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Chapter 633

One of her husband, and another, her precious son!

“Miss Amelia, did you spend a lot of time at home?” The man opposite spoke suddenly.

“Huh?” Amelia pretended to be puzzled, blinked big eyes of confusion, and looked at him. She nodded for a while, and began to pretend to be silly, “This contract took a lot of people’s minds!”

The bird-beast looked up at her, pursed his lips and smiled deeply, and did not answer her words.

“I’ll make a call first…” the beast greeted politely, and then took out the phone.

“Hey! Bryan, my wallet has just been stolen. You can send me some money now. I’m in Speyer now, um! Okay…”

The bird-beast had to admit that he was carrying his back today and finally wanted to invite her to dinner and show it. As a result, he was stupefied by a thief!

But, will the woman on the other side believe it? Of course, it is impossible to believe him!

If she believes him, how could it be possible to use the offensive of using a broken card to deal with him!

But this move…

It’s a fight against the coffee money he deliberately owed!

“Miss Amelia, I asked my friend to send money here!” Bird-Beast hung up the phone soon, sorry to smile.

“Wow… Manager Allen, you are so unlucky, the wallet was stolen!” Amelia looked at him pitifully, but there was a bit of suspicion and disdain in her eyes.

Cut! The ghost believes the words of such a man!

The bird-beast just laughed and didn’t answer her, “Miss Amelia, is there anything else you want to eat?”

So good?

Amelia’s eyes lighted up but quickly glanced at him suspiciously.

Bird-Beast shrugged his shoulders innocently, pursed his lips, and smiled, “Don’t worry, the money is already on the way. My friend pretends to be a rich man. He’s quite rich! Eat, he can afford…”

Rich man…

However, they are also hard-earned money! This way of eating, will it…

Amelia hesitated, and waved to the waiter not far away, “Waiter, give me a glass of ice cream, cherry mulled wine flavor! Another steak, just half-ripe!”

Haven’t she been pursuing the life philosophy of “don’t eat anything for nothing” these days?

Sure enough, soon, a friend named Bryan sent the money over. Amelia didn’t forget to take a closer look, and he looked like a little white face dressed like a rich man.

He looks really good, but farther than her old tolerance!

“Bird-beast, have you made a mistake so that women do not bring money to go out?” The man named Bryan was not angry with his wicked and trivial behavior!

But what is to make a woman?! Just soak up, everyone is fucking a child!

Amelia deliberately flashed the diamond ring on her ring finger that was envied to death by her colleagues. At the time, she proudly told them that this was the proposal ring that her man gave her, and she didn’t get their eyes for a while. The child is straight!

Of course, even if her diamond dangles harder, she can’t dangle the eyes of two men directly. After all, they are all people who have seen the world!

“It was stolen!” Bird-Beast explained indifferently and then snatched the big red banknote in his hand. “Also, remember, my name is Allen Parker! You won’t remember again next time. I don’t mind going back and telling the rich lady in your family. Recently you have been messing around with women again!

After that, the bird-beast got up and went directly to the cashier’s desk.

He has troubled the waitress too many times, and he was a little embarrassed to come this time.


Amelia blinked, just now he seemed to forget to explain their relationship to this man!

So that…

“Sister-in-law, I haven’t had time to ask what your name is! My name is Howard Bryan!” The man named Bryan politely introduced himself to Amelia.

Amelia only felt a burst of sweat on her forehead, Howard Bryan, Howard Bryan!!!

Very unique, very dignified, and very elegant name, but unfortunately, there is still a little gap between him and the beast!

However, it was not his name that made her sweat the most, but… her name!!!

Su Mo smiled dignifiedly, “Mr. Howard, my name is Booth Amelia, but I’m not your sister-in-law, I and Mr. Allen are just customers!”

“Sister-in-law, I understand! The woman behind this insidious man is a little bit pitiful. You must admit that the relationship between you and this man is shameless!” The enchanting man looked at her with sympathy.

“You don’t know! Sometimes I feel embarrassed to let myself admit that I am his friend! His name, tsk tsk tsk, it’s embarrassing to go out…” The little white-faced man was still intoxicated.

“You all feel ashamed?” Amelia looked surprised, a wealthy man even disliked him ashamed, tusk! This man seems hopeless!!!

Amelia’s words fell off. The man on the opposite side seemed to change his face in an instant, and he sank in an instant. The next second, without waiting for Amelia to calm down, he slapped the table and stood up…Staring at Amelia, “Sister-in-law, did that man tell you again that I am a duck!”

Do duck?

Su Mo bit her lip and shook her head, “No…”

“No?” The man glanced suspiciously at her, and after receiving her sincere gaze, he believed it, smiled satisfied, and continued to sit down, “Count him a little conscience!”

“Then, he said that you specialize in dealing with rich women, do you have a conscience to be a beast?” Amelia asked cautiously.

It didn’t take long to hear the opposite man yelling, “Bird-beast, too damn bird-beast!!”

These days, the parents’ name is predictable!

It didn’t take long for the bird-beast to pay and return, although the two of them at the table were chatting vigorously, and pushed Howard Bryan’s face out of the restaurant directly.

The last sentence is, “This high-end restaurant is not suitable for low-level cowboys like you!”

After a long time, Amelia finally felt that her world had calmed down.

“Miss Amelia, I’ll take you back!” Suddenly, the beast said.

“Huh?” Amelia was taken aback, “No, no, no, I can go back by myself! No trouble!”

Amelia hurriedly waved in embarrassment!

“Let’s go!” As if Mr. Allen Parker couldn’t hear her at all, he got up and pulled on the sofa seat, and went straight out of the restaurant.

Amelia was like catching a duck on the shelf. Before she could come back to her senses, she had already been dragged into the car alive.

Helpless, she had to let him send herself back!

She sent a text message to her husband and told him that she could not pick him up tonight.

In the car…

“Go left to left…”

“Go right to right, then turn over there, En En En…” Amelia shook her hands in sweat, and carefully guided the way home.

“The eighteenth bend of your mountain road!” This is too deep!

Amelia just smiled slightly, and after a while, she responded, “It’s ‘Another village in the dark of a willow’!”

Sure enough, he turned a corner, and it was just a narrow road, and suddenly it became clear, and simple villas stood in front of them.

“You live here?”

The bird-beast raised his eyebrows and gave her a surprised look.

“En!” Amelia nodded, opened the door, and got out of the car, “Manager Allen, thank you for sending me back! Also, thank you for the meal today, it tastes not bad…”

The bird-beast just laughed without speaking.

“By the way! Remember to bring a pen tomorrow!” Amelia shook the pen and contract in her hand.

“I remember!” This time, the bird-beast returned with seriousness.

“Then I will go in first!”

“Well, see you tomorrow…” Seeing her leaving behind, he unexpectedly began to look forward to seeing her tomorrow.

“Baby Amelia…” As soon as Amelia opened the door, a ball of meat fell directly on her.

“Evan?” Amelia hurriedly bent over and hugged the little guy into her arms. “When did you come back? Where’s grandma?”

“Grandma didn’t come, I went home from school by myself!”

“Does grandma know?”

“En, of course, she knows!” Evan nodded obediently, “Amelia, who is the man who sent you back just now!”

“Well… Mommy’s customer!”


At night…

The little guy’s room is locked inwards.

Men of one big and one small have been nestled inside since they had eaten.

It seems that they have been plotting something. Amelia wants to eavesdrop, but she is always blasted out by them. The line is just one line, “What is the matter with women when men speak?”

As a result, she was the only one left alone on the sofa, watching the “Bloody and Big Wolf” repeated N times.

“Husband, you help me change a disc, this is very naive! It is only suitable for mentally handicapped children like Evan, OK?”

Amelia complained about the closed door on the sofa.

However, no matter how hard she screamed, no matter how wrong she was, the door was still tightly closed.

In the room…

“Your wife is so naive!” After listening to a small version of the best enchanting woman outside the door scolding him for being mentally retarded, he couldn’t help but curl his lips and complain to the man opposite.

“Don’t forget that naive woman is still your mother!” The best and steady man opposite did not show any weakness.

The little evildoer shrugged solemnly, “Then let her be abducted by other men!”

After finishing speaking, the small body fell into the small bed once he was about to fall asleep.

“Hey! Little devil! I won’t have a wife if she is abducted!” Burton Liam went to pull him with a look of anxiety.

“Okay, okay! See you are anxious, sweating profusely…” Evan glanced at him and sat up again helplessly.

Sweating a lot?

Burton Liam wiped his forehead with his hands, he was indeed sweating, but when he turned his head, he realized that this guy hadn’t turned on the air conditioner!

What a hurry!!!

He still has confidence in his wife!

However, if he wants to beat his wife, he will kill him!!!

To kill all the evil thoughts of his rivals in the cradle.

“According to the first-line news I have, they will have a meeting at noon tomorrow!” Evan lied to his ears, reporting the enemy’s situation in a very small voice.

“See him again tomorrow?” Burton Liam’s eyes widened, and there was a few flames between his brows.

“Yes! Besides, it’s called the ‘Contract Signing Meeting’!”

Good devil! The idiom is well used, and the irony is also very strong!

Burton Liam looked at him admiringly, and then asked, “Where is the location?”

“Speyer’s high-end western restaurant! It is said that the food there is pretty good!” The first line of news came from his naive and hopeless mom.

“Really?” Burton Liam smiled coldly, and a dazzling light flashed through his deep eyes, with his long arms on his shoulders, and said solemnly, “Take a leave tomorrow, I will take you to enjoy the delicious!”

“Dad, tomorrow Saturday…”

Chapter 634

As a result, before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted mercilessly by Burton Liam.

“Wife, show me your contract!”

“En?” Amelia was stunned for a moment, and then suddenly remembered something, “Yes, yeah, husband, you can help me analyze it quickly, why people just refuse to sign this contract for me, you can help me see. Isn’t it possible…?”

With that said, Amelia hurried to get the contract from her handbag.

No way, even if it’s private in the company, but who makes her husband let alone such a talented husband.

Burton Liam took the contract she handed over and looked at it carefully for a while.

The more he looked down, the thicker his sword eyebrows became a little deeper, and Amelia who looked aside became a little anxious.

Her husband’s serious appearance must have uncovered a serious problem in the contract.

Amelia hurriedly stepped forward to help her husband beating his back and squeezing his legs. When her husband was comfortable, he had to think of a good way for her to take down this plan.

“Husband, how is it?”

After a long while, Amelia asked cautiously when she saw that her husband could see it.

Burton Liam stared at her, “My wife, how long have you been talking about this contract?”

Amelia bit her lip aggrievedly, “I have talked twice, and tomorrow will be the third time!”

“Really?” Burton Liam raised his eyebrows and snorted.

“Then if you can’t sign the contract tomorrow, don’t sign it!”

“No signing?” Amelia stared at her almighty husband in shock, “Husband, this is a big customer! If I don’t sign, I also lost my job!”

Burton Liam smiled soothingly, “Wife, they are big customers to you, and you are big customers to them! I just took a good look at your contract. If the other party is a smart person, they won’t let it go. The big fish, on the surface, it seems that can bring you considerable benefits, but in the long run, your sales team has considerable money for them! Wife, it seems this market analysis you have to study deeply! If you figure it out one day, just go back to your husband and study!”

Amelia stared at Burton Liam with a look of admiration, “Husband, you are getting more and more handsome!!”

Burton Liam helplessly knocked on her little head, “I think you should think about why they refused to sign your contract that is profitable and harmless to them!”

“Yeah…” Amelia curled her lips. “When you say that, I feel that they have some tactics, don’t they want to raise prices?”

“He mentioned it to you?”

“No!” Amelia shook her head.

“He sent you back today?” Burton Liam raised an eyebrow to look at her innocent.

“En!” Amelia nodded, then raised her eyes and looked at her husband aggrievedly, “I didn’t even pick you up from getting off work today!”

Burton Liam couldn’t help laughing as he looked at her aggrieved little daughter-in-law.

But soon he got serious again, “Did he know that you were married?”

“Huh?” Isn’t this question a bit over? Amelia looked at a loss, “Husband, this is my problem. There is no need to tell the customer. Besides, have you forgotten my true identity is ‘unmarried’?”

Burton Liam’s face darkened a bit, staring, correcting her words, “Your true identity is’ married’!!! If you don’t remember anymore, I don’t mind taking that beautiful red book to show off in front of your colleagues. By the way, let them help you remember the true identity of your “Mrs. Burton”, what do you think?”

“Uh, Seconds will forget the general.

It was enough to defeat Liam’s confidence in the beginning!

This guy, dare to even forget whether they ever got married or received a red book!

At noon the next day…

Amelia arrived at the high-end restaurant as scheduled, and the birds-beasts had been waiting there for a long time.

Seeing her coming, he politely greeted the waiter to come and order.

“Eat first!” Without waiting for Amelia who was opposite to come up with a contract, the beast began to speak.

Amelia, who had taken out half of the contract, seemed a little embarrassed to hold her hands in the air for a while and had no choice but to stuff the contract back into her handbag.

Here again!

Okay, let’s eat first, anyway, if the contract cannot be signed today, she has to use his husband’s trick to break the boat!

Live to the death!!!

“Call 001, call 001…”

Outside the door, a cowering kid (short for cowering) was lying on the glass window of the restaurant, with a small head resting on the low window sill, his big watery eyes turning cleverly, fixedly looking inside. The scene of ‘violating morality’!

Tut tut…

Sure enough, Evan looks good!

He’s so bold and dares to pull the treasure of their house out of the wall!!! Heaven is incompatible!

“Don’t call, call it 110!” The kid lowered his voice and complained dissatisfiedly to the man in the walkie-talkie.

“001, how’s the enemy situation?” In the parking lot not far away, in a familiar black Bentley sat a handsome man with an anxious face.

Because he is so handsome and not too big, this kind of latent work is not suitable for him, so that he can only sit in the car and send his ‘men’ to investigate the enemy at all times. If something goes wrong, he has to report the organization immediately.

“Report Daddy, your rival in love is the man named ‘Bird-Beast’, who looks like a talent! Of course, he is a little bit worse than our dad…” The ‘men’ reported it according to the facts.

“Just so little?” Liam was angry.

“No! It’s a big difference!!” Hey! Isn’t this just forcing people to praise him!

“I said, daddy, when did Baby Amelia’s vision become so bad!” A certain small version of the enchanting man did not forget to continue to compliment his dad.

But this!!!

Hearing that the pretentious man in the car was mad at his forehead, he wished he could rush into the restaurant immediately, pull the woman who had a good market with confidence, and proudly announce ownership himself to the rival who is so close to her.

“Huh! What are they doing now…?”

“Eating…” Evan reported according to the facts, “Father, didn’t you ask me to eat something delicious last night?”

“Well! Let’s watch them eat first…” Burton Liam replied calmly.

Evan swallowed, and in the bottom of his heart, he scolded his dad who was not good at talking.

When he said he would invite him to a big meal last night, he didn’t say that before eating, they must first observe how others eat! Really…

In the restaurant, the bird-beast has been looking at the little ghost outside the window who is staring at them.

The clever eyes, like two dazzling sapphires, are crystal clear, and they carry an aura that is very similar to the woman on the opposite side.

From time to time, the little head drooped down and said something serious in the walkie-talkie on his chest. The posture was so cute that he could not help but chuckle.

Unexpectedly, when the little man was asked to come out, there was a little bodyguard following.

“En? What are you laughing at?” Amelia was stunned by his sudden laugh.

The bird-beast raised his eyebrows, his eyes fell to the little devil who was still reporting the situation seriously outside the window, “Hey! Very cute little devil, it’s been a long time since he watched!”

Amelia followed his gaze and looked over…


“Call 002, call 002!!”

“Come on, speak up!!”

“Well, our whereabouts have been exposed!!”


That’s too late…

“Evan…Why are you here?? Where’s Daddy?” After seeing Evan outside the window, Amelia quickly got up and rushed out.

“Little devil, if you dare to betray the organization, you are dead!!” A cold warning sounded in the intercom.

“Mummy…” Evan ran towards Amelia who was opposite with an innocent smile on his face.

Don’t act like a baby now, when will he stay!

“Where is Daddy?” Amelia hurriedly picked up the little devil’s head and looked towards the parking lot opposite.

However, where is the shadow of his daddy, even the shadow of the car is gone!

At this moment, fleeing matters!!! Caught by his wife, hasn’t he been scolded?!

“Daddy? Of course, Daddy is in the company!” The little guy began to pretend to be dumb.

“At the company?” Amelia gave him a suspicious look, but stared at the walkie-talkie on his chest, “Who are you playing the walkie-talkie with?”

“This…this, Evan…Evan’s little girlfriend!!” Evan said shyly.

“Girlfriend?” Sure enough, he changed the subject intact, “Evan, when did you have a girlfriend? Why doesn’t Mommy know? Who is she? Tell me honestly! By the way, you are looking for a girlfriend, your little classmate didn’t she cry?”

“She…” Evan’s bright eyes darkened a bit, “She’s crying! I don’t know-how, she hasn’t talked to Evan for many days!”

“You hurt people’s hearts, of course, she ignored you, what’s the matter? You are not happy without a small tablemate to accompany you?” Amelia hugged him as she walked into the dining room.

“No! People are very happy, okay? It’s enough to have a little girlfriend with Evan!” Evan returned her arrogantly, but his eyes were guilty.

Hum! Don’t cherish others well now, he will regret it sooner or later when he grows up!

Amelia suddenly said something, “Evan, don’t call me mommy when you wait!”

That man is so cunning, it would be miserable if she was sued by the company!

“Okay…” Evan replied obediently and then heard a very light sound from the walkie-talkie. If he listened to it easily, he would not be able to hear it.

However, Evan heard that, who made him and his father always have the same spirit!

His father said, “You must remember to call Mommy!”


Never seen such a ruthless organization!!!

“Little nephew?” As soon as he sat down, the uncle bird-beast opposite asked curiously.

“Ah… yes…” Amelia nodded awkwardly.

“Hello, uncle!!” A certain enchanting man nodded politely and smiled sweetly.

Then, said a word…

“Uncle, you are so handsome! Much more handsome than my father! Baby Amelia, isn’t he? Isn’t he?”

Humph!!! Since the organization is unkind, don’t blame him for unrighteousness!

Besides, with so many delicacies in front of his eyes, he can’t help but be seduced-confused!

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