CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1657 – 1658

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Chapter 1657


Stephanie hurriedly called him, trying to turn the topic off, she didn’t want to be teased by Tina anymore.

After all, she is not as rigid as before.

Blamed the barbecue last night. She would think of Tom when she saw the barbecue.

She felt that she would not go to that barbecue for a long time.

There are shadows.

“What are you so happy about?” Peter walked over and sat down beside Tina.

For a while, he hasn’t seen Tina smile like this.

Just now, when he came out, he saw Tina and Stephanie chatting from a distance. They seem to be having a good chat, because there was a smile on her face.

He remembered that Tina and Alyssa were also very happy when they were chatting.

Even when Tina talked to Karl, her tone was better than when she talked to him.

As if only when facing him, she looked very unhappy.

With this cognition, Peter was very upset.

But he couldn’t bear to come and disturb her and Stephanie.

Until, he was discovered by Stephanie and had to come over.

“We didn’t know that your eyes saw we were having a good chat? You said that we were having a good chat. Ms. Tina is happy. She made fun of me. Of course, she is happy…”

Stephanie said angrily.

“Are you full of teasing?”

When Peter turned his head and talked to Tina, he unconsciously softened his tone, as if he was afraid of alarming her, with a little cautious feeling.

Stephanie was also vaguely aware of Peter’s cautious attitude, and he was a little surprised. What happened between the two of them?

This time is weird.

“No.” Tina seriously denied: “It’s just a normal question to care about her relationship issues.”

Stephanie sighed: “Ms. Tina, how do you want me to explain before you believe that Tom and I really have nothing.”

“I believe it.” Tina nodded, looking so serious.


Stephanie chose to give up and eat breakfast.

Stephanie stopped talking, no one was active, and the table suddenly became quiet.

The smile on Tina’s face gradually faded, and it seemed that she had no intention of speaking.

She and others can chat so happily, but she doesn’t say a word to him.

Is it really like she said…

Don’t you like it?

Because I don’t like him anymore, I don’t want to talk to him.

Because I don’t like him anymore, I don’t feel happy even if I talk to him.

Because I don’t like him anymore, I want to break up.

The two entangled and entangled for so many years because they liked, and suddenly they didn’t want to entangle anymore because they don’t like it anymore.

If you think about it this way, everything becomes simpler.

It’s just that he couldn’t persuade himself to let go of Tina.

He never thought that Tina would be with others, nor did he thought of being with anyone other than Tina.

If they continue to be together, it is only to torment each other, he would rather torture her and let her torture him than to be separated.

People are always greedy, and at the same time he doesn’t want to be separated, he still wants to see a smile on her cold face.

It seems to be caught in a vicious circle, unable to find a way out, and can only continue to circle here.


Peter went straight to the company after breakfast.

Tina and Stephanie chatted about the next work.

Coincidentally, Tina’s new role in the new drama was also a patient in the early stage, most of the scenes were paralyzed on the bed, so even if her injury is not healed, it is no problem to enter the crew.

Chapter 1658

After communicating with Tina about work, Stephanie assumed the posture of an agent.

“Ms. Tina, you have been at home and rested these few days. If you feel bored, you can come to the studio to supervise the work, or let cousin take you out for a walk.”

Stephanie always feels that Tina is getting more and more bored recently. She doesn’t like to go out and talk like before. She is worried that Tina will suffer from other diseases.

But she was busy with work and didn’t have much time to accompany her.

“I know, you don’t need to worry about me anymore, worry about your own affairs.” Tina gave a light smile, with a very shallow arc.

Stephanie didn’t say much.

When she was leaving, she looked forward to Karl, with an expression of embarrassment to say something.

Look here, feel there, the four characters “please ask for something” are all written on the face.

In the end, Tina couldn’t stand it anymore, and said: “What’s the matter, just talk about it.”

“It’s nothing…” Stephanie was a little embarrassed.

“Nothing?” Tina quickly answered, “Just forget it.”

“Yes, something is going on.” Stephanie pitifully pulled the corner of her clothes: “Miss Weber, lend me a dress, please…”

Tina laughed and said, “Miss Stephanie, are you now reduced to borrowing dresses?”

“Yeah, I’m so miserable, please lend me one.” Stephanie sighed, and every time at this time, she began to scold herself for being stupid.

Everyone is in a business marriage, so why can she only think of such a stupid way to escape?

Can’t she think of a way to make her fiancé in the legend hate her, to the extent that he doesn’t want to get her from a business marriage?

Tom is right, she is stupid!

Realizing that she actually agreed with Tom’s words in her heart, she was not feeling well.

“What occasion are you going to, I will order one for you.” Stephanie did her best to help her, and it was just a dress.

Stephanie understood Tina’s mind: “It’s too late, I will wear it tonight.”

“At night? So anxious?” Tina turned her head to look at her: “What dinner?”

“It’s a commercial activity…” Stephanie didn’t know what it was. She just heard Tom say that there was an activity. As for the activity, she didn’t have time to ask, and Tom didn’t say it.

She didn’t even think about this problem at all.

“You don’t know what the event is, so you go to participate? Are you not afraid of accidents?” Tina felt that Stephanie was too big-hearted. He didn’t even know what the event was, so she dared to participate.

Tina found that the little girl was sober and alert when dealing with other things, such as doing things for her.

On the contrary, when it was Stephanie’s turn, she was a little confused.

Seeing Tina’s serious face, Stephanie couldn’t help but hesitate.

“Probably not…” She felt that Tom would not cheat her.

Tina gradually realized that the call was coming: “Who should you go with?”

“Follow…” Stephanie was teased by Tina just now, and at this moment she was a little embarrassed to say that she was going with Tom.


Tina asked tentatively, then observed the change in Stephanie’s complexion, and she was sure at once that she was right.

“That’s it.” Tina showed a gentle smile: “Go to my cloakroom and pick it up. The cabinet in the innermost one is all bought and not worn.”

“…” Tina smiled so that Stephanie felt a little flustered.

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