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Chapter 1124

last room of the Hanoi family.

At this time, Hanoi Chuan was sitting in it with his little concubine Yushuihuan. Although he was old, his body function was not as good as before, but there was a girl with delicate skin and tender flesh lying on the bed. Just watching, she was very comfortable. .


Just as Hanoi Chuan finished appreciating and preparing to start, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open.

Immediately afterwards, there was the voice of the guard at the door, “Liugu leader, the patriarch is doing something inside, you can’t break in!”

Before he finished speaking, Hanoi Liugu went straight into the living room.

“Patriarch, I have something important to report to you.” Hanoi Liugu glanced around, just to see the naked Hanoi Chuan sitting on the bed, and beside the bed, there was a young and beautiful girl panicking. wearing clothes.

Liu Gu in Hanoi knew that this girl was brought back to the family to honor the patriarch before today, so that when so many things happened, she could keep her position as the leader of the killer group.

Seeing this scene, Hanoi Liugu quickly lowered his head, but still spoke.

“Is there something I can’t wait outside and have to break in like this?!” Hanoi Chuan was a little unhappy, and was suddenly interrupted when he was going, that is, it was Hanoi ravine. If you change to someone else, Will be kicked out of the family immediately.

“The matter is urgent, so I can’t wait anymore.” Hanoi Liugu didn’t care about the girl. After Hanoi Chuan put on his pants, he hurriedly approached the room.

“Let’s talk about it, what’s the matter.” The girl hadn’t put on her clothes yet, and a touch of snow on her chest was exposed to the air. Hanoi Chuan had no scruples, so she took her little tender hand and asked in a low voice.

“Futabasuke just came to our family and said that Sheldon had a good relationship with the Yamashita family, and even the Yamashita family sent a dozen people to guard and protect near their manor.” Hanoi Liugu swallowed and said quickly.

“Which Yamashita family?” Hanoi Chuan didn’t even think about that.

In the entire Wa Kingdom, there were families of all sizes called Shanxia, ​​there were not one hundred and fifty. He didn’t even know which one he was referring to, and these families weren’t a threat to him at all.

The big deal, just solve it together.

“Of course it’s the Yamashita family. If it’s other people, I won’t notify me at all. Patriarch, you know who I am.” After spending so many years under Hanoi Chuan, Hanoi Liu Gu also knows what he is thinking. So when he heard him talking, he quickly explained.

“You go out first!”

Hearing Hanoi Liugu’s words, Hanoi Chuan immediately became vigilant.

He let go, patted the girl on the back, and whispered.

The girl put on her coat, hurried out, and closed the door of the room tightly.

“What the hell is going on!” Hanoi Chuan’s expression pulled down instantly, he got up with a sullen face, walked twice in the room, lit a cigarette, took two puffs, and asked.

“I don’t know the specifics. Nibasuke just arrived and told me that I told him to rest in the guest room.” Hanoi Liu Gu shook his head. He knew only a few words. “Yes. Yes, I have seen that there is no one who is wrong outside.”

“Let him come to see me in the living room.” Hanoi Chuan squeezed out the cigarette butt he had just smoked and said quickly.

Twenty minutes later.

Hanoi Chuan is already sitting on the bamboo chair in the living room.

And Erbasuke hurried over under the leadership of Hanoi Liugu.

Before entering, when Eryesuke looked up and saw Hanoi River, he directly said loudly, “Hanoi Patriarch, as long as you can help me kill Sheldon, I’m willing to let go of half of the benefits that I said beforehand.”

“Don’t worry, let me know the situation slowly.” Hanoi Chuan pressed his temples, and he felt a little headache. Since Saburo was asked to kill Feixu, he began to have frequent problems.

Especially this Sheldon, no matter what method they use, there is no chance to get rid of it.

“That’s it. Our family held a family meeting tonight. This Sheldon called in the Yamashita family in front of everyone, and those people were standing guard outside the manor. They seemed to respect Sheldon very much. !”

Thinking of the humiliation suffered by the family, Erbasuke’s face instantly blushed. He had only one thought in his heart, that is, to kill Sheldon at all costs, even if he left himself with nothing.

“Is sure it is from the Yamashita family, not the one he hired, and deliberately lied to you?” Although Hanoichuan was a little shocked, he still maintained his sanity. He felt that Sheldon did not seem to be able to contact the Yamashita family.

“I had this suspicion at the time, but they directly showed their ID card, which clearly stated that they belonged to the Yamashita family, and this was not fake.” Futabasuke continued.

“It’s really weird. I’ve never seen the Yamashita family have any contact with anyone. Why are they so close to Sheldon now? This Sheldon should be from Huaxia?” Hanoi Chuan couldn’t figure it out at all. In his opinion, this is simply impossible.

And even though Futabasuke said so, he still doesn’t believe it.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but this is indeed what I saw. The people from the mountain family are still standing outside the manor. If the patriarch doesn’t believe it, they can send someone to investigate.”

“Or I went to contact the other people in our family. They were all on the spot and saw them all.” Eryesuke clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

“Patriarch, I told you at the beginning that when I was chasing Sheldon and Erye Feixu, an old man of the Yamashita family let them go. I feel that this matter is not necessarily false. This Sheldon, it is true. Maybe it has something to do with the Yamashita family.” As

soon as Futabasuke finished speaking, Hanoi Liugu put it in Hanoi Chuan’s ear and said.

“You should stay with us for a few days and take a break. If what you say is true, I can guarantee that I will help you get rid of Sheldon. As for the benefits…” Hanoi Chuan pondered for a while. Said, twirling his fingers.

“Half, I only need half of what I promised in advance!” Futabasuke said quickly.

“Then it’s settled, you go to rest first, I will start investigating this matter immediately!” Hanoi Chuan agreed.

The original plan to cooperate with Eryesuke was to take advantage of the current decline of the Erye family to swallow them all, and then give Eryesuke some benefits, but now it seems that as long as this Sheldon is solved, they will almost be able to The entire Erye family swallowed it all at once, not even the scum left.

This is what Hanoi Liugu has always wanted to do.

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