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Chapter 657

“Lewis?” Brook Mark stared at Lewis Justin at the door in disbelief. After a while, he realized something, and carefully put down the girl who had been pushed against the window by him, but he had forgotten what he had been holding in his hands. Breast-clothing.

Dixon Lily was also shocked by the sudden appearance of Lewis Justin, but now she had too many thoughts, and as soon as he put her down, she reached out to grab the chest clothes in Brook Mark’s hands, her small face was already blushing.

She pulled it over, and before she even had time to look at the opposite Lewis Justin, she picked up the clothes scattered randomly on the floor and ran into the bathroom.

Dixon Lily locked the door, and just about to get dressed, Lewis Justin’s icy voice came to mind outside the door, “Open the door!”

This is an order, an order not to be beaked!!!

Dixon Lily ignored him, picked up the chest clothes, and prepared to put them on.

“Open the door! I can smash the door and enter without opening the door! I’ll give you three seconds!”

Dixon Lily rolled her eyes, put on the corset, quickly took up the quilt to wrap her petite body, and opened the bathroom door, “Lewis Justin, what do you want to do?”

A black figure flashed in, and when Dixon Lily reacted, her whole body had already been pressed against the cold wall through the bedding.

With bloody anger in his eyes, he stared at her fiercely, like an angry lion beast, trying to swallow her up, “Girl, are you challenging my limit?”

“Lewis Justin, if you have anything to say, wait for me to get dressed before going out, okay?” Dixon Lily suppressed the fire in her heart and persuaded him in a good voice.

“Why? The body that was seen by people all over the world, you are afraid I won’t see it?” Lewis Justin’s words fell, and suddenly he stretched out his big hand, and without warning, he tore off the quilt that wrapped Dixon Lily’s good body…

“Lewis Justin, what are you doing!!!?” Dixon Lily’s eyes were full of anger and confusion, and her hands subconsciously blocked her body.

She didn’t understand what was wrong with this man, and even more, could not understand any meaning in his words.

What does it mean that people all over the world have seen her body?? What is this man talking about?!

“Don’t understand?” Lewis Justin sneered, and in the next instant, he took out a stack of photos in the pocket of the windbreaker, and threw it on Dixon Lily’s cheek angrily, “What are you still pretending to be pure, these photos? It’s crazy to upload on the Internet early in the morning!!”

The photo paper is very thick, cutting it on Dixon Lily’s cheek as sharp as a knife, causing pain and pain.

Her eyes stared at the scattered photos dully, and gradually there was mist in her eyes…

There, lying down one by one… are the so-called ‘dirty photos’ of the stars on the Internet, but this time the heroine was replaced by her!

Every face is photographed so clearly, but the actor’s face is almost unclear.

Posture, but very sexy…

Some embrace and kiss, those who are entangled with each other, and those who hug and sleep on their sides. They are all kinds, printed in Dixon Lily’s eyes, so dazzling, like thorns, straight into her in the eyes of…

It hurts terribly!

“This…what is this?” Dixon Lily raised her head, her misty eyes met Lewis Justin’s angry smoke pupil.

Lewis Justin sneered, “You still want to ask me what this is!!” As he spoke, his cold fingers hooked her slender jaw, “Girl, is it because of loneliness? Or because you can’t get comfort from me. Or… you are so slutty in your bones??”

He smiled coolly, “Yes, even the “female” who didn’t care about the first time, still expect her to be clean!!”

Lewis Justin’s words of humiliation are like a sharp knife, which is deeply carved on Dixon Lily’s heart, with blood flowing.

She tilted her head to look at him, her movements were somewhat mechanical, but her eyes were completely strong and indifferent, “Are you finished? Please go out when you are finished, I want to change clothes!”

With her words, Lewis Justin in front of her was slightly startled, and the next moment, a dangerous light appeared in the cold eyes, “Girl, I’ll give you a chance to explain!”

Explanation? Dixon Lily smiled faintly, bitterness hidden in the water, only pain came to her chest, she smiled and fixed the stern face in front of him, raised her eyebrows, and asked him, “Why should I explain to you? Who are you to me?”

In her eyes, there was all the untamable cold arrogance.

People who have stepped on her dignity without hearing her explanation just now want to act as an angel to listen to her explanation?

She is sorry! Even if he wants to listen, she doesn’t bother to talk now! As she asked, who is he to her??

“Mr. Lewis, please clarify the relationship between us. There is only a contractual relationship between me and you! Of course, there is also… I am still ready to clean up for you!”

She, Dixon Lily has been telling herself not to care about these things since yesterday, but the facts tell herself that she cares very much now, and cares too much! It’s hard to care if she wants to ignore it!!!

“But Mr. Lewis, I don’t think that these relationships between us are enough to require me to explain the origin of these pictures to you!!”

Correct! Between them, no one needs to explain anything to anyone! And for her, perhaps she didn’t know how to interpret these piles of photos, and even she didn’t know what happened last night!

As soon as her voice fell, suddenly, the man on her body continued to bite her body like crazy, and the movements were full of furious hostility.

“Girl, do you know that as long as I’m upset, I can kill you directly here!!”

He spits out a warning word coldly between his cold lips, and his white teeth bite on Dixon Lily’s neck like a vent.

It is not a kiss, but a bite!!! Cruelly with sharp white teeth, biting her delicate neck little by little, until a trace of blood came out, Lewis Justin still didn’t mean to let her go.

Dixon Lily did not resist his bite.

Because she doesn’t know when there is already a cold gun next to her head! There was no warmth on her temples as if as long as she struggled, the bullet from the gun could penetrate her brain bones!!!

She is not afraid of death, but, there is no need to die in the hands of this man so easily!

She is like a stupid, lifeless robot, leaning on the cold wall, not resisting, not struggling, and not begging for mercy. She just allows the man in front of her to wreak havoc on her body, even if it hurts. Never say a word.

The white teeth bit her pale lips until dazzling blood came out…

The teeth were dyed red, and the blood-colored lips were also oozing red, which was a bit shocking!!!

The blood followed her lips and dripped onto Lewis Justin’s cold as ice cheeks. A sudden warmth seemed to burn his entire face, and his hostile figure suddenly stiffened. In the next instant, with a “bang…”, angrily pushed away from the pale “female” in front of him, and slammed the door out.

Only left, the empty Dixon lily stared at the scattered photos on the ground blankly.

“Lewis, why did you come here?” Brook Mark stared at the hostile Lewis Justin in a puzzled manner, then glanced at the closed bathroom door, his eyes could not hide a little worry, “What did you do to her? Right?”

Lewis Justin snorted, “Look downstairs!”

Downstairs? Brook Mark opened the French window suspiciously, and was startled for a second, “How come there are so many reporters?”

“The pornographic photos of the two of you were posted on the Internet early in the morning! The name of this hotel was also revealed!” Lewis Justin’s expression was cold, but his voice was flat.

Brook Mark smiled coldly, and stroked his sexy lips carefully with his fingers, “Dare to play with Brook Mark? Looking for death!”

As he spoke, his voice was gentle and evil, only the color of the eyes under his eyes, but it was hard to conceal the coldness.

“This person is not targeting you, but me!” At some point, Dixon Lily had already organized herself and all her complicated feelings and walked out of the bathroom.

She now had a calm expression on her face. If it weren’t for the blood-stained tooth marks on her lips, Lewis Justin would think that everything had just never happened.

“Girl, what’s wrong with your mouth?” Brook Mark asked her with his eyebrows, his voice soft and he could not detect any emotions.

Dixon Lily seemed to be unable to hear his questioning, and handed the photos she picked up to Brook Mark, “None of your photos are clear, so obviously this person is not targeting you, and he is even very jealous. You and this person’s purpose is also very clear, just want to ruin me!”

He took each of her pictures so slutty, although there was no place where they shouldn’t be exposed, these pictures of men and women entwined are enough for her to spend a lifetime to get rid of this layer of shadow!

Brook Mark’s warm and moist face was dark, but Lewis Justin was still indifferent, but a pair of hot eyes grabbed the quiet Dixon Lily and stared at her, it felt like he wanted to see through her life…

“I’m going to find the surveillance videotape!” Brook Mark put the photo in his hand and went out.

“No need to go!” Lewis Justin called him, “David has already been there, and there is no one else except the bartender who appeared in the lobby!”

“Shit!” Brook Mark cursed, “I and the girl must have been drugged yesterday!” Thinking of this, Brook Mark thought a little bit, and Dixon Lily, who seemed to be thinking about something on the other side, was certain, “Girl, you think about it, have you offended anyone?”

As Brook Mark spoke, Lewis Justin’s expression became increasingly ugly.

The girl who sounded, again and again, came into her ears, inexplicably and extremely harsh!!!

“Brown Emily!” Dixon Lily raised her eyebrows, and uttered three words indifferently, “She had the biggest suspicion last night! Moreover, her motives were obvious! She had been looking at the heroine position before, and now I suddenly asked two uncle’s blessing went red overnight, so it’s normal for her to want to ruin me! However, these are just conjectures now, without any evidence, and she also had evidence of her absence last night.”

Brook Mark chuckles casually, “Girl, are you a police undercover?”

Dixon Lily smiled indifferently, “Don’t be it!”

On her face, Dixon Lily still had a calm face, but there was a trace of panic in her heart.

It seems that these people are far more sensitive than they thought!

Chapter 658

The water eyes inadvertently faced a pair of deep and mysterious eyes that were mysterious like a thousand-year-old well, and her heart shook for a moment, and soon she did not drive away. Some did not dare to look at those inquiring eyes!

It was a pair as if it could swallow her alive, it belonged to Lewis Justin!

“With so many reporters, how do we get out?” Brook Mark was a little embarrassed.

“Girl goes out with me, wait for the reporter to leave, you come out again!” Lewis Justin’s indifferent voice arranged orderly.

“The reporter would have mistakenly thought that the man in the photo was you!” Dixon Lily looked at him with a cold expression beside her in confusion.

After a long time, he smiled indifferently, a little ridiculed, “So it’s like this, I understand…”

Also, at this critical moment, when Dixon Lily is about to break out of an affair with other men, isn’t the ambiguous relationship between her and Lewis Justin self-defeating? The most terrible thing is that Allison Ava is still in the country now, so wouldn’t she be particularly dangerous?

The police must maintain the safety of every citizen!

“Let’s do it!” Anyway, it’s the same with anyone!

Brook Mark took a deep look at Dixon Lily with a calm look, his sexy thin lips moved slightly as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he said nothing.

“Mark!” Before Lewis Justin went out, he suddenly turned and called Brook Mark to stay.

“If the girl loses the position of the heroine because of this, who is the easiest “female” person to take the lead?”

Brook Mark spread his hands, “Of course it is Brown Emily.”

“Okay!” There was a deep sneer between Lewis Justin’s lips, “then hold her in the position of the first heroine!”

After finishing speaking, before Brook Mark and Dixon Lily next to him came over, he turned around and left.

Ah! If it was the “female” named Brown Emily who had touched Lewis Justin’s “female”, then he would let her taste the feeling of a person falling straight from a height to the bottom of the valley!!!

Along the way, Lewis Justin walked fast, Dixon Lily almost trot, unable to keep up with him.

“Ah…Lewis Justin is out!”

After hearing the cheers of the crowd, a group of long-awaited gossip reporters swarmed in, surrounded by Lewis Justin and bodyguards.

“Dixon Lily has also come out, hurry, hurry!! Go and stop her!”

As soon as Dixon Lily came out of the revolving door of the hotel before she had time to recover, she was surrounded by the paparazzi of reporters. When the spotlight came up, the reporters were pushing and rushing to ask her questions.

“Miss Dixon, is Mr. Lewis the actor in the pornographic photos?”

“Miss Dixon, most of the netizens questioned that you want to rely on pornographic photos to hype up, how do you explain this?”

“Miss Dixon, what is the relationship between you and Mr. Lewis? Or maybe the hero is someone else? Could it be Mr. Brook Mark?”


A group of sharp reporters surrounded the petite Dixon Lily, and the flashing lights made her red eyes hurt.

Dixon Lily allowed reporters to ask questions, but kept her head very low and did not answer them a word.

She knew that no matter how she explained or answered, this group of gossip reporters would only try to magnify the matter and even misrepresent the meaning of her words.

Therefore, no answer is the safest answer.

“Sorry, please let me!”

Suddenly, a cold voice pierced the crowd. The reporters were suddenly scattered by the well-dressed bodyguards, and they were forced to give up a clear road. Only at the end of the crowd, Lewis Justin was turning around. Step back.

He gracefully took off his long windbreaker and wrapped it around Dixon Lily’s petite body, completely covering her small head, intimately rubbing her into his arms, and leading her forward, “Dear friends from the media, Thank you for your care and attention to Miss Dixon, but Miss Dixon and I will not answer anything that happened today, but I, Lewis Justin, guarantee that within ten days, I will give you the most reasonable explanation!”

After speaking coldly, he led Dixon Lily, who was tightly surrounded by him, away from the chaotic scene.

For a long time, after the reporters downstairs dispersed, Brook Mark walked out of the hotel. However, his eyes fell on the dazzling sunlight, and his mood was unspeakably complicated, weird, and very awkward.

In the car-

“Lewis Justin, where are we going now?” David in the passenger seat turned around and asked Lewis Justin.

“Times International Park!” The cold words came out indifferently between thin lips, without the slightest temperature.

Dixon Lily still didn’t make a sound, she just grabbed his windbreaker, her cheeks still pale.

“Lewis Justin, the photos on the Internet have been suppressed, but there are some netizens who may have downloaded them for private possession. We just…”

David’s words made Dixon Lily’s little hand trembling slightly, her pale lips tightened.

“I see!” Lewis Justin’s stern cheeks were gloomy, and his half-covered black eyes gleamed with hostility.

After getting out of the car, Lewis Justin dragged Dixon Lily and walked into the villa. The movements in his hands were a bit less elegant and a bit ruder.

“Lewis Justin, what are you doing?”

His strength was very heavy, and the wrist clasping Dixon Lily was a little painful.

However, his hostility was even worse.

“Mr. Lewis…”

When passing through the hall, an auntie hourly worker greeted him just about to say something, but was shocked by the terrifying and dangerous aura of Lewis Justin’s body, and abruptly swallowed the words in her throat.

Lewis Justin didn’t even glance at Aunt Hourly Worker, and violently dragged Dixon Lily upstairs.

With a “bang…” the bedroom door was slammed shut.

“Lewis Justin, ah-what are you doing!!!?” Dixon Lily struggling, her petite body was already supported by the long arms of the strong man in front of her, and he easily hugged her.

Lily’s small body hung weakly on his slender body, staring suspiciously at the man surrounded by anger with a little shyness.

His scorching eyes stared at her fiercely, and the fierce feeling seemed to swallow her alive.

“Lie-uh uh uh…”

The words Dixon Lily could not finish speaking in the future were already arrogantly and rudely strong by him. The kiss gives birth and annihilation.

He doesn’t want to hear anything now!!!

He frantically kissed the red lips that were enough to make him lose control, wrapped his big hand around her petite and exquisite body, and the arms circled tightly and tightly as if he was about to knead her deeply into his body. He was breathing again and again, which was not going well.

He doesn’t know when, the glass door in the room quietly opened, and in front of him was a pool of clear blue water. The golden sunlight faintly poured down through the glass roof, and projected on the clear water, sparkling, romantic atmosphere. It reveals the endless ambiguity.

With the sound of “Boom…,” the two bodies hugged together plunged into the water without warning…

(Cannot be described)…

His hand wiped every inch of her skin with a strong force, “Girl, I don’t like other men touching you!!”…

(Cannot be described)…

The charming ambiguity in the whole swimming pool…………

(Cannot be described)…


A delicate voice, with a hurting voice, passed through the ambiguous air straight into the ears of the people embracing in the pool.

Like a violent thunder, the violent earthquake woke them up in the swimming pool out of control.

Dixon Lily felt that the man on her body suddenly stiffened, and in the next instant, Justin pulled away from her hot body.

At that moment, Dixon Lily felt that her heart was lost for a second…

Lewis Justin turned around and stared at the door with a wounded face. Allison Ava, who was eager to weep, just wanted to say something, but suddenly he saw her standing at the door, her delicate body shook suddenly, and the next moment there was no warning. She fell on the hard floor, a drop of clear tears pouring out of her eyes.

At that moment, Dixon Lily saw Lewis Justin’s panicked look in his usually dull eyes…

“David, call Dr. Ethan over!!! Hurry up!!!”

There was a little panic in Lewis Justin’s usually calm voice, shouting at David who was guarding outside the door.

Lewis Justin eagerly hugged the fainted Allison Ava on the bed and carefully placed her on the bed, even too late to change his soaked clothes, “Ava, Ava…”

For a while, the dizzy Allison Ava opened her flushing eyes, “Justin, I’m fine, I’m just…too, too tired, and a little scared…”

Scared! Everyone knows that she was just shocked by the love scene in the pool.

In the swimming pool, the naked Dixon Lily covered her feather eyelashes, and her small body sank a little bit along the water…

The heart also fell a little bit!

At this moment, she is the extra person in this room. Her clothes have already been torn by that man, so that she, who has been forgotten, can only stay in the pool like this, waiting to be remembered!

Inexplicably, she felt a bit humiliated. This humiliation is even worse than those in the morning…

Her heart is a little bit tingling…

The pool of water filled her eye sockets, making her eyes sore.

“How long have you been here?”

“It’s been a long time. I was there before you went home. I just wanted to stop you, but you don’t seem to be in a good mood…” Allison Ava’s voice was very light and misty.

“Did you… have anything to do with me?” Lewis Justin’s voice was a bit dry.

“En!” Allison Ava nodded, and her pale little face squeezed out a smile, “Justin, I thought about it, I won’t go back to Australia again! Of course, I don’t want to drag you down, so everything in the future All listens to your arrangements, except to send me abroad…I don’t want to be so far away from you…” At this point, Allison Ava’s voice was already choked.

“I know that Miss Dixon did so much to protect me, so I won’t disturb your plan, I will cooperate with you obediently, I just have to look at you silently not far away, and make sure not far away. Just love me…”

Lewis Justin smiled bitterly, “Ava, you know we can’t get results!”

Because he is married!!! What’s more, falling in love with him is tantamount to being overwhelmed! How could he be willing to suffer so much from her so delicate?

Allison Ava smiled gently, “Justin, aren’t you the same? Knowing that there will be no results, but still silently loving me!”

In her words and pure eyes, there was all determination.

As for Lewis Justin, there was no answer to her words.

Dixon Lily thought, perhaps, not answering is equivalent to acquiescence!

So, she was superfluous, so she witnessed the true lovers who fell in love but couldn’t keep each other? Perhaps she should sympathize with them.

But, why in addition to the sympathy in her heart, there are still some other feelings constantly flowing?

She can’t figure out what it is, but she knows, she feels uncomfortable!

“Justin, I’m a bit thirsty, can you help me pour a glass of water downstairs?” Allison Ava’s weak voice on the bed demanded.

“Okay…” Lewis Justin gave her a deep look and got up and went out.

For a while, only Allison Ava on the bed and Dixon Lily in the pool were left in the entire room.

“Do you need clothes?” Allison Ava stood by the pool with a bathrobe, looking straight at her with pure water eyes, and a faint smile covered the corners of her lips.

In the sun, she is so quiet, like a fairy in the painting, clean and delicate, with an indescribable beauty.

“Thank you!” Dixon Lily thanked faintly. Just as she reached out to get the clothes, she heard only a bang, Allison Ava’s delicate body fell into the pool without warning, and her hands still holding that bathrobe.

Dixon Lily looked at her in the water in confusion, “Aren’t you uncomfortable?”

Allison Ava emerged from the water and looked at Dixon Lily with a cheerful smile, “Dixon Lily? Let’s make friends! Are you good at swimming? Teach me how to swim!”

Her sudden words made Dixon Lily a little speechless for a while.

She doesn’t know why, she always feels something is wrong, but she can’t tell what it is.

Dixon Lily stayed in the water, watching her wandering around in the water suspiciously, “You are already swimming very well!”

She said from the heart, neither praise nor affirmation, but simply stating a fact.

However, she was so lively, she did not see any signs of discomfort at all.

“Lily, help me see what’s on my head…” Allison Ava in the water popped her head, pure and clear eyes looking at Dixon Lily anxiously.

“It seems that the hair is going into the eyes!” Dixon Lily didn’t think much, reaching out to help her lose the long hair that blocked her small face.

“Ah -” she only heard a small scream, her petite body was sinking in the water.

“Miss Allison…” Dixon Lily was a little puzzled at first, but within a second, she quickly understood.

Because her hand attached to Allison Ava’s head has already been held by the “woman” in the water, even holding her hand, floating up and down as she flutters in the water, looking far away As if Dixon Lily was pushing the delicate “female” beside her into the water inhumanely.

Ah! What a pale framing method.

However, in the cold eyes of Lewis Justin, it seemed so real and hateful.

“Um-help… help…”

In the water, she vaguely heard the poor cry for help. Dixon Lily stared blankly at the “woman” who was acting in the water, with a cold smile on the corner of her lips and withdrew her hand indifferently, letting the “woman” continued to perform her one-man show and walked to the shore.

With the sound of “Boom…,” there was another heavy falling into the water, and the figure was very anxious and flustered.

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