CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1689 – 1690

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Chapter 1689

“My phone?”

Tina touched her pocket and looked around: “Where is my phone?”

When a person is at home, she can’t always find a mobile phone.

Stephanie searched for it and found the cell phone under the coffee table.

“Your cell phone is here.” She picked up the cool cell phone under the coffee table.

After getting the phone, Tina was still whispering: “Why is it under the coffee table.”

Tina turned on the phone and found that it was another new text message.

Seeing that it was a text message reminder, Tina felt that this text message might not be an ordinary text message. Could it be the person who sent her text message before sent it back?

Stephanie hadn’t found the person who sent the text message before, so this person was very rampant and unscrupulous.

Tina pursed the corners of her lips, walked to the side, and sat down on the sofa before turning on the phone to read the text messages.

After seeing the attachment from an unfamiliar number, Tina was almost certain that it was that kind of photo again.

It’s just another number this time.

Tina paused, clicked on the text message, saw the photo content of the text message, and sighed slightly from the bottom of her heart, it turned out to be a photo again.

This photo is not much different from the last photo, even the background is the same.

Do people nowadays have so much work? Still, peeking into a series of photos?

After Stephanie found the phone for Tina, she went to drink water again.

After drinking the water, she walked over, saw Tina still looking at her phone, and thought of a place with Tina, and asked tentatively: “Did someone text you?”

Tina handed the phone to Stephanie.

Stephanie looked at it and her complexion changed drastically, “These people are still endless!”

“Ms. Tina, don’t worry, I will find out soon.” Stephanie was full of anger and her face was bulging.

She was not so angry, and calmly discussed with her: “What should I have for dinner? I kind of want to eat hot and sour fish.”

She has started to have an appetite these days, and she wants to eat something heavy.

Stephanie snorted coldly: “What do you think? Look at your arm, you still want to eat hot and sour fish, save it.”

Tina looked at her arm, then raised her head to look at Stephanie: “Stephanie, you have changed.”

Stephanie: “I’m doing this for your own good.”

Tina: “My mom loves to say that too.”

Stephanie: “…”


In the end, Tina still didn’t eat hot and sour fish.

Tina hadn’t joined the group for a while, the jet lag had already reversed, and her work and rest had become normal.

After dinner, she and Stephanie chatted for a while, and they talked about work together again, and she started to feel sleepy.

Stephanie is a night owl, it is impossible to go to bed early.

After she was sure that Tina was really asleep, she went to the living room lightly, walked straight to the balcony, closed the door, and called Peter.

She had to tell Peter about Tina’s receipt of the photo. The other party was too unscrupulous. The sooner this matter is resolved, the better.

“Cousin!” Stephanie had a guilty conscience. When the phone was connected, she glanced inside and turned to face outside the balcony.

“What’s wrong?” Peter knew that something must have happened when calling him at night.

Stephanie’s tone became very serious: “Ms. Tina received a text message again today, it’s still a photo, even the background is the same.”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone.

“How did she react?” Peter asked.

Stephanie: “Ms. Tina should still think that the photo, so it will not affect her temporarily.”

Chapter 1690

Behind the balcony door, standing calmly and quietly in the corner.

Stephanie’s voice came in clearly from the crack in the door that was an inch wide, and it reached her ears.

Why would Stephanie say this?

Isn’t that photo from P?

And she really didn’t have the slightest impression of that photo, and she didn’t even remember that she had such an experience.

Outside, Stephanie was still talking.

“You don’t worry, cousin, I know that I will take good care of Ms. Tina…”

“…Notify me as soon as you have news.”

“Let’s do this first, I know…”

Realizing that Stephanie was about to hang up, Tina turned and left.

Her footsteps were so light that she didn’t even alert Stephanie at all.

After Stephanie made the call, she looked back in the living room. Apart from a few dim lights, there was no other movement in the living room.

When she called before, she had confirmed that Tina was asleep, but she contacted Peter with Tina on her back to discuss the text message photos. If Tina knew about it, she would definitely not be happy.

Therefore, she must not let Tina know that Peter was helping to investigate this matter.

Stephanie opened the balcony door, entered the living room, and walked gently to the door of Tina, listening to the movement inside the door panel.

After listening for a long time, and didn’t hear any movement, she returned to her room with confidence.

What Stephanie didn’t know was that Tina was standing behind the door. She stood silently holding her breath without making any movement. Even when Stephanie came over, she could still hear Stephanie’s movement, and Stephanie returned to the sound of the room closing.

After the outside was completely quiet, Tina slowly opened the door.

She stared at the door of Stephanie opposite to Stephanie for a while before closing the door again.

It turned out that Stephanie so vowed that she would find out this matter. In fact, she has been in contact with Peter.

It was not Stephanie who was investigating this matter herself, it was Peter who was investigating this matter.

Moreover, that photo is indeed not as simple as she thought, and that photo must be hidden.

Stephanie would not say that for nothing.

Tina walked to the sofa in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and sat down, turned on the phone, and repeatedly checked the two photos she had received in the past few days.

The photos look very realistic indeed.

But the problem is, she can’t remember at all that she has been to such a place in the picture.

By the way, she remembered…

Some time ago, when she and Peter went to Best Day to have dinner with Karl and Alyssa, she and Alyssa took Grace out for a stroll in Best Day.

Then something happened, she went to the hospital and suffered some skin trauma.

Afterwards, she couldn’t remember what happened.

But they told her that when someone wanted to grab Alyssa’s bag, she went straight up to fight with that person, and was knocked to the head by that person, so when she woke up from the hospital, some clips could not be remembered.

And until now, she still didn’t remember what the specific situation was like at that time.

If this photo is real… then they are all lying to her!

Everyone is lying to her.

Her heart seemed to be heavy, and she fell into the abyss without seeing the sun.

In that memory that she couldn’t remember, what happened that made them all join together to lie to her?

Tina’s eyes returned to the phone.

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