CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1611 – 1612

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Chapter 1611

She just stared at him for several minutes before turning around to get his phone.

Peter saw that there was no one in front of the window, thinking it was Tina and didn’t want to care about him, kicked the small stone next to him with a little frustration.

The next moment, the phone in his pocket vibrated.

Peter looked up and saw Tina standing in front of the window again.

He took out his cell phone and lay quietly on it the message that Tina had sent him.

She asked him: “How did you get in?”

Peter replied: “I came in over the wall.”

Tina: “Go back to sleep, I’m asleep.”

Peter: “Okay!”

He wanted to ask, but Tina was still not angry.

But he dared not ask.

Tina had finally been willing to pay attention to him. If he asked again, it would remind Tina of his previous affairs in Best Day, wouldn’t it be that he would have been angry all his life and ignored him.

This little ancestor has a great temperament.

Tina got a reply and looked downstairs and found that Peter was still standing there, looking up at her.

Tina paused, then closed the curtains.

But she did not leave, but looked out at Peter through the gap in the curtain.

Why are you still not leaving?

She remembered that Peter was the most shameless person.

That night, how long Peter stood downstairs, and how long Tina stood in front of the window.

Early the next morning, Tina went downstairs and walked around the corner when she heard Peter’s voice coming downstairs.

He stood in the yard for so long last night, and got up so early today.

Really, he is a teenage boy, full of energy.

Tina stood at the corner and did not go down.

After a night of calming down, she didn’t seem to be that angry anymore, she couldn’t even remember what he had been up to yesterday, she just didn’t want to face Peter.

She also didn’t want to ask him what was the relationship with the girl that day.

She didn’t want to ask him why he lied to her.

She just suddenly felt that everything became dull.

What she cares about, what she prays for, she has never gotten.

She tried to start again, thinking that it would take her a lifetime to start again, but the facts told her that was not the case.

“Why Tina hasn’t gotten up yet, I’ll go see her.” Tina’s mother’s voice came downstairs.

After hearing this, Tina chose to go down between turning back to the room and going downstairs.

It’s all here, and you have to face it if you don’t face it, don’t you?

Hit her mother head-on at the stairs.

“Have you gotten up?” Melba smiled and looked at Tina: “Peter has been here for a while. Did you make an appointment to go home with him?”

“No.” Tina smiled faintly.

As soon as she walked out, Peter’s gaze fell straight on her, not far away.

Weber’s mother had the habit of taking a walk after eating. Tina and Peter had been in a good relationship since they were young. She didn’t care about them too much, so she cleaned up and went out.

The dining room became quiet, leaving only Tina and Peter.

“Breakfast.” Peter pushed breakfast in front of Tina.

She has no appetite, and ate slowly, and asked him, “What do you come to me for?”

Peter was asked, “Tina, don’t do this.”

He can accept Tina’s anger at him, or simply ignore him. The most unacceptable is Tina’s “you and I have nothing to do” appearance and talk to him indifferently.

“You can go if nothing else, don’t disturb me eating here.” Tina lowered her eyes and stopped looking at him.

Peter sat next to her and turned his head to look at her face: “It’s me who is wrong. I shouldn’t say something like that. If you want to help Cody, we are discussing the long-term plan, how we want to help and how to do it, it’s up to you. Forget it, okay?”

Chapter 1612

Tina finally raised her head to look at Peter.

It’s just that her eyes are empty, with no focus.

After a few seconds, her eyes had their focus, and her eyes were fixed on Peter, as if she had finally seen him.

Then she said faintly: “This matter is over, don’t mention it again, Cody lied to me, I won’t help him anymore, I don’t want to hear his name again, you know, I hate other people cheating. I and you are the same, right?”

“Well, we won’t mention him anymore.” Peter agreed.

Tina observed Peter’s expression, there was no trace of a guilty conscience on his face, as if he had not deceived her at all.

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she would have never thought about it in her life, and Peter would cheat her sometimes.

It is said that people who do great things can hold their breath.

With Peter’s current status, isn’t he the one who does great things?

She felt that there was some truth, and she couldn’t help laughing as she thought about it.

“What are you laughing at?” Peter didn’t know what Tina was thinking. He smiled at her, thinking she was in a good mood, and then laughed.

“I think it’s funny.” The smile on Tina’s face faded a bit.

After she finished speaking, she looked down and continued to eat breakfast.

Tina lowered her head slightly, revealing a fair and beautiful neck, and the slightly messy hair on the sideburns set off a bit of gentleness.

Such a picture is extremely pleasing to the eye.

But Peter felt weird in the cool place.

But he couldn’t tell what was wrong with Tina.

Peter stared at Tina for a moment, and asked her, “Are there any work plans in the future?”

“The teacher has a drama lined up over there, let me go to the line, I will go tomorrow.” Tina did not look up.

“That’s also very good. There is really no good script lately. If there is any, I will communicate with Stephaine and let her filter it for you first.”

“talk later.”

The calm tone sounded uninterested, as if not very interested.

Peter finally realized what was wrong with her.

Very lack of energy, lack of vitality like usual.

He carefully recalled what happened during the recent period, and wanted to find out from it what event Tina was affected by, and it turned out to be like this, but he couldn’t think of it over and over again.

Is it because the menstrual period is approaching?

Before and after each menstrual period, Tina would be in this state for a few days.

Tina didn’t eat much for breakfast, so he put down his chopsticks.

Peter’s attention has been on her. Seeing her eating so little, he frowned slightly: “I don’t eat anymore?”

“I don’t want to eat anymore.” Tina shook her head.

Peter did not persuade her again: “Then I will drive and go back to the city together.”

Tina did not refuse.

When he drove back to the city with her, she didn’t speak much, just turned his head and looked out the window.

His complexion was calm.

But it is precisely this, but it seems abnormal.

It’s too quiet.

Although Tina is not a person who talks a lot, but when she is with him, there will always be various topics to talk to him.

She was sent to the studio, and after he watched her enter, he sat in the car for a while.

Stephanie came out to buy coffee and found that Peter was still there, so she walked towards him.

“Cousin, why haven’t you left yet?”

Peter didn’t answer, “Where are you going?”

“Going to buy some coffee, are you very free today?” Stephanie leaned in front of the car and chatted with him.

“You… have anything happened recently?” Peter asked.

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