The Warmest Romance Chapter 1293 -1294

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Chapter 1293

“You How do you know? “

Chen Jun asked with a smile, “come on, what happened again?”

Ruan Shishi didn’t want to talk about it, but as soon as she raised her eyes, she saw the children over there eating breakfast. Her heart softened, and she thought of his career again. She hesitated for a moment and simply confessed, “this is a criminal gang, abetting children to beg for money. Now there are more than 20 children who have no home to go back to, and no one cares.”

Chen Jun over there paused and asked, “where’s the address? Send it to me. “

“What for?”

Chen Jun said slowly, “go and have a look. Maybe I can help.”

After hesitation, Ruan Shishi answered and then sent the address to him.

That is more than ten minutes, a cross-country car stopped at the gate of the cement plant, and soon Xiao Meng ran in to report, “sister Shi, Chen Jun is here.”

As soon as he spoke, Ruan Shishi looked up and saw Chen Jun in a military uniform step in.

He is a military uniform, tall, handsome, invisible with a strong momentum, let people fear.

Compared with the casual first meeting, he was much more serious this time, but just like a beam of light, he gathered everyone’s eyes.

The children who were eating breakfast over there were also slightly surprised to see him. They gathered together and murmured, “look, look! Uncle police… “

“What a policeman! It’s a soldier


In the eyes of a group of people, Chen Jun walked straight to Ruan Shishi. He glanced at the children there, then slightly hooked his lips and looked at Ruan Shishi, “how do you plan to deal with so many children?”

Ruan Shishi looked back and said, “let’s see if we can help some children find their families. Others may have to be sent to welfare homes.”

Chen Jun slightly raised his eyebrows and asked directly, “how do you plan to help them find it?”

“Maybe the police…”

Before her voice fell, Chen Jun had already laughed. Instead of saying anything, he turned and waved to the two people he had brought.

Knowing this, the two men immediately came over with some instruments in their hands and went directly to the children. They said something to them and asked them to record their fingerprints with the instruments.

Ruan Shishi was surprised, “this is What are you doing? “

Chen Jun solemnly explained, “first check whether the existing Jiangzhou city information database has their fingerprint information. If you can check it, it will save a lot of trouble.”

Ruan Shishi was slightly surprised. A few seconds later, she felt some sigh. She looked at Chen Jun, hesitated for a moment, and said, “thank you…”

Before the words of thanks were complete, Chen Jun interrupted her and raised his hand slightly. “Needless to say, I’m working with some friends nearby. It’s just a coincidence that I came here to record my fingerprints by the way.”

His easy words lightened the burden of Ruan Shishi’s heart. She thought he came here to help her.

They are busy and survive. The data is sent to the information room of the headquarters. After waiting for a while, the result will come out.

The weather is a little hot, the sun is just right, the cement plant is not hot, the children ran to the yard, rarely relaxed and happy joking and playing games, Ruan Shishi also found a chair to sit on the side, quietly watching the picture.

Chapter 1294

She suddenly felt that the heart that was floating in her heart was a lot more stable. Watching these children trust her and show their smile again, she will have a strong sense of satisfaction and comfort. It is this force that has been encouraging her to do and continue to do.

A tall figure came from the side, and then Ruan Shishi heard Chen Jun’s voice coming from the side, “juice.”

Ruan Shishi turned his head to look at him, reached for the original juice in his hand, and then hooked his lips with a smile, “thank you.”

This sentence is sincere. This morning, he was busy and assigned himself to buy two colleagues, who were fingerprinting and registering their identities. He never stopped.

She had never expected him to help before, but things were always so unexpected.

Chen Jun leaned lazily on the chair, opened the black tea and took a sip. Then he looked at the children playing the game over there, squinted and said, “the test results have come out, and there are several children whose parents are still there. I have already informed my friends in the police station, and they will contact them.”

Ruan Shishi almost jumped up from the original place in excitement, “really?”

As soon as Chen Jun looked back, he saw the woman’s bright eyes full of expectation. His lips couldn’t help rising, “of course it’s true.”

“Great!” Ruan Shishi was excited and subconsciously held his arm, “thank you!”

The man’s eyes stayed on her face for a moment, then fell on her hand.

It seems that she is aware of her own problems. As soon as she lowers her head and sees her hand, she pulls it back and laughs at Chen Jun apologetically.

Chen Jun said with a smile, “if you really want to thank me, you might as well do me a favor.”

“What’s up?”

“I haven’t thought about it yet. You owe me. I’ll let you know when I think about it.”

With that, he winked at her, and then went over there to ask her about the latest situation.

Ruan Shishi sat there, looking at the man’s serious side face from a distance, and raised his lips.

Chen Jun really surprised her.

After a busy day, they have helped seven children find family information through information search. As long as the police get in touch with their relatives, they can return to their families.

The remaining ten children were settled in the best welfare home in Jiangzhou city. The hospital promised to give them the best care, and once a family is willing to adopt them, they will go through the formalities.

As the sky slowly sank, more than 20 children had found a temporary home. After Ruan Shishi and the president of the welfare home passed through the ditch, they planned to leave.

She followed Chen Jun behind. Before she came out of the yard, she turned around and saw a row of children standing at the door of the house. They stood together, looking at her and waving to her.

Ruan Shishi’s heart warmed and waved to them, and the corners of his eyes were already wet.

Unexpectedly, she only got along with these children for a short day. They were so kind and affectionate that people couldn’t bear to give up.

She wanted to shout something at the children, but suddenly her arm was warm, and someone grabbed her wrist and dragged her forward.

Ruan Shishi looked back at Chen Jun in surprise and said, “what are you doing?”

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