The Warmest Romance Chapter 1301 -1302

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Chapter 1301

But Ms. Liu still said firmly, “your father has seen it. We really won the lottery this time. He even went to the place where he bought the lottery. It’s true!”

Ruan Shishi raised her hand and rubbed the temple, “if you really want to go?”

Ms. Liu said with a smile, “of course I’ll go! Originally, I wanted to give the quota to you and song’s son-in-law, but your father asked the lottery station that day. They said that you can only win the lottery. I can’t help it. Your father can only take me. “

“Since you’re sure it’s true, go if you want to.”

Ruan Shishi said and yawned, “Mom, I’m a little tired. I’ll go back to my room and have a rest first.”

In the next few days, Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu were preparing for a trip to Europe. Ruan Shishi stayed at home alone, accompanied by Sen Sen and Sha Sha, absent-minded every day.

On the one hand, she was worried about Ziji in the hospital, on the other hand, she was angry because of Yu Yimo’s words that day. She was in a contradiction, and she didn’t know whether to go to the hospital.

Until the third day, she finally couldn’t bear it, so she took sensenshasha out of the door. Originally, she wanted to go out and have fun. Unexpectedly, the car was driving, and she walked around to the nearby Furui private hospital unconsciously.

“Mom, it’s not fun here at all.” Sensen, sitting in the back seat, said while kicking his legs. Then he puffed up his cheeks and said, “didn’t he mean to take us to the cinema?”

Without waiting for Ruan Shishi to open her mouth, Sasha had already answered, “it hasn’t come yet!”

Two little guys had a quarrel two days ago because of a small matter. Now they are in a bad temper, and no one is willing to talk to anyone. There is still a sense of choking in the communication, and no one is angry with anyone.

“Song Yisha, don’t you know? Adults talk to each other, and children are not allowed to interrupt! “

Sha Sha snorted with disdain, “you are only one minute older than me. What are you pretending to be?”


Listening to the quarrel between them in the back seat, Ruan Shishi was angry and laughing. She quickly interjected, “OK, OK! Don’t quarrel, or I’ll take you to meet a new friend. What do you think? “

Two little guys were immediately attracted attention, asked in unison, “what new friend?”

“This new friend is a little special. He has experienced a lot of bad things recently. He is very sad and doesn’t talk much. So let’s go to see him and try to make him happy. What do you think?”

“Good! I can show him my astronomical drawing book! “

“I can tell him jokes!”

“We can also take him to play football!”


Two little guys, you say a word, I say a word, a heated discussion, and said and laughed, as if just the two little friends who looked at each other were gone.

Ruan Shishi looks at the scene behind him through the inside rearview mirror and can’t help but lift her lips.

She took sensenshasha to get to know Ziji. Maybe it would be good for both sides. Senshasha was lively and cheerful. No matter who she was with, she could play together. Maybe, playing with Ziji, Ziji would gradually open up her heart.

Soon, they arrive at their destination, and Ruan Shishi finds a parking space to stop the car, takes Sensen Shasha to buy some fruits and snacks nearby, and then goes directly to the hospital ward.

Chapter 1302

Before she got to the door, she had already seen the men guarding the door. They were brother long. She had seen them before and had some impression.

She came forward, laughed with him, and asked, “is Ziji in there?”

He nodded, “yes.”

Ruan Shishi hesitated and asked, “what’s the situation these days?”

“It’s just the same. I don’t want to see anyone. There seems to be no good way for the doctor. Brother long arranged me to stay here to protect his safety.”

Ruan Shishi laughed at him and said, “it’s hard for you.”

After taking sensenshasha into the ward, the two little guys seem to have entered a new world. They stare around curiously with big eyes. They don’t find anything, so they pull the clothes of La Ruan Shishi and ask in a low voice, “Mom, where’s the new friend?”

With a smile, Ruan Shishi led them through the corridor and into the door of another room. She raised her hand and knocked on the door. She deliberately raised her voice and said, “ziji, it’s me. I brought two children here today. Do you want to see them?”

There was a rustle in the room, but no one answered.

Ruan Shishi waited for a while, but there was no voice. She hesitated for a moment and said softly, “then we’ll go in.”

Still no one answered, she carefully pushed the door open, and then pulled sensenshasha slowly into the room, only to see that the room was dark, and there were obvious folds under the quilt on the bed.

Looks like he’s hiding himself again.

The two little guys had never seen such a scene. They were staring at the people on the bed and hesitated to speak.

Ruan Shishi looked down at them, “sensenshasha, didn’t you say there was a gift for Ziji?”

After being reminded by her, Sensen and Sasha had a reaction. They looked at me and I looked at you. Then they slowly summoned up their courage to walk to the bedside and said to the figure on the bed who was covered with a quilt, “I My name is Sensen. This is the astronomical drawing book I brought you. It’s very nice… “

“My name is Sasha…”

Looking at the two of them trembling to introduce themselves, Ruan Shishi couldn’t help laughing.

Xu Sensen and Shasha regard the little guy on the bed as a monster. In fact, she knows that Ziji is very kind and won’t do anything to hurt others.

After a while, the fear of the two little guys has been reduced a lot. They talk to each other like a cross talk, and the atmosphere in the room is also lively.

Finally, Ziji on the bed moved. His little head slowly came out of the quilt, staring at Sensen and Sasha curiously.

When Mori saw Ziji, he looked at him curiously and asked, “how old are you?”

Ziji was silent.

Next to him, Sasha also came over, staring at him and asked, “what’s your name?”

Ziji remained silent.

Sensen and Sasha look at each other hesitantly, then turn to Ziji and continue to ask.

After a few questions, Ziji still didn’t answer. He didn’t respond at all. He just stared at them.

Sensen suddenly realized, “Oh, I know! He should not be able to speak

Sasha scratched her head and asked suspiciously, “if she can’t speak, isn’t she dumb?”

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