The Warmest Romance Chapter 1289 -1290

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Chapter 1289

When he finished, Ruan Shishi didn’t reply. She tightened her eyebrows and thought there was something strange, but she couldn’t think of it.

All of a sudden, a picture flashed in my mind. It seems that just now when she took Ziji to the room to have a rest, Yu Yimo asked her to stay, didn’t she

A possibility suddenly flashed in her heart, and she immediately looked at Yu Yimo with alert eyes wide open, “this can’t be the ghost that you deliberately make!”

Yu Yimo sneered and said, “what am I doing? Just to keep you? “

Ruan Shishi immediately put his arms across his chest and subconsciously said, “who knows you What do you want to do! “

Yu Yimo, with a deeper smile in his eyes, slowly drives the wheelchair towards her and looks at the woman as a frightened fawn. Instead of trying to explain, he finds it more interesting.

As if in a flash of time, and back to five years ago, she is that naive girl, silly and lovely.

Ruan Shishi was said to be staring at her hair silently. She had goose bumps all over her body and said incoherently, “you You must have the key. Give it to me quickly

Yu Yimo slightly raised her eyebrows, glanced at her injured leg, and said in a soft voice, “how can you go back at midnight?”

Without thinking about it, Ruan said, “I’ll take a taxi!”

Yu Yimo’s lips are slightly raised, and her tone is light. “Young woman, riding alone in the car late at night, has hurt her leg. If there is really an accident, it has nothing to do with me.”

In a few words, Ruan Shishi was cold and stiff.

That’s right. Recently, social news about women being killed in a taxi is always on the news. People are scared to see it. When she goes back alone, she is naturally afraid.

Yu Yimo added casually, “if you want to go back, I’ll ask for the key.”

Ruan Shishi glanced at him coldly, “forget it, I’d better make do with one night here.”

With that, she walked up to the bedroom on the second floor where she had lived before.

Push open the door and walk in. The fragrance of flowers is coming. The bedside lamp is on. There is a tray with a bowl of Osmanthus purple rice porridge and a cold compress bag.

Ruan Shishi’s heart was slightly tight. Looking at these things, he couldn’t speak for a moment.

Is this for her?

Osmanthus purple rice porridge is her favorite porridge, and cold compress bag is also what she needs. After walking for a day, her leg was injured, and her ankle was swollen. At this time, she drank a bowl of porridge, applied it to her ankle, and then had a good sleep, which was very comfortable.

Suddenly, the face of Yu Yimo flashed through my mind.

I’m afraid he is the only one who can do this for her in this house.

Ruan Shishi took the bowl of purple rice porridge with sweet scented osmanthus on the table and took a sip. The faint honey smell lingered between her lips and teeth. It was really her favorite taste, absolutely right.

What Yu Yimo did really made her feel warm, but she was disappointed when she thought of what happened today.

For those children in the cement plant, she thought he would definitely help, but she didn’t expect

Ruan sighed softly, took a few mouthfuls of porridge, then put the ice bag on his swollen ankle, picked up his mobile phone and began to search all the welfare homes in Jiangzhou city.

Chapter 1290

She wants to help those children. Even if she doesn’t help them find their relatives, she should at least choose the best welfare home for them. Only in this way can she be assured.

The next morning, when Ruan Shishi woke up, he had breakfast with Ziji. Then he planned to leave and go directly to the cement plant.

As soon as he got to the door, Yu Yimo appeared coldly from the nearby flower bed. He looked at her up and down, and saw that she was dressed neatly and was about to go out.

She wore a loose white skirt, which just covered the wound on her leg. Except for walking, everything seemed to be normal.

Yu Yimo slightly raises his eyebrows, “going out?”

Ruan Shi deliberately did not say clearly, lightly said, “ready to go.”

Then she started to leave. Suddenly she thought of something. She came back and looked at him. “By the way, I’m wearing the clothes in the closet. I’ll give you the money then.”

Yu Yimo looks at him with a smile instead of a smile. “We don’t need to be so polite, do we?”

Ruan Shi said solemnly, “what should be calculated should be calculated.”

Hearing her saying this, Yu Yimo was a little sad and couldn’t laugh. Seeing that she was going to walk away, he asked her, “is this going to go to the cement plant?”

Ruan Shishi looked back at him, hesitated for a moment, and then said, “well.”

She gave him a deep look, then turned around and stepped out.

As soon as she left, Su Yucheng came out with a cup of coffee. He looked at Yu Yimo and smacked his mouth and said, “she has a lot of perseverance. She does it herself and does charity in a low profile.”

Yu Yimo’s eyes were dim and he didn’t say anything.

Su Yucheng turned his head in surprise and asked, “by the way, Lao Yu, why don’t you show her your cards and say that you are going to help these children?”

Yu Yimo said word by word, “from the beginning, the reason why she didn’t help was that she was afraid that if she promised to help, she would definitely come and stare at her and run back and forth, which was bad for her leg wound healing.”

Su Yucheng chuckled, “just didn’t expect that even if you don’t help, she would rather go by herself.”

Yu Yimo’s eyes darkened for a few minutes, and soon returned to normal. His lips finally moved, and he whispered, “stupid woman.”

He originally wanted her to give up the idea and take good care of her, but he didn’t expect her to be so stubborn.

Although he said on the surface that he would not help, he had already made plans and arrangements in private. He would not watch the children drink from the west, but he never mentioned these thoughts and actions to her.

Who knows this stupid woman, with a cavity of blood, just want to help others, but ignore their own body.

One side of Su Yucheng heard him say, eyes smile and thick a few points, patted his shoulder, said, “some things can’t be so strict, since she wants to do, let her do it, you now the most important thing is to treat the leg, fortunately recently a little better, wait for the leg is good, she wants to do what, can say no more.”

Said, Su Yucheng toward him blinked eyes, smile meaningful.

Yu Yimo took back his eyes, and his eyes fell on his legs. He gave a little meal and said softly, “well, the most urgent thing is to treat his legs.”

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