The Warmest Romance Chapter 1343 -1344

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Chapter 1343

Ruan Shishi heard that the impulse and obsession just now dissipated a lot. She took a deep breath and murmured, “indeed It’s like this. “

An’an hesitated for a moment and said in a slow voice, “Shi Shi, do you sometimes have too much prejudice against Yu Yimo? In fact, I think he is very good. “

Ruan Shishi was silent and didn’t speak. After a pause, he directly cut off the topic, “have you finished massage?”

“It’s over.” Ann smiles at her and blinks. “I asked you to come today, but there are other things.”

Ruan Shishi was confused, “what’s the matter?”

Suddenly, two blushes appeared on song yun’an’s face, “that, the household registration book…”

Looking at Song yun’an’s appearance of becoming a little woman, Ruan Shishi couldn’t help laughing and joked, “Why are you so worried! It’s only a few days. Even if I want to start, it will take time, won’t it? “

Song yun’an’s cheek is more red and he says with a smile, “if you get it earlier, I can make a decision with Du Yue earlier, so I’m not at ease.”

Ruan Shishi couldn’t laugh or cry, “OK, OK, I’ll find a way when I go back today.”

She has never seen song yun’an like this. It seems that this time she is determined to get the certificate with Du Yue. After this experience, I believe that An’an has seen a lot clearly. As long as she can be happy, she, as a close friend, wishes her from the bottom of her heart.

After chatting with song Yunan for a long time, she said goodbye to her and left the hospital.

On the way back, she was thinking about how to help Ann get the Hukou book. Unconsciously, she got home.

After going back, she happened to meet Ms. Liu in the living room. Ruan Shishi hesitated and asked, “Mom, is yean at home?”

Liu replied casually, “son-in-law of song! He’s back. It’s like he’s in his study upstairs. “

“Good.” Ruan Shishi nodded, raised her feet and was about to walk upstairs. Unexpectedly, Ms. Liu suddenly stepped forward and held her, “now I only have song’s son-in-law in my eyes, but no mother? Go to him as soon as you come back! “

Although Ms. Liu’s words were full of vinegar, she was smiling at the bottom of her eyes. It was obvious that she was deliberately teasing her.

Ruan Shishi smiles, “Mom, I have something to do with yean.”

“OK, I won’t tease you any more. Go quickly!”

With a smile, Ruan Shishi stepped up the stairs and went to the door of the study, but hesitated to stop.

Wait a minute, how can she open her mouth and ask for the Hukou? Song yean is sure to be suspicious of asking for their household registration book without any reason!

Ruan Shishi thinks about it. Just when she doesn’t know what to do, she suddenly hears a dull voice coming from the door. It seems that song yean is on the phone, and she can’t hear it clearly.

After a while, she thought about it. At the thought of song yun’an, she finally gritted her teeth, summoned up courage, raised her hand and buttoned the door. Then, she pushed the door open and went in.

The moment she pushed the door in, she saw song yean standing in front of his desk. His face was a bit gloomy, and there was an unnatural flash on his face. He immediately put away his mobile phone and asked, “Shishi, are you back?”

Ruan Shishi nodded and saw that he was a little flustered. He asked, “what’s the matter?”

Song yean’s face slightly changed, and he said, “there are some tough things in the company, but they can be dealt with soon.”

Chapter 1344

“That’s good.” Ruan Shishi didn’t care much. Her heart was looking for hukou, and she had no chance to worry about others.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath. With a flash in his mind, he immediately asked, “by the way, good night, where are our marriage certificates? I suddenly want to see it. “

“Why do you suddenly want to see the marriage certificate?” Song yean put down his cell phone, walked towards her with a smile, reached out and gently put her in his arms.

Ruan Shishi’s body was a little stiff, and he still said with a smile, “just some memories. I want to take them out and have a look.”

“I put it in the third compartment of the study cabinet. You have a look first.”

Ruan Shishi was so happy that he quickly went to find the third drawer and opened it.

Sure enough, the two red marriage certificates are in it. In addition, there are other certificates. When she saw the dark red book put down below, Ruan Shishi’s eyes flashed and showed light.

She pretended to be calm and took out the two red marriage certificates. She opened them and looked at them again. She sighed in a soft voice, “I didn’t expect that time passed quickly. In a twinkling of an eye, we had already obtained the certificates for several years.”

Song yean answered, “yes, so we must have a good wedding this time.”

At this time, the mobile phone that he just put on the table suddenly vibrated. Song yean looked down and saw that there were three big words “Yu Gu Bei” on it. He frowned and took a quick look at Ruan Shishi. He immediately hung up the phone and turned it upside down on the table. Then he walked towards Ruan Shishi.

Ruan Shishi didn’t care. Her mind was entirely on how to persuade song yean. She inhaled deeply and saw the man approaching. She raised her finger to the photo on the marriage certificate and motioned to show him, “at that time, we looked quite different from now. We were both stupid…”

Indeed, the two people in the photo didn’t smile. They looked at the camera with a little numbness, and there was a gap between them.

At that time, they got the license completely because of the agreement, so they were not as close as they are now.

All of a sudden, Ruan Shishi’s shoulder sank, and she was suddenly held. As soon as she turned her head, she looked into song yean’s eyes. “Before this marriage, we should take a group of wedding photos, OK?”

Ruan Shishi was slightly stunned and nodded hesitantly. Then, she looked away, took a deep breath, and sighed softly, “if an an an knows, she doesn’t know what to think.”

Song yean hears speech, surprised ask a way, “she knows how again?”

“If she knows, I’m afraid she’ll feel a little sad. After all, my best friend got married and held another wedding, and she hasn’t got a word yet…”

Hearing what Ruan Shishi said, song yean’s eyes sank. He pursed his lips and said nothing.

Ruan Shishi turned his head and looked at him and said, “good night. In fact, I think Du Yue is also very good. With him, An’an will be very happy…”

As soon as Ruan’s words came down, song yean frowned slightly, shook his head and said, “I don’t agree with them being together.”

“Is it because of me?” Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, summoned up courage and said, “if it’s really because of me that you don’t agree, then I will feel very guilty.”

Anyi’s righteous words in Song night said solemnly, “poetry, don’t think about it. It’s also because I have other considerations that I don’t agree with Du Yue and An’an.”

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