The Warmest Romance Chapter 1233 -1234

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Chapter 1233

Because this house is Su Yucheng’s private residence, the address is private and the security is perfect. At the beginning, in order to ensure Yu Yimo’s safety, Su Yucheng took him in for a temporary stay. She also felt the peace and security here after living here for a few days. In her impression, there were few visitors except Su Yucheng and Yu Yimo’s confidants.

So now this ring of doorbells is quite abrupt.

There were not many servants in the western style house. Hearing the doorbell, the cooking aunt rushed to the door, carefully opened the iron door, said something to the people outside, and then turned back.

The old lady fiddling with flowers and plants in the small garden couldn’t help asking, “who’s here?”

The aunt answered truthfully, “it’s a woman. She’s very young. She said that she wanted to see Mr. Yu. I didn’t hear Mr. Yu say that there were visitors, so I told her that she had found the wrong place.”

But as soon as she finished, there was a heavy clapping outside the door, and then a sharp female voice came along, “brother Mo! it’s me! I’m Wan’er! “

“Brother Mo, I came to you specially! Open the door! Let me see you! “


The sudden sound startled both the old lady and Ruan Shishi. Ruan Shishi immediately got up and walked out through the gate, looking at the old lady in surprise.

Listen to this voice and words, she has guessed who is coming, in addition to ye Wan’er, there will be no second person.

The old lady also heard it and said angrily, “isn’t imor divorced from her? Why did she come again

Ruan Shishi takes a deep breath and just wants to tell her aunt to go up and inform Yu Yimo. Unexpectedly, Du Yue has already pushed Yu Yimo out of the room.

“Brother Mo! It’s me! I’m Wan’er! “

“I just want to see you. I’ll be relieved to see you well. I’ll leave when I see you!”


The clapping and shouting outside the door are still going on. It seems that if there is no answer, ye Wan’er will continue to shout.

When Yu Yimo came out, he naturally heard the cry. He frowned slightly and did not speak.

The old lady on one side couldn’t bear it. She looked at Yu Yimo angrily. “Yimo, how could she know you were here?”

Now, the place where they are is in need of absolute security, and ye Wan’er has found it, which makes people afraid.

Yu Yimo frowned and flipped his mobile phone. Sure enough, he saw that there were several messages on it that Su Yucheng had not had time to read. They were sent by Su Yucheng more than an hour ago.

“Lao Yu, ye Wan’er has been pestering me for several days. She has been pressing for your whereabouts. She was blocked at the door of the bar early this morning, falling and smashing. I had no choice, so I told her the address. She said she would leave at a glance. I told you in advance, and you should be ready…”

At the back, there is also a helpless expression bag.

Yu Yimo frowned and took back his mobile phone.

Sure enough, it’s su Yucheng’s good work.

Just at this time, the sound of clapping and shouting outside the door suddenly weakened. Just when everyone thought that ye Wan’er was going to leave, there was a more violent sound of clapping the door, “bang, bang!” Again and again.

This time, she was obviously not patting with her hands, but with tools, which were much more violent than just now.

Chapter 1234

The old lady was shocked by the headache. She looked at Yu Yimo and said angrily, “Yimo, how can you do this?”

Yu Yimo’s face was a little serious, then he motioned to Du Yue, “go and open the door.”

The old lady was surprised. “You really want to see her!”

Yu Yimo said coldly, “since she wants to see me, I will help her.”

Du Yue walked through the garden to the door and opened it from inside.

Suddenly, the noise outside suddenly stopped, and then came ye Wan’er’s eager and joyful voice, “brother Mo! Where is he? “

Just as the door opened, ye Wan’er couldn’t wait to get in. She bypassed Du Yue and looked around quickly. When she saw Yu Yimo, her face suddenly became happy.

“Brother Mo!” She quickly ran towards him with excitement, but after just two steps, she suddenly realized that he was sitting in a wheelchair. Suddenly, her feet stopped, and the expression on her face changed from joy to amazement.

“Brother Mo, what’s wrong with your leg?”

After a pause, ye Wan’er ran forward and looked at Yu Yimo. Her tears fell down like broken beads. “Brother Mo! Your legs… “

She reached out to pull Yu Yimo’s hand, but he gently pushed it away. Ye Wan’er squatted down and looked at his leg, sobbing and gasping, “I thought you really had an accident My heart is dying. If I didn’t hear some news later, I’m afraid I’m afraid I can’t live any longer… “

Her small face is much narrower than before, and she is crying with tears, which really makes people feel pity. However, Yu Yimo, sitting in the wheelchair, does not have any extra expression. He looks at her crying motionlessly, and then signals Du Yue to send a tissue.

Seeing ye Wan’er wiping her tears with a paper towel, he said in a slow voice, “OK, now that you see me, go back. This is not the place where you stay.”

“No, I want to stay with you. You haven’t told me what you’ve experienced these days. Brother Mo, I’m willing to stay with you and take care of you…”

Ye Wan’er raised her head and said this. She suddenly felt something strange. She subconsciously looked to one side. Unexpectedly, she saw two people standing behind a row of flower pot shelves on the farther steps.

Those two people are very familiar to her, one is the old lady of Yu family, and the other is Ruan Shishi!

When she saw Ruan’s poems, her blood was boiling.

She How could she be here!

Soon, she responded and looked at Yu Yimo, “brother Mo, I’m willing to stay with you and take care of you. Don’t drive me away…”

With that, she reaches out her two hands and grabs Yu Yimo’s clothes. She refuses to let go.

Yu Yimo frowned and said coldly, “I’ll tell you my things when I have time, but the time is not right. I’m still in danger. I can’t keep you around. You go back first.”

Ye Wan’er shook her head again and again, “no, I won’t! I want to see you anytime and anywhere, and I’m not afraid of danger! “

As she said this, tears came back.

The old lady over there couldn’t see it anymore. She was just about to come forward and scold her. Seeing this, Ruan Shishi reached for her arm and said in a soft voice, “grandma, this is Yu Yimo’s business. He will deal with it by himself. Let’s go back to the room first.”

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