The Warmest Romance Chapter 1373 -1374

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Chapter 1373

The meaning of his words to let others avoid suspicion is very obvious, and song yun’an naturally hears it. She frowns and is about to make a theory. At this time, Ruan Shishi has already said, “it’s not necessary. Now we are not strangers. Let’s just say what we have to say.”

Yu Yimo frowned slightly and stared at her without answering.

At this time, Su Ling smiles with eyes. She steps forward and says to song yun’an, “Miss Song, why don’t you go there with me? I feel that our eyes are quite similar. “

Said, she is showing off the general to song yun’an Yang Yang hand that exquisite handbag.

Song yun’an rolled her eyes and was about to refuse. Unexpectedly, Su Ling took the initiative to step forward, took her arm and walked to the side.

Song yun’an was surprised and said, “what are you doing?”

“Let’s go for a stroll. Maybe we’ll find something more beautiful!”

Su Ling said, can’t help but pull her away, although song yun’an full of reluctantly, but her arm was Su Ling pull, her strength is not small, can’t throw away, the whole person can only be dragged away by her.

Ruan Shishi took a look at their back, frowned, looked back at Yu Yimo, and looked a little serious. “What’s the matter?”

Yu Yimo gently picks his brow, “why don’t you answer the phone?”

Ruan Shishi made a gamble in his heart and choked on it without thinking about it. “Why should I take it? Do I know you well? “

In an instant, Yu Yimo’s face sank a little. He simply stopped saying so much and said, “I just want to ask you, are you really planning to hold a wedding with song yean in Jiangzhou?”

Ruan Shishi was a little surprised. She didn’t expect that he could know her own affairs clearly. Suddenly, she was uneasy, “how do you know?”

Yu Yimo didn’t answer, but continued, “you are preparing for the wedding when you choose jewelry.”

What he said was not a question, but a statement.

Ruan Shishi breathes deeply and doesn’t speak. She implicitly acquiesces to this fact, and she doesn’t have to hide it from Yu Yimo. After all, the new life she wants to start from now on has nothing to do with him.

She paused and said, “so what.”

“Do you really think about it?” Yu Yimo’s tone suddenly became serious. “You know, Jiangzhou city is not a foreign city. Once you make it public, you will have to bear all the consequences if you make any mistakes from now on.”

Ruan Shishi’s face was cold and his eyes looked at him straight, “what do you mean? What’s going to happen? Yu Yimo, what are you going to do? “

Yu Yimo kept his face unchanged and said, “I’m not going to do anything, but can you guarantee that you will go on with song yean from now on? Once you disclose your relationship with him in Jiangzhou City, it means that you have cut off all the back roads, your family, your family, and all your networks of relationships… “

Yu Yimo frowned, his voice faltered, and swallowed the words that came to his mouth.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and said in a cold voice, “go on.”

Yu Yimo’s eyes flashed slightly and gave her a deep look. “In a word, I advise you to be careful.”

This is like a sharp stab straight into the heart of Ruan’s poetry, a strong uneasiness arises from the bottom of her heart, and makes her body tremble unconsciously.

Chapter 1374

I don’t know why. After hearing what he said, she felt chilly all over. It seemed that she would be cut off all the way back and be helpless as he said

But these five or six years of company, enough to show that song yean is a reliable candidate, he is considerate and appropriate, it is reassuring.

She thought for a moment, raised her eyes, looked straight at Yu Yimo, and asked in a low voice, “do you know anything?”

Yu Yimo shakes his head. “I don’t think song yean is a reliable person. You trust him completely. Aren’t you afraid of what will disappoint you later?”

Ruan Shishi’s heart was pounding, and she felt more and more uneasy. On the surface, she still pretended to be calm, shook her head, and said firmly, “he is reliable. For me, he is more reliable than you.”

Leaving this sentence, she hardly dared to look into Yu Yimo’s eyes, and immediately turned away.

As she walked out of the jewelry store, Yu Yimo’s words echoed in her mind, which made her feel more and more afraid.

Is it really the right choice to agree to hold a make-up wedding with song yean in Jiangzhou this time?

Ruan Shishi walked forward mechanically, and asked herself this question in her heart. After thinking about it, she had no answer.

Unconsciously, she went to the rest area of the shopping mall, where there were several sofas. When she went there, she sat down in a trance and realized that she had left song yun’an behind.

She quickly took out her mobile phone and was about to call her when she heard a familiar call from behind her, “Shishi, why are you here? I’ve been looking for you for a long time! “

As soon as she turned her head, she saw song yun’an coming towards her with a wrinkled face. She took a deep breath, tried to calm her mood, and said in a soft voice, “I didn’t find you just now, so I came out to have a look…”

As she said that, her eyes stayed on the handbag song yun’an was carrying. It was the brand jewelry store they were visiting just now.

Ruan Shishi asked softly, “did you buy jewelry?”

After she said that, song yun’an suddenly responded. He quickly raised his handbag, looked at it and said, “no, where do you guess it came from? Didn’t that suling pull me away just now? I didn’t expect that she gave this to me in the end. She said that it was Yu Yimo’s wedding gift and I didn’t want it. But she said that it was Yu Yimo’s intention. Let me give it to you. If you don’t accept it, just throw it away. Do you think it’s too wonderful? “

Hearing the words, Ruan Shishi’s eyes fell on the handbag. His heart was like a big stone. He was so dull that he couldn’t breathe for some reason.

Seeing that she didn’t speak, song yun’an asked again, “how to deal with this?”

Ruan Shishi stopped for a few seconds and said softly, “take it. I’ll give it to him.”

Song yun’an nodded and agreed, “yes, we don’t touch his light!”

With that, song yun’an’s face turned from overcast to sunny. He took Ruan Shishi and said, “OK! Let’s go over there again! I heard that there just opened a brand store, and there are a lot of new products! “

Ruan Shishi nodded obediently, but she didn’t have any interest in shopping in her heart. Her mind was always wandering with the words Yu Yimo said to her, and her heart became more and more uneasy.

Back to Xiqiao garden, Ruan Shishi was tired and tired, but Miss Liu saw her coming back and quickly took her to one side, mysterious.

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