The Warmest Romance Chapter 1231 -1232

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Chapter 1231

Du Yue also laughed, “after that, I will call your name directly in private.”


Then, the topic shifted to the main topic, “you said you wanted to tell me about Ann. What happened to her? How’s your recovery going? “

Ruan Shishi turned his head and looked at him with clear eyes. “What I want to tell you is about you and An’an, not about An’an himself.”

Du Yue Wei was stunned, and then he looked a little serious, “do you mean…”

“Do you still like Ann?”

“Do you still want to be with her?”

“Think about you and her future?”

Ruan Shishi threw out three questions in a row. Du Yue’s eyes moved, swallowed his saliva, and said seriously, “like, want to be with her, want to be with her in the future.”

Catching the light of the man’s eyes, Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and said, “then you should listen to me. No matter what song yean will do, be brave to be yourself.”

“What should I do?”

Ruan Shishi was silent for a moment and said, “I will help you, but before that, I want to ask you something.”

Du Yue’s face changed slightly, “what’s the matter?”

Ruan Shishi’s voice suddenly sank a lot, “five years ago, I was tied to the lighthouse on the sea, and then someone saved me. What’s the matter?”

Smell speech, Du Yue this just suddenly understand, she big night will he called out, also not only for him and An’an thing.

“There is no order from the president about this…”

Ruan Shishi gently interrupted him, “Du Yue, if I want to know, I will always find out. Instead of that, you should tell me directly.”

Du Yue hesitated and hesitated, and finally relaxed, “five years ago, the president almost lost his life for you.”

In a word, deep hit the heart of Ruan poetry.

“The president had another identity at that time, which I can’t disclose, but it was related to Mr. Luo Jiuye. In a word, when he was on a mission, he suddenly received a video, in which you were tied to the lighthouse, the tide rose, and you were drowned sooner or later.”

“When we saw that video, we all felt that it was the other party’s plan to divert the tiger from the mountain. On the one hand, it was the task, on the other hand, it was you. The president asked us to proceed according to the original plan, while he went to the East Coast to find you alone.”

“He had deep-sea phobia, because he almost drowned in the sea when he was a child. At that time, the sea was in high tide, and it would not be long before he reached the warning line of the lighthouse. If he was late, you would die. The president had no choice but to go into the sea with his head firmly in his mouth. I don’t know the specific situation in the sea. I only know that when we found him later, he fainted on the beach, breathing very hard Weak, we took him back. Later, he had a high fever for several days and woke up. After he woke up, you had left Jiangzhou. It’s not convenient for me to disclose the later things. In a word, because of this, he suffered a lot of misunderstandings and lost a lot of opportunities. What’s more important, he forced his physical and psychological fear and finally chose to save you… “

Du Yue’s words are full of words. Ruan’s poems are surprised, moved, hard to believe, but complicated.

If it wasn’t for Du Yue’s words, she wouldn’t believe it. It turned out that five years ago, Yu Yimo had done so much for her. What’s more, she didn’t expect that five years ago, her life was not because of fluke, the gangster’s guilty heart and fear, or the gangster got the money. He overcame all her fears and saved her life.

Chapter 1232

But she didn’t know anything from beginning to end!

She clenched her teeth, but tears still gushed out. She looked up into the distance and said nothing.

Du Yue’s voice sounded again, “president, for you, he has really done many things that he has never done.”

Ruan Shishi bit his lower lip hard and forced his tears back. Then he calmed down. He turned to Du Yue and nodded to him, “thank you for telling me this.”

That night.

Ruan Shishi was lying on the bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. She never thought that there were so many things she didn’t know five years ago.

But when she woke up, what song yean told her was a different version.

Du Yue said that when they got to the beach, they only saw Yu Yimo. Song yean told her that he only saw her lying on the beach, but did not see Yu Yimo.

But if yu Yimo really saved her, they must have fallen on the beach together. In this way, someone in the version she heard must have lied.

In contrast, Du Yue didn’t have to lie to her, but what about song yean? Would he lie to her?

After thinking about it, she fell into a trance, and finally fell asleep.

Wake up the next day, the sun rises, the weather is not good, as if last night’s dark clouds, wind and cloud waves are false.

Ruan Shishi got up a little late. She stretched herself, washed quickly, and then went downstairs to have breakfast. She happened to meet an old lady who was going to water the flowers with a kettle.

As soon as the old lady saw her, her eyebrows opened and she came to her and asked, “how was your sleep? Yesterday I went out with Yimo. I was busy. I’m tired, right

Ruan Shishi shuddered when she thought of what happened last night. She reluctantly laughed and whispered, “I came back a little late yesterday, so I slept a long time.”

“It’s OK. You and Yimo should get along with each other more and cultivate their feelings…”

Before the old lady’s words were finished, Ruan Shishi had guessed what she wanted to say. She quickly and tactfully turned off the topic, “grandma, the porridge is getting cold. I’ll go to have breakfast first.”

The old lady just let her go, “OK, OK, you go to eat.”

Ruan Shishi sat down at the dining table and took out her mobile phone to read the news while drinking porridge. Yesterday, her mobile phone ran out of power and didn’t see much, so she turned it off directly. Only in this way can she have a look at the news that she didn’t have time to check yesterday.

On wechat, Ms. Liu sent her several messages and two video calls, all of which were called yesterday, but she didn’t receive them.

“Shishi, have you finished your business? When will you be back? The two little guys talk about you every day. They don’t eat well when they think about you. “

Seeing the news from Ms. Liu, Ruan Shishi’s heart is full of bitterness. She hasn’t seen sensenshasha for several days, and her heart is empty.

She fingered on the screen, to Ms. Liu back to the message, “Mom, things are almost finished, these two days to go back, don’t worry.”

As soon as she sent out the message, she felt a little stiff. She was hesitating whether to dial the video phone for Ms. Liu. Unexpectedly, at this time, a doorbell rang suddenly.

She subconsciously raised her eyes, through the transparent glass in front of the dining table, looking from the direction of the door, inexplicably nervous.

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