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Chapter 1659

At night.

Wearing a dress borrowed from Tina, Stephanie went out to accompany Tom to the dinner.

In order to save money, she didn’t even go out to do styling, but made up styling and put on makeup at home.

When she went downstairs, Tom was already waiting downstairs.

He was wearing a pure white shirt, leaning lazily against the front of the car, and his expression was light, not at all agitated.

Originally, Stephanie was a little nervous.

Because Tom had called her before he came, she also packed the ticket and said that when he arrived, she was definitely ready to go downstairs and set off immediately.

And now, forty minutes have passed since he reached her home.

When she came down, she was still wondering if Tom would be angry.

Now that he looks calm, he shouldn’t be angry after thinking about it.

Stephanie lowered her head and walked fast on high heels. Tom heard the movement and turned his head to look at her. Stephanie raised a smile and said, “I’m fine.”

Do you feel the apology in her smile?

If you feel it, don’t be angry.

Tom’s gaze stayed on her face for a long time, and then he looked at her from top to bottom.

Stephanie thought happily, shouldn’t he be complimenting her?

When people are happy, they tend to be immersed in joy and not look at the way…

Stephanie waited wholeheartedly for Tom’s praise, but couldn’t look at the road. When she was about to walk in front of him, she accidentally stepped on a small pit, staggered, and leaned forward.

If it is normal, she wears flat shoes, this little pit does not do anything to her.

But now she is wearing high heels and can’t control her body at all…

She fell forward violently, thinking that she would fall to the ground, and her makeup and clothes were all white.

But fortunately… Tom reacted quickly to support her, letting her survive.

Stephanie breathed a sigh of relief: “Thank you.”

Tom’s complexion was not very good and helped her stand firmly: “Is it okay?”

“It’s okay.” she nodded quickly.

Fortunately, if she didn’t fall to the ground, everything is fine.

Tom immediately let go, turned and went to open the door.

He opened the door of the co-pilot. After opening the door, Stephanie, who was still standing still looking at him, looked back: “Get in the car.”

“Oh.” Stephanie ran over.

After only two steps, she heard Tom whispering: “What are you running for?”

She raised her head in confusion, she ran just two steps, did she offend him?

Tom looked at her blankly.

Well, she couldn’t guess what Tom thought at this time, but she could also vaguely feel that his mood is not so good now.

Stephanie got into the car and started to think back in her mind. She remembered that when she first met Tom, he was very kind to her, with a smile on his face from time to time. As long as she didn’t touch the bottom line, he was basically a smiling person.

But now that she and Tom are getting more and more acquainted, she feels that his temper is getting worse and worse?

When he got into the car, he saw Stephanie thinking in a trance.

As if thinking of something incomprehensible, his brows frowned.

Little girl, there are a lot of things to think about all day long.

Tom was about to start the car and noticed that she was not wearing the seat belt, so he leaned over and fastened her seat belt.

She reacted slowly and found that Tom was wearing a seat belt for her. His movements were simple and neat, but she felt a touch of gentleness inexplicably.

Chapter 1660

The nature of people is that they shine brightly with some sunshine.

Stephanie, who was still thinking about how Tom’s mood was and how angry he was, had already put all those problems behind.

In fact, more often, she still feels that he is also easy to get along with.

Thinking about this, she coughed lightly, cleared her throat, and asked Tom aloud, “How do you…what do you think of me today?”

When she opened her mouth and felt a little embarrassed, her speech speed increased a lot.

Tom had fastened her seat belt, sat up straight, and started the car.

Although he heard Stephanie speaking, he didn’t hear clearly for a while, so he asked again: “What?”

Stephanie was a little embarrassed to say it a second time, stretched out her hand to hook the hair around her ear, and whispered, “Nothing.”

She really doesn’t have the courage to say it again.

She was probably too timid just now, and even dared to ask Tom this kind of question.

Tom looked at Stephanie with an embarrassed look, combined with some of the words she had just heard, and vaguely understood what she had just asked.

Stephanie was dressed up today, with exquisite makeup, beautiful skirt, and high heels, making her even more delicate.

There is still a big difference from usual.

Because of this, Tom couldn’t help taking a few more glances when he watched her come down just now.

Obviously there is expectation in his eyes, but he dare not ask again, is he so scary?

Or is he not gentle enough when he gets along with her?

Tom briefly reflected on himself, and then said: “You are looking very beautiful today.”

Stephanie’s eyes lit up and she blinked several times, not believing her ears.

Tom actually praised her?

The little girl was happy, her eyes were bright.

Tom couldn’t help but looked at her a few more times.

“Of course, it took me a lot of effort to put on this favorite makeup.” Stephanie raised her chin proudly.

Tom echoed: “Yes, it took one night.”

He used to think that women’s makeup and other things were quite boring.

But when he came into contact with Stephanie, he felt that women are sometimes scary, even if they do boring things and say boring things, they can be fun and charming as well.

Stephanie thought that Tom was going to settle accounts with her, and immediately shut up, closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Tom still feels strange, why is there no sound after a good conversation?

Turning around, he found that the little girl had closed her eyes.

Is it boring to chat with him?


Stephanie slept all the way, and woke up dazedly when they arrived at the event site.

Tom stretched out his arm, she stretched out her arm to hold it, and then followed Tom into the event in a daze, until after signing in, she didn’t understand what the event was.

But fortunately, she only needs to sit quietly on the side, and she doesn’t need to deal with anyone.

The people who came up to say hello were all handled by Tom.

Stephanie looked around curiously, Tom saw her boredom, turned his head and whispered to her: “Let’s take you out to see the night scene.”

He came to this sentence without beginning and end, and Stephanie was a little puzzled: “What night scene?”

“You’ll know at that time.” Tom finished speaking, then turned to deal with the others.

Not long after, Tom pulled her up and said, “Follow me.”

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