The Warmest Romance Chapter 1291 -1292

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Chapter 1291

Recently, while he was busy with his work, he arranged to see various doctors in Su Yucheng, including famous doctors, private doctors, domestic doctors and foreign doctors. Although there was no good way to make the legs recover quickly, there were signs of improvement after treatment.

However, it is a long process that needs time and experience.

After a pause, he picked up his cell phone and dialed Xiaomeng. Soon, someone answered.

“Hello? Mr. Yu said

“Xiaomeng, today Ruan Shishi went to the cement plant. If you can help me, please come according to her request.”

The little Meng Wei on the other end of the phone was stunned, “didn’t you say you didn’t help yesterday?”

Without hesitation, Yu Yimo said directly, “just follow what I said.”

Yesterday, I was afraid that she would delay her rest in order to deal with this matter. But I didn’t expect that she was so determined in the end. In this case, I might as well help her.

More than half an hour later, Ruan Shishi arrived at the cement plant. As soon as he got to the door, he saw Xiaomeng come out and greet her warmly, “sister Shishi, you’re here!”

Ruan Shishi nodded to him slightly, handed him the bag in his hand, and said softly, “thank you. This is the breakfast I brought for you by the way. Eat it while it’s hot, and then help to unload the breakfast box on the car.”

Xiaomeng was surprised, and then reacted and said, “sister Shishi, you are so sweet!”

Ruan Shishi said with a smile, “I asked you to help me stay here all night, but there’s no indication. You’ll make do with it first. When today is over, I’ll treat you to a good meal.”

When she left yesterday, she was worried about the children in the cement plant, so she asked Xiaomeng to leave some of her subordinates to guard the cement plant. First, for the safety of the children, she wanted to prevent the men from killing a rifle. Second, she wanted to prevent the children from running around.

Xiao Meng immediately patted her chest and promised, “sister Shi, don’t worry, we will definitely do a good job when you tell us.”

Ruan Shishi smiles, and then walks in quickly. Under the guidance of his subordinates, he arrives at the place where the children sleep at night.

It was a small cement house with a thin straw mat on the ground. All the children were lying on it. The sheets were also ragged and gray. They couldn’t see the original color at all. The boys and girls were mixed together, head to foot, sitting and lying casually.

Seeing this scene, Ruan Shishi’s heart suddenly tightened, and an indescribable sadness poured into her heart. She bit her teeth, but could not make a sound.

She couldn’t imagine how they spent their days and nights in such a place, and she couldn’t imagine how those children who were about the same age as sensenshasha could live such a miserable life.

“Did you have breakfast?”

Ruan Shiqiang calmed down and asked with a smile.

All the children shook their heads. “No.”

“Well, stand up and line up. I’ll take you to breakfast.”

Hearing what she said, all the children stood up excitedly and lined up in a noisy line, with expectant eyes staring at her tightly.

Ruan’s heart was warm. She walked ahead and took them to the door.

In the direction of the door, Xiao Meng led his men to unload all the breakfast, sending out a tempting fragrance, and the children’s eyes were shining like stars.

Chapter 1292

Maybe for them, even having breakfast is a luxury.

After several of his men had distributed breakfast to the children, Ruan Shishi stood by and watched them gobble their food. His mouth could not help rising.

Xiao Meng came over and asked in a low voice, “sister Shi, what are you going to do after they have breakfast?”

Ruan Shishi’s face became more and more serious when she was asked. She took a deep breath and thought for a moment. Then she whispered, “first count out the non orphan children. I’ll take them to the police station to check the household registration information to see if there are any clues.”

Xiao Meng then asked, “what about the children who have no father or mother?”

“I’m going to take them to the child protection association to register and see if there are any families willing to adopt them. Then I’ll take them to the orphanages that I like to see and make a field investigation. If it’s appropriate, let them stay in the orphanages first.”

Xiao Meng was stunned. “It’s a big project. There are so many children and so many things. I’m afraid we have to go back and forth many times.”

After a pause, he added with some worry, “sister Shi, you’re not going to follow the whole journey alone, are you?”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and nodded, “if I don’t take responsibility from the beginning to the end, I’m not sure.”

“But your legs…” Xiaomeng gently advised, “and will the police cooperate? It’s not a simple job to find identity information for these children who don’t have a clear identity. “

Ruan Shishi slightly tightened her eyebrows and moved her lips, but she didn’t know what to say.

At this time, a sudden ring of mobile phone rings, interrupted her thoughts, she came back and quickly felt out the mobile phone.

A string of strange numbers flickered on the screen. Ruan Shishi hesitated and pressed the answer button.

“Hello? Who is it

She dropped her voice, and there was an obvious pause on the other end of the phone. Soon, there came a clear male voice, “who? Ruan Shishi, you are really a man of honor and forgetful. “

Ruan Shishi was stunned by the familiar and strange voice, and then he responded, “Chen “Jun?”

Chen Jun sneered, “so surprised? Yes? Didn’t give me the number? “

In a word, he was right. Ruan Shishi really forgot to change his number.

The first time she accidentally lost his mobile phone number, and then he took the initiative to call her. Who knows, she forgot to make remarks. The second time she made such an Oolong incident.

Ruan Shishi pulled her lips awkwardly, inhaled deeply and said, “I forgot it by accident…”

As soon as she was about to apologize, Chen Jun’s voice came, “where are you now? Did you go to the child? “

Hearing what he said, Ruan Shishi suddenly remembered that he was the one who helped her to find Ziji. Yesterday he told her on the phone that he wanted her to come here today, but she couldn’t bear to find her last night.

Ruan Shi said in a light voice, “I have found it.”

Chen Jun asked softly, “so fast?”

Ruan Shishi hesitated and replied, “I went last night.”

There Chen Jun smell speech, low low smile a, “that now? How’s it going? Listen to your tone, it doesn’t seem very optimistic. “

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