The Warmest Romance Chapter 1329 -1330

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Chapter 1329

Song yun’an nodded, “think well, this time it’s serious!”

After a pause, she looked a little more sad. “But I have to find a way to get the Hukou book. As far as I know, my Hukou book is in my brother’s hands now.”

Hearing her saying this, Ruan Shishi reflected that she was a little sad. “Do you want me to steal the Hukou book?”

Hearing this, song yun’an shook his head. “It’s not stealing. It’s just using it.”

Then she said, “poetry, now only you can help me.”

Suddenly, Ruan Shi fell into silence.

An’an is right. I’m afraid she is the only one who can get the Hukou book from Song yean, but she must betray song yean by doing so.

When she thought about it, she just thought it was wrong.

She looked back, looked at the look of expectation on song yun’an’s face, took a deep breath, and said, “I’ll try.”

Song yun’an’s eyes flashed a little moved, “poetry, I knew you would be willing to help me!”

Ruan Shishi smiles and does not speak.

At the entrance of the cafe, Ruan Shishi bid farewell to song Yunan and Du Yue, and then drove home.

Who knows, just halfway, Xiaomeng’s phone call came.

Ruan Shishi pressed the Bluetooth headset, and in an instant, Xiao Meng’s excited voice came from there, “sister Shishi, we have found that Wu en!”

Ruan Shishi was both surprised and pleased, “have you found it?”

“Yes, he is here now. Sister Shishi, if you are free, come here.”

Ruan Shishi immediately braked and turned the front of the car at the fastest speed. “OK, I’ll go right there.”

When driving to the destination, Ruan Shishi pushes open the door and sees a man different from what she saw in the hospital last time. At this moment, he has a lot of new wounds on his body and looks embarrassed.

Ruan Shishi asked Xiaomeng in a low voice, “he What’s going on? “

“He was chased by Yu Gubei’s men. He almost died and suffered a lot of injuries. It was our people who saved him.”

Ruan Shishi was stunned, looked at him in horror and asked, “why do people in Yugu North want to do this to him? If you do this, are you sure you’re not going to kill them all? “

Xiaomeng lowered his voice, “because he went to Yu’s media to find Yu Gubei for revenge. With a barrel of gasoline, he splashed the hall and set fire. It was very noisy, but later he was suppressed by Yu’s people and couldn’t be found on the Internet.”

Listening to Xiaomeng’s words, Ruan Shishi felt a little uncomfortable. She looked at the man who was hurt all over, and her heart was sour.

She hesitated for a moment, went forward, looked at the old monk and asked, “Master Wu en, do you remember Ziji? He lives with us now. “

Smell speech, Wu en complexion a white, cold voice way, “what do you want to do?”

Ruan Shishi said softly, “I don’t want to do anything. I just want you to get together. It’s not easy for him to run outside alone these days.”

Listen to her say so, Wu en still full face guard of looking at her, don’t believe at all.

Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply and said seriously, “Master Wu en, when can you believe it? I really want to help you.”

Listening to her saying this, Wu en snorted coldly. His eyes showed some disdain and ridicule. He said in a hoarse voice, “if you really want to help me, help me kill Yu Gubei!”

Chapter 1330

Ruan’s heart was shocked and he couldn’t speak for a moment.

She never thought that he would make such a request. As long as she can do it, she can agree to any request of him, except for murder and arson.

She shook her head and said in a deep voice, “I can’t promise you that.”

When Wu en heard this, his face suddenly showed a sarcastic sneer, “I guess so. If you can’t do it, don’t lie. What’s the meaning of what you just said? Do you cheat yourself? “

These words seemed to poke into Ruan Shixin’s nest. She was ashamed and helpless. Finally, she couldn’t do what he asked. She looked up at Wu en deeply and said word by word, “I will only promise what I can do, other things are impossible.”

She knows that after the death of Abbot Zhenyuan, the Castle Peak monastery has undergone tremendous changes. Now they must hate Yu Gubei to the bone. However, if they kill people for revenge, they will be reduced to the same people as Yu Gubei. What’s more, they are monks and have always respected life.

However, she will not do illegal things. This is the principle and the bottom line.

After a pause, she turned around and told Xiao Meng, “don’t forget to find a doctor to bandage his wound.”

After that, he began to walk out of the room, and Wu en’s cold and ungrateful voice came from behind, “you don’t need to be hypocritical!”

Ruan Shishi’s body gave a little pause, said nothing, and walked out. Soon, Xiaomeng ran to catch up with him, with some dissatisfaction in his voice, “sister Shishi, that old guy is ungrateful at all. Why do you ask me to find a doctor for him?”

Ruan Shishi hesitated for a moment, inhaled deeply and said, “that’s what I owe him.”

It’s natural for her to repay her debts. What she owes is the kindness of the whole Qingshan temple, which can’t be paid off for a while.

Xiao Meng shriveled his mouth. He wanted to fight for her, but he didn’t say anything, so he had to be silent.

Back home, Ruan Shishi was a little tired. She took a shower and went downstairs. She wanted to go and see the kids, but she was stopped by Ms. Liu as soon as she got downstairs.

Ruan Shishi was confused, “Mom, what’s the matter?”

See Ms. Liu a face serious pull her to one side, slightly frown said, “you and song son-in-law and good?”

Ruan Shishi was a little shocked. She felt a little confused when she thought of what happened when she met song yean last time. She moved her lips and wanted to say nothing. She didn’t say a word for a long time.

Looking at her appearance, Ms. Liu now has the answer. She sighed softly and said in a heavy and deep voice, “Shishi, I don’t mean you. How can there be an overnight feud between husband and wife? Usually quarrel two also calculate, how? Who do you really want to ignore all your life? Why don’t you think about the child? “

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi fell into silence. She thought a lot about it. Then she said to Ms. Liu, “Mom, don’t worry. I know it in my heart.”

Ms. Liu didn’t know what the relationship between her and song yean was, so she would naturally persuade her. But on second thought, song yean has paid so much for her and her children over the past few years. He has been waiting for her for six years, and there has never been any other woman around him. She owes him too much.

If you think about it in this way, it’s not so hard to accept the last time. He is a normal man and naturally has physiological needs. He respects her, and he has never had any excessive requirements in the past six years.

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