The Warmest Romance Chapter 1369 -1370

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Chapter 1369

Ruan Shishi’s cheek was hot, and he said, “which is like what you said?”

Song yun’an quickly reached out and pointed to her cheek, “look, your face is red, and you still say no!”

They laughed for a long time, and finally decided to go to bed.

The next morning, before she woke up, she was pulled out of bed.

“Shishi, get up quickly!”

Ruan Shishi opened her eyes and looked at Song yun’an, who had been groomed in front of her sleepily. She frowned and asked, “what time is it?”

“It’s past seven o’clock. Don’t forget we have business today!”

Song yun’an said, holding the business card of the wedding studio in her hand, shaking in front of her eyes.

Ruan Shishi turned over, closed her eyes and muttered, “sleep another hour.”

Just as she wanted to pull the quilt, she was grabbed and pulled up from the bed.

“Shishi, it’s a big event in my life. I can’t delay it! You get up quickly… “

Ruan Shishi was forced to pull up by her. An hour later, they drove directly to the wedding studio.

Arriving at the scene, from the initial reception, to the wedding dress fitting, and other follow-up detailed work, the staff were extremely considerate and took the trouble to accompany them to try one set of wedding dress after another. Finally, when they tried the seventh set, they were too tired to try.

At noon, they had lunch in the studio. When they came out again, it was already afternoon. They found a coffee shop and sat down for a while. Then song yun’an suggested, “poetry, I think we have a rest. How about going shopping for jewelry?”

Ruan Shishi looked at Song yun’an with a look of vitality, as if she didn’t know she was tired. She was both envious and admired, “are you going now? My heel is still sour! “

Song yun’an winked at her and said, “go! It’s the first time that my brother has been so generous to me. He just swipes my credit card. If he doesn’t buy anything today, how can he be worthy of him? “

Looking at her such a high spirited appearance, Ruan Shishi was angry and smiling. She shook her head helplessly, and then said softly, “OK, I’ll be with you.”

Just then, Ruan Shishi’s mobile phone suddenly vibrated. She looked down and saw that Yu Yimo was calling on the screen.

She was so tight that she didn’t know what to do next. How could he call suddenly? For a moment, she didn’t know whether to answer.

Song yun’an, who had already stepped a few steps ahead, suddenly looked back at her and said, “poetry, let’s go!”

Ruan Shishi suddenly responded, quickly put the shaking mobile phone into the bag, then nodded and quickly followed.

Since she doesn’t know why Yu Yimo suddenly called her, it’s better not to answer the phone.

Ruan Shishi catches up with song yun’an and goes into the jewelry city floor of the shopping mall with him. The whole floor is full of jewelry of various brands, including international brands and traditional well-known brands.

Song yun’an took her into a brand store and pointed to the dazzling jewelry in the transparent window, “poetry, you see, this is not good-looking!”

Ruan Shishi nodded with a smile

“And this one?”

Chapter 1370

“Good looking.”

“And this one, how about a little more delicate?”

“It’s nice, too.”

Looking around, the places touched by his eyes were all shining and moving. They were so bright that people couldn’t move their eyes. They were all beautiful, but Ruan always felt that there was a lack of flavor.

Song yun’an saw a circle, his face also wrinkled, “how can I feel that everything looks good, but if I really want to buy it, I don’t want it that much.”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, hesitated for a moment, and said in a soft voice, “because although these are good-looking, they are too indistinguishable. They are similar and have no characteristics.”

Wen Yan, song yun’an gently nodded, “you’re right.”

Then she looked up at the clerk and asked, “do you have anything better?”

As soon as the shop assistant’s eyes brightened, he nodded with a smile, “yes, do you want to have a look?”

Song yun’an nodded without hesitation, “to see.”

“OK, two distinguished guests, please come with me and wait in the VIP room first.”

Then the clerk walked in front of them and led them up to the second floor.

When they arrived on the second floor, they could see that the decoration of the store was completely different. Compared with the display area on the first floor, it was more bright and wide. There were some display items on the shelves with different heights, some of which were limited edition.

Obviously, the second floor is much higher than the first floor.

“Shishi, look at that string of rubies!”

Song yun’an raised his chin and motioned Ruan Shishi to look at the display on the wall. Ruan Shishi turned his head, nodded involuntarily and said softly, “the products here are really much better than the first floor.”

Song yun’an nodded in agreement.

The shop assistant walked in front of them and introduced the products on the front row of shelves to them. “Two distinguished guests, please see, these jewelry are exclusive to our brand, and they are all limited. You can see if you like them first. These jewelry have no real objects, only pictures. If you like, we can transfer them.”

The shop assistant introduced them, and Ruan Shishi followed them without delay. Suddenly, her eyes were slightly fixed on a set of sapphire jewelry. The necklace and earrings were the same set, which was not noble enough, but they were very exquisite. A circle around the neck was the most suitable match for the off shoulder style. It happened that today she tried a off shoulder wedding dress, which was very suitable

Noticing her sight, song yun’an quickly stopped, turned his head and looked at her, and said in a soft voice, “Shishi, this one you see is very good-looking. It matches your temperament very well.”

Ruan Shishi nodded and did not speak.

This string of sapphires reminds her of the sapphire that Yu Yimo had given her before. Later, she didn’t leave it, but now she still has an impression. It seems that it has something in common with this necklace.

Song yun’an saw that she loved the circulation of the fundus of her eyes, and quickly called the clerk, “can you take this out, we want to have a close look.”

The shop assistant agreed and quickly opened the transparent window with a small silver key. Without the glass, the oblique section of the jewel necklace was more dazzling, reflecting different lights under the light.

Ruan Shishi looked at the necklace. For a moment, his sight was completely attracted and he couldn’t move it.

After a while, she moved her lips and asked, “the price…”

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