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Chapter 659

Dixon Lily laughed at herself, ignoring them, she pulled aside Lewis Justin’s wardrobe, and casually pulled a piece of clothing she could wear and wrapped it around.

When Allison Ava was rescued, she had passed out. As for whether it was true or not, Dixon Lily couldn’t stop him.

She only knew that Lewis Justin’s gaze was enough to burn her alive.

The doctor arrived soon and examined Allison Ava with extreme care, not daring to neglect.

Dixon Lily packed up her things, she didn’t take another look at the man guarding the bed, turned around, and was about to go out. However, before the door could be opened in the future, her arms were already caught by a pair of big hands like iron tongs.

She turned her head and confronted him who was full of hostility.

“You’re jealous, so you want to kill her?” The cold voice was as deep as hell.

The big hand, he doesn’t know when to attach Dixon Lily’s white and fragile neck, the force between the fingers tightens a little bit, the cold light in the eyes is like a sharp blade, and it seems that she will be put to death.

Dixon Lily laughed sarcastically and indifferently slapped him with his big hand that was imprisoning her, “I’m not that boring!”

“You mean I wronged you?” The force between the fingers tightened a little bit.

“I said yes, do you believe it?” Dixon Lily asked him indifferently.

He doesn’t believe it!!!

“Since you know the meaning of your existence, you should know the status of this “woman” in my mind. If you dare to move her, there is only one dead-end!!”

The cold words overflowed to Lewis Justin’s thin lips, without the slightest temperature. The feeling seemed to be a sentence of the end of life by Hell.

Dixon Lily only felt a biting cold, from the head to the toes.

The big hand on her neck is tightening a little bit…

At that moment, Dixon Lily thoroughly tasted the smell of death, so cold, so absolutely!!!

There was no trace of anger on her pale cheeks, and her breathing became shorter and shorter. The pain in her throat made her almost oozing tears, let alone wanting to make any noise.

The little hands hanging on the sides of her legs clenched little by little, and there was a terrifying whiteness between her fingers.

She told herself, give this man three more seconds…

If he doesn’t let go, she will resist!!!



Just as she was counting the last second in her heart, she suddenly felt her throat loose, and her petite body was thrown out heavily by a cold and fierce force, and she slammed on the cold floor, causing pain for a while.

“Get out!!!” A word, so dark so that his cold lips spit out, “Our agreement is completely over from today!! You will appear in my eyes again in the future, I can’t guarantee that I will want your Life!!!”

It was almost noon when she came out of Times International Park.

Dixon Lily, who was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus at the moment, looked a little desolate, with a big man’s shirt wrapped all over her body, and her hair was still drenched on her shoulders. She was very depressed. Fortunately, her figure was really real. Lewis Justin is very petite, and Lewis Justin’s figure is quite burly, so his clothes are wrapped around her, almost as a one-piece skirt!

The shirt still has the pure masculine scent that belongs to Lewis Justin, and it is accompanied by a touch of tobacco, which smells very good…

Inexplicably, Lewis Justin’s fierce eyes popped out of her mind again, and her heart flinched, but it was a little painful.

Dixon Lily frowned, shook her head in disgust, trying to get this strange emotion out of her mind.

“Look, is that Dixon Lily!”

“Yes, it’s her!!”

“Good, look at her, she is still wearing a man’s shirt, so shameless…”

There was a sound of pointing and pointing in her ears, Dixon Lily frowned, tilted her head to look over, but unexpectedly turned her head, a bottle of water poured over her pale little face without warning.

Stunned for a second, there was a gap in the mind for a second…

“Little flirty goods!!”

There was another curse, and then more cold water poured over her.

“You learned from others to seduce men at such a young age do you want to be shameless in the end! You want to be famous, you babble!!”

Dixon Lily stood there blankly, motionless, letting the little girls swear, letting water stains all over her, as if her whole heart was paralyzed, it seemed that it didn’t matter anymore…

Desolately smiled, did not go to see them, and continued to wait for the bus.

Maybe the car came and took her away from this place of right and wrong, and she would be safe!

“What are you doing?” Suddenly a cold questioning sound rang. In the next instant, Dixon Lily felt a strong warmth enveloping her cold body, and her paralyzed heart trembled for a second.

“Girl, are you okay?”

It turned out to be Brook Mark!

This scene completely exceeded Dixon Lily’s expectations.

In front of her, his warm face was worrisome. His handsome hairstyle had been broken by clear water for the most part, and the water stains leaked from his temples, a little desolate.

The always gentle and graceful Prince Charming also has such a bad appearance, Dixon Lily couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Why are you here?” Dixon Lily was a little surprised when he appeared.

“I don’t know.” He shook his head, “I just shook it here!”

Perhaps he is not worried about her! Shaking it casually, swaying the Times Park came.

“Are you… okay? Your face looks bad!”

“I’m okay…” Dixon Lily pursed her lips and shook her head.

“Look! This “female” has an extraordinary ability to seduce men! Hurry up, take this scene and post it online!” There was another little girl in the crowd.

“Oh shit!!”

Two dirty words were spat out from Brook Mark’s mouth, matching his handsome face that was not stained with dust, he was awkward.

He quickly took off his coat and covered Dixon Lily’s small head tightly, “Believe me and follow me!”


In this case, what can Dixon Lily believe or not!

Dixon Lily was held by him and walked forward. Because the head was covered, she didn’t know what happened outside.

All she knows is that Brook Mark did not embarrass those little girls who were onlookers and scolded. He probably knew better than her. As an artist, if he dares to be rude to others, then he doesn’t know what the pictures and sayings will be on the Internet.

Therefore, in order not to have a bad influence on Dixon Lily, he, Brook Mark all tolerated it.

Perhaps he is guilty! After all, it was not someone else who took her on this road, but him!

The water has splashed all over the body, and the whole body is soaked. Fortunately, the “female” in his arms is so small that his strong body has protected her well.

When the clothes on her head were pulled apart, Dixon Lily looked at Brook Mark who was almost ready to turn into a soup, and Dixon Lily had an unspeakable taste in her heart. The five flavors were mixed, but she was moved.

“Come in first and dry the clothes!” She reached out and pulled him.

If she wants to say thankful words to him suddenly, she just can’t tell, she doesn’t know why.

After all, the relationship between them is not very good, but it is not very bad. In short, it is embarrassing.

There was no one else in the castle except the two of them. Dixon Lily turned on the dryer, handed him the hairdryer, went into the room and took a shower by herself, and changed her clothes.

Brook Mark was still drying his clothes. Dixon Lily began to pack things but felt that her head was heavy, and she felt dizzy and extremely uncomfortable.

“What are you doing packing up?” Brook Mark asked Dixon Lily.

“Go home!” Dixon Lily replied lightly.

“Go home? Why? You quarreled with Lewis?”

“We don’t quarrel, we just lifted the agreement!” Dixon Lily stretched out her hand and stroked her forehead as she spoke, it was so hot!

“What’s the matter with you?” Brook Mark caught an inadvertent movement of her, got up, and approached her, staring at her with his eyebrows.

“I’m okay…” Dixon Lily shook her head.

“Your face is so red…” Brook Mark stated the facts, “Don’t tell me that you blushed like this when you saw my young Master Mark, too handsome. Come, come and let me see!” Brook Mark said while pulling her.

The big hand stroked her forehead forcefully, frowning, “It’s hot! You have a fever! Come here, don’t clean up!”

Brook Mark pretentiously told her to sit on the sofa, “Is there any anti-fever medicine at home?”

“No…” Dixon lily shook her head, a little dazed.

“Are you a “female” person?” Brook Mark glanced at her contemptuously, picked up the coat on the sofa, and prepared to go out, “You go upstairs and lie down for a while, I will go to the drugstore below to buy you some anti-fever medicine. Be right back!”

” I…”

“Bang…” Dixon Lily’s words were not finished yet, and Brook Mark’s tall figure had already left the house.

Pulling the corners of her lips, there is a slight warmth in her heart. Caressing the hot forehead, the body was still a little weak, and without moving, she fell asleep directly on the sofa.

When Brook Mark came back with a large bag of medicine, Dixon Lily was seen huddled asleep on the sofa.

“Stupid!!” This “female” is not good at taking care of herself, right?

Brook Mark cursed, threw the medicine in his hand to the side, stretched out his hand, slapped and picked up the chilled “female” on the sofa, and walked to the bedroom upstairs.

The sudden warmth made Dixon Lily, who was cold and fearful all over her body, seemed to have found a stove to warm her, and her petite body subconsciously dived into his arms, just wanting to get closer to this warmth.

Her reaction caused Brook Mark to stiffen with his big hands. In the next instant, the corners of his lips rose slightly…

And here, in Times International Park…

Lewis Justin stared at the pale and quiet face on the bed, but his heart was in a mess.

An equally pale but arrogant face rushed into his mind and filled his thoughts. He didn’t even kill her just now, and even himself was surprised by his last move!

He has never left any room for those who hurt the little one, except for her! She was the first one to escape from him!!!

Fingers have enslaved the slave’s hair and feel a little irritable.

He glanced at Allison Ava, who was not yet awake on the bed, got up and went out.

When he entered the study, his mind was still filled with the delicate little face. Suddenly, her proud question came into his ear again, “I said yes, do you believe it?”

Does he believe it?? Correct! He doesn’t believe it!

Because Allison Ava he knew was not only ignorant of water, but she saw her mother drowning in the sea since she was a child, and looked at the water like a beast. If it wasn’t for Dixon Lily in the pool, Allison Ava would go and give her clothes, how could she possibly fall into the water?

Also, the Allison Ava he knew was always a gentle and kind-hearted girl who would blush when she lied. How could she be wronged?

Also, all that just now was seen by Lewis Justin himself! It was he who witnessed the “female” pressing Ava in the water!

All of this shows that he did not wrong the “female” person who was like a snake!!!

However, thinking that he couldn’t have wronged the “woman” in his heart, he still made the following decision.

“David, call up the surveillance video in my bedroom today!”

“Yes!” David received the order during the call.

Soon, David got the videotape, handed it to Lewis Justin, then turned around and went out again.

In the surveillance video, everything was normal at first, and Lewis Justin almost used fast-forward and dragging until the ambiguous scene in the pool reappeared, suddenly, the big hand on the mouse stopped suddenly.

In the swimming pool, two people entangled fiercely, heavy gasping-breathing and sweet-groaning sounds from time to time came out of the earphones. The delicate red face was dyed with intoxicating color, which imprinted the beauty in his eyes. She’s not gorgeous.

Inexplicably, the cells in the body that had been well-rested for a while, the blood gradually boiled.

The finger on the mouse moved and hurriedly dragged the video to the front.

Damn it! He started to yell at the “female” face on the screen. The key is that his body has reacted!!! Probably just because of the desire that he didn’t vent just now! He comforted himself like this!

However, the next scene almost made him incredulous.

In the video, Allison Ava jumped into the pool fearlessly, and her swimming skills were completely beyond his expectations. The so-called fear of water in the past has long disappeared. In the pool, the conversation between her and Dixon Lily is in the headset. Hearing it clearly, and Dixon Lily’s stunning little face, in the end, it became cold a little with the movements in the pool, and it also fell into Lewis Justin’s eyes.

The video freezes the scene where Dixon Lily presses Allison Ava into the water…

Keep playing back, keep playing back…

The truth has surfaced!

Just now, he wronged that “female” person! Even without listening to her explanation, he almost killed her by mistake!

Fortunately, it’s almost…

At the bottom of his heart, inexplicably relieved for himself!

After taking the coat on the hanger, he was ready to go out. As soon as he opened the study door, Allison Ava blocked his way, “Justin…I’m awake!”

Looking at her slightly pale face, Lewis Justin was slightly startled.

Even if he knew that Allison Ava deliberately framed Dixon Lily in the scene just now, he still couldn’t bring up any trace of disgust when faced with this face he had been obsessed with for so many years.

Chapter 660

“Are you better?” he asked her lightly.

Even if it is not disgusting, it does not mean acceptance.

“I still feel dizzy and my throat feels uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because I drank some water…” She answered him weakly, and glanced at the coat in his hand again, her eyes were stained with a hint of water, “You want to Go out?”

“En!” Lewis Justin nodded.

“Are you anxious? But… can you accompany me to have a meal? Justin, we haven’t had a meal together for many, many years…” Allison Ava said, choking in her throat, water eyes there were tears in it, and a pitiful look.

Lewis Justin sighed and looked at Allison Ava, with a fierce look in his eyes, “Ava, you hate Dixon Lily?”

Allison Ava’s eyes flashed slightly, and the color of guilty conscience flashed across her eyes, but she quickly covered it, and turned to his slightly reproachful gaze, “Justin, do you think I should like her??”

She choked and narrated her truest feelings, “Yes! Maybe in the eyes of others, I am happy to thank her, because she is the gun that you arranged to block the bullet for me! But she blocking the bullets for me? She still loves you for me, guards you for me, and even tells you… All of these, I hate all, and all are jealous! If I can, I would rather have a gun it’s me, as long as it can get me closer to you so that I can also love you like her…Justin, you shouldn’t treat me like this if you love me…”

After speaking, Allison Ava’s tears had already slipped, and her petite body was wrapped around Lewis Justin’s sturdy waist. Her pale lips had already fallen the kiss between Lewis Justin’s neck, “Justin, don’t go, okay? Stay with me for one day, just one day…”


For a long time, he agreed to stay with her for one day!

He still couldn’t resist her soft as water…

Dixon Lily was lying on the bed, and after taking the medicine, she was much better. At noon, Brook Mark even showed his hands in the kitchen, even though he was just cooking porridge with preserved eggs and thin meat.

The two people sat in the dining room and talked boringly. Compared with the embarrassment at the beginning, they are now much more comfortable.

“What are you going to do about this?”

“What’s the matter?” Dixon Lily raised her eyes and asked him.

“About us…”

“It’s all right!” Dixon Lily stopped him hurriedly, “Look! I can’t think of a good way, for the time being, I can only take one step and count one step!”

Brook Mark shrugged, and said no more, “Have you canceled the agreement with Lewis?”

“En!” She ate the porridge in a bowl with her head.

She was relieved, but she had no idea what to do. It was too difficult to get close to that man’s life, not to mention that his defense was so heavy that she seemed to be twisted by a dozen big chains.

“Have you found a place to stay?” If he remembers correctly, her slum house has long been given back by Lewis?

“No…” Dixon Lily shook her head, took another sip of the porridge in the bowl, and had to admit that although this guy is not good, his craftsmanship is not bad.

Brook Mark paused slightly with his porridge scooping hand, and his phoenix eyes narrowed and stared at her, “Would you like to consider going to me first?”

“No!!” Dixon Lily refused without even thinking about it.

“Hey…” Brook Mark snorted, “How many “women” want to ask for these benefits can’t come.”

Dixon Lily smiled, swiftly, thinking of something again, her black eyes rolled, her head tilted to see the man next to her, “Will I die miserably if I live with you?”

Brook Mark lifted his lips and smiled evilly, his eyes teased, “desire-immortality-desire-death, is it miserable?”

“It’s terrible!!” Dixon Lily rolled her eyes, slurped him, and then turned around for a while, “Okay! Seeing that you are full of sincerity, Brook Mark, I decided to wronged myself and go to your den for two days. And move out immediately after finding the house…”

Or, to be precise, leave after finding the traces of the crime.


When he accompanies Allison Ava to dinner at noon, Lewis Justin frequently wandered away. In the afternoon, he still seemed a little absent.

“Lewis Justin.” David went out and returned in the afternoon.

He glanced at Allison Ava on the side, his expression flickered for a second, lowered his head, and leaned close to Lewis Justin’s ears, “Miss Dixon Lily and Brook Mark moved out of the castle together.”

Together with Mark?

Lewis Justin’s eyes narrowed slightly, a dangerous aura flowing in his eyes.

“Justin, what’s the matter?” Allison Ava noticed his strange expression, leaned in, and asked him worriedly.

“It’s okay…” Lewis Justin’s tone was still faint, unable to detect any extra emotions, and then looked at David who was beside him, “I see, you go down first!”


After David left, Lewis Justin remained silent for a long time without speaking.

Allison Ava felt the cold breath around her, and just about to say something, the man beside her suddenly stood up, “Sorry, I’ll make a call first…”

“Okay…” Allison Ava nodded gently.

Lewis Justin turned around and went upstairs without looking back, leaving Allison Ava sitting alone in the huge living room.

Looking at the indifferent figure, Allison Ava felt for the first time that no matter how strong things were, they couldn’t stand the weathering of time…

Brook Mark was no exception to the call from Lewis Justin.

“Where is Dixon Lily?”

“With me.” Brook Mark’s answer made no secret.

Dixon Lily, who was busy packing up her luggage, froze for a second.

“Mark, are you not afraid of playing with fire and burning yourself to death?” On the other end, Lewis Justin’s voice fell into his bones.

Brook Mark buried himself on the sofa in his spare time, “I’m looking forward to it…”

“Haha!” Lewis Justin sneered and reminded him, “Mark, if you are here for real, your one leg would have been submerged in the grave, so bring her along!”

Just the same, he is the same as Ava!

People like them are never destined to get love!

“If I’m here for real, I would not walk the same way as you!” Brook Mark said lightly, tilted his head, glanced at the petite figure aside, his heart throbbed for a second, and then suddenly said, “Lewis, don’t blame me being a brother, I didn’t remind you, don’t take your only leg into the grave!”

After Brook Mark said it all meaningfully, he hung up the phone.

Dixon Lily tilted her head to look at him, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s okay!” Brook Mark shook his head, “Hurry up and pack your things! Tossing with you for a day today, I’m almost exhausted! I’ll go to sleep first…”

“But I’m not sleepy yet.”

Brook Mark turned back and looked at her with a smirk, “Do you want this young master to accompany you to do ecstatic exercises?”


This guy is nothing short of a hooligan!

“Is there a study room? It’s okay to let me spend some time.”

“OK!” Brook Mark nodded and walked to his study with Dixon Lily.

“Wow…” Dixon Lily stared at the incredible scene in shock as soon as she entered the study.

Today, Dixon Lily understood what a “study” was. The four walls in front of her were not only books, but also books, so Dixon Lily couldn’t handle it.

For an instant, Dixon Lily had a feeling of admiration for the man in front of her.

“Which book you want to read, pick it yourself!”

“Oh, good!” Dixon Lily nodded, then glanced at the Apple computer on the desk, “Can this work?”

“Use the one next to it!” Brook Mark compared the surrounding notebooks.

“Okay!” Dixon Lily nodded, “Go to sleep when you are sleepy! By the way…Thank you today.”

Brook Mark smiled evilly, “Remember to repay me!”


When Brook Mark left, Dixon Lily swam away by the bookshelf intentionally or unintentionally. The little hand turned a few pages from time to time, but her eyes were inadvertently looking at the layout of the entire room, and finally settled on the Apple computer on the desk.

Intuition told her that there must be something hidden in it.

Lifting her eyes, she quickly caught the monitor above her head. She was fortunate that the monitor was rotating its head and swept back every ten seconds.

Pull down the desk lamp and all wall lamps on the desk, leaving only a slightly dim light on the bookshelf. Every time the monitor has moved away, quickly turn on the host and plugin a very small and very long data cable. Take it directly to her cell phone.

Because the data cable is very small and under dim light, it cannot be captured on the monitor. In addition, the main computer is placed under the desk, and the monitor is turned off, so that the monitor seeing nothing strange in the study, only Dixon Lily leaned on the bookshelf, holding a very thick book in her hands, and gnawing earnestly with her head buried in her hands.

There is her mobile phone on the book, or not so much a mobile phone, as a handheld computer.

As soon as she entered, she was blocked by the password.

This password program is not the usual Apple system password but is completed through complex programming.

For the hacker decoding subject, Dixon Lily graduated with the best grades, so for her, hacking someone else’s computer is almost a breeze, but Brook Mark’s computer is an exception!

She met the same hacker expert, and almost all the decoding was flawless, making her unable to start within ten minutes.

Finally, half an hour later, with a beep, the small screen showed ‘right’!


Dixon Lily suppressed the ecstasy in her heart and quickly sneaked into the folder file. The first thing that jumped into her eyes was a series of passwords called ‘Confidential Document-Tibetan Pavilion’.

It took about 10 minutes for Dixon Lily to unlock the password. The folder was full of video files, so she clicked on one easily. The next moment, she was silly.

In the next second, accompanied by a moan-groan of “Ah.


The little hand holding the phone trembles, and the next moment, she hurriedly shut down the A-V video.

At that moment, Dixon Lily completely understood why it should be called ‘Tibetan Pavilion’!!!

Sure enough, Brook Mark is a big monster.

Just now, the scene of male and female excitement-love-flesh-fighting made her blush hot, but now she has no spare time to organize these things, and hastily changed a folder, which took longer. When she opened it at the time, looking at the row after row of documents in front of her, Dixon Lily took a deep breath…


In the next instant, when she clicked it, she saw a string of dense transaction data, which was so huge that she could hardly believe it.

Dixon Lily came over and just wanted to copy it, but suddenly heard a series of footsteps on the promenade, from far to near.

Heart suddenly startled.

She raised her eyes and glanced at the monitor on the top of her head. It was too late to copy. The next moment, the cat’s waist quickly unplugged the data cable and turned off the host in a thunderous manner.

The moment the study door opened…

The main unit is completely silenced and completely shut down.

Dixon Lily’s tight heart suddenly relaxed, and she exhaled slightly without a trace.

“Girl, it’s late, it’s time to go to bed!” Brook Mark didn’t seem to notice too much anomaly. He just glanced at the quiet desktop, then turned to look at her, kindly reminding her.

“Okay!” Dixon Lily slackened and walked out with a tired look, “I seem to be sleepy.”

To prevent the man in front of her from having doubts about herself, she will not stay in this study tonight. Anyway, the documents have been found, and it only takes a little time to copy them next time.

When she went to work the next day, the crew had already notified Dixon Lily that because her public image did not match the image of the heroine of the original drama as ‘truth, goodness, and beauty, the crew temporarily decided to change the heroine and directly let Brown Emily, who originally played the second actress, directly take the post. Acted as the female one, and she was suspended.

Brook Mark didn’t say a few good words for her either, everything was arranged according to the crew. Dixon Lily knew that he probably wanted to help her escape from this tormenting entertainment circle, but how she who had already entered could escape so easily.

“Yo, isn’t this our female number one?”

Dixon Lily was busy packing her things in the dressing room, and suddenly she heard a sarcasm behind her.

She doesn’t need to look to know who it is!

Besides Brown Emily, who else can there be?

“Dixon Lily, you are terrible now! Those are all big headlines, big stars! What, this is a good-looking photo!” Brown Emily twisted her waist and approached her.

Dixon Lily gave her a cold look, “Brown Emily, your methods are mean!!”

“Dixon Lily, what are you talking about?” Brown Emily’s sullenness was hidden in her eyes, as if she was still a little flustered, “I can tell you, I can sue you for libel now!!”

Sue her for libel? Did she just say something? Do not confess!!!

“Brown Emily, you don’t need to jump over the wall in a hurry, there are no silver three hundred taels here! I tell you, you’d better pray that this matter will not reveal any flaws, or else the two of us will have to go to court!!! At that time, the defendant didn’t know who it was you or me! Humph!!” Dixon Lily is not a target for slaughter, but now she has not found any clues, or she has no time to sort out these little things…

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