Valles really had his own soul.

Luo Youyou couldn’t help but yelled, “Kurosawa–“

Sakurahara Kurosawa was still bowing to his mother. The family motto was like this. If the elders didn’t say it, they were not allowed to get up. Their family is like a devil like this. Locally, it’s no wonder that the offspring with abnormal thinking like Sakurako Sakura has appeared, living in a family like a machine, he is not worn out, it is a blessing.

Madam Sakakihara looked at Kurosawa, and habitually wanted to say that he was embarrassing the family, but she was stunned when she saw Luo Youyou’s expression on the edge.

I… can’t talk to Kurosawa like that anymore, is that her son… is it her son? Why can the son look so strange in her eyes? This kind of meaningless but necessary repeated apology has exhausted his expectations of family affection, right?

For the first time, Madam Sakurabara stepped forward and gently touched Kurosawa’s head, “I…not here to hear your apology, I’m here…thinking that Madam Luo will solve this matter properly, Kurosawa.”

Sakurahara Kurosawa straightened up, with shock written on his face, “My mother…”

They are still continuing this feudal system of respect and inferiority, and they are still living in the past, so Sakura Kurosawa couldn’t think of how his mother suddenly changed her temper. Thinking that she was testing herself, she became more and more serious. Seeing how her son was so defensive, Mrs. Sakahara suddenly felt a little heartache.

For so many years, did they ignore their son for too long, so that his son didn’t know how to really love someone…

Sakura Kurosawa looked at his mother blankly, but when he moved his eyes to Luo Youyou’s face, There was finally some emotion in it, nervous, happy, even if it was cautious, it belonged to Eldon Valles, fresh, and emotional.

Mrs. Sakakibara stayed while watching.

He sat next to Luo Youyou’s bed and stammered, “You…you want to…”

“I plan to give birth, maybe our affairs will not come to fruition, but the child is innocent, and our two families raise children It’s not difficult either.” Luo Youyou lowered her head and looked at her stomach, “From another perspective, it’s also…for so many years, let us give an explanation for the entanglement between us.”

They will become the father and mother of the child. , But will not become each other’s wives and husbands.

It turns out that these four roles are all separate.

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