The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1122

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Chapter 1122

Takuya’s sudden rage caused everyone to stay where they were, and no one dared to speak. Don’t even see that they didn’t look at the patriarch in their eyes, but it doesn’t mean This patriarch has no power.

According to the laws of their Japanese country, if you violate the orders of the patriarch as a clan member in a family, you not only need to bear the clan rules, but also need to bear corresponding legal responsibilities. In the past, they dared to leave the family and even use the family to earn benefits.

That was all because Takuya was an honest person, and would look at the same Erye clan for the sake of not worrying about them.

“Takuya, I know that Feixu is your daughter. You want to be good for him, but you are also the patriarch and need to be considered for our family!”

“We ourselves need the help of the Jinchuan family. Now we regret the marriage. Will help us, and even turn around and target us. Our Erye family now can’t afford the consequences!”

Seeing Takuya’s anger, Erye Masaharu also began to persuade with all his heart, he himself was completely from the family. Considering to start, so I asked before, if Sheldon has any power behind it that can help their family.

“If Sheldon can seek help from any family, I think our danger may pass. It’s just that the Hanoi family’s feud, plus the Jinchuan family that he offended, I am afraid that ordinary small families will not be able to help us. “How about

this, if you can seek help from the Yamashita family, you and Feixu’s affairs, we will leave it alone!”

At this moment, Eryesuke who had not spoken suddenly spoke, sneered and looked at Sheldon. Said.

“What a joke, the Yamashita family has never contacted any family in our country. He is a Sheldon and a Chinese native. How can he talk to the Yamashita family, let alone let them help.”

” Yes , I don’t think we should delay our time!”

Other people also said that, not to mention Sheldon, even they could not have a conversation with the people of the Yamashita family.


Unexpectedly, Takuya laughed out loud directly.

“When you came in, did you see the people standing at the entrance of the manor?” Sheldon folded his hands, his face was filled with a faint smile.

“What if you can’t see it? You don’t want to tell me that those people are the Yamashita family to protect you, right?” Futabasuke sneered. He knew that Sheldon could not have a relationship with the Yamashita family. , The reason for saying this is just to make Sheldon make a fool of himself in front of the family.

“It’s pretty smart.” Sheldon raised his eyebrows.

“Sheldon, you are really brazen. The Yamashita family has never been in contact with anyone in any family. This is not a secret in our country. You now say that the dozen or so people at the door belong to the Yamashita family. It’s simply me all these years. The funniest joke I’ve ever heard.”

Eryesuke stared at Sheldon, his toes kept hitting the ground.

“Xiao Fei, let them in.” Sheldon didn’t want to explain to Eryesuke, so he turned and said to Bai Xiaofei behind him.

“Okay.” Although Bai Xiaofei didn’t know, he still obeyed Sheldon’s words and walked outside.

“It’s so funny. You actually said that they are from the Yamashita family. I want to see what their identities are.” Futabasuke is still sneered. “But Sheldon, if they are not from the Yamashita family, you have to go from here. Go out from under my crotch and roll out of here.”

“Of course.”

Sheldon shrugged and readily agreed, “But if they are from the Yamashita clan…”

“Then I’ll drill you.” Crotch, get out of here!” Before Sheldon finished speaking, Erba was the first to say, because he thought Sheldon was just bragging. He grew up and had never seen a member of the Yamashita family. Needless to say, there is any contact with them.

“No problem!” Sheldon said quickly.

Soon, under the attention of everyone, several people followed Bai Xiaofei in.

“Brother Chen.” Bai Xiaofei nodded at Sheldon, and then stood behind.

“Brothers, he suspects that you are not from the Yamashita family, do you have anything to prove your identity?” Sheldon looked at them and asked.

“Of course there is.” The person standing in the front immediately took out the ID card from his pocket.

The ID card of the country of Japan is somewhat different from the ID cards of other countries. Because it is based on families and consortia, each person’s ID card indicates which family or consortium they belong to.

“Can you see it?” Sheldon took the ID card from him and shook it in front of everyone.

Everyone followed Sheldon’s sway and saw on a line of small characters under the ID card that this person belongs to the Yamashita family.

“It’s impossible. You must have gotten a fake certificate!” Eryesuke naturally saw it clearly. His face was gloomy. Obviously, he didn’t expect Sheldon to actually find someone from the Yamashita family. This is what he sees. It is simply impossible to come.

“Do I still have the ability to be a prophet, knowing that you will ask me today if I can contact the Yamashita family and create a fake ID card for them to carry with me?” Sheldon couldn’t help but sneer when he heard The ID was returned to that person.

“I…” Erbasuke suddenly didn’t know what to say.

Indeed, he was on a whim and prepared to make Sheldon embarrassed in front of everyone. Naturally, it is impossible for Sheldon to know in advance and ask them to apply for a fake ID. But just like that, he still couldn’t believe that Sheldon could actually Call the people of the Yamashita family here, and even protect their safety here.

Not only him, everyone couldn’t believe it.

The Yamashita clan, who was not in contact with any family or consortium, was able to stand guard in front of their manor.

“Do you believe it now?” Sheldon narrowed his eyes to look at Erbasuke, and said lightly.

“Believe, believe it.” Everyone said in unison. They had their calculations in their hearts instantly. The Yamashita family was much better than the Jinchuan family. If they could get their help, they would surely earn more benefits.

“Now it’s time to fulfill your promise, do you remember what you just said?” Sheldon looked at Erbasuke and said.

“Sheldon, you don’t have to take an inch!” Eryezhu’s face flushed. If he slipped under Sheldon’s crotch and rolled away, then he would be completely faceless.

“Xiaosuke, as a man, you have to speak up. You can’t even do what you say, so just don’t be a member of our Erye family!” Erye Masaji’s face was sullen, and he rebuked in a low voice.

Now that Sheldon can have such a good relationship with the Yamashita family, Erye Masaji seems to be able to see the family tide over the difficulties, and with the help of the Yamashita family, he can go to the next level. While speaking, he is always facing Sheldon. .

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