The Warmest Romance Chapter 1375 -1376

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Chapter 1375

Seeing that Ms. Liu had something to say, Ruan Shishi asked directly, “Mom, what’s the matter with you?”

Ms. Liu hesitated for a moment and said softly, “in fact, it’s nothing, just…”

In the middle of what she said, she suddenly stopped.

Ruan Shishi frowned and said in a soft voice, “Mom, just say what you have to say.”

“Your father and I have a ticket for our trip to Europe. We have less than a week to go. But your father and I have discussed that we should go after your wedding. I’m afraid that time will rush and it won’t be too late.”

Ruan Shi asked, “has the air ticket been scheduled?”

Ms. Liu nodded, “at that time, after your father went to cash the prize, there probably determined our travel time, so we reserved the air ticket. We didn’t expect that you would have a wedding at that time, so…”

The rest, even if Ms. Liu doesn’t say it, Ruan Shishi knows it in her heart. If she said it before today, she thinks it’s nothing. But today, after meeting Yu Yimo in the shopping mall, her heart to hold a make-up wedding with song yean suddenly wavered.

Ruan took a deep breath and remained silent.

Looking at her worried appearance, Ms. Liu guessed that there was something in her heart and gently asked, “is it because the date is not right? But the wedding between you and song’s son-in-law is fast. What we originally said is these days! “

Ruan Shishi frowned and subconsciously blurted out, “but now I suddenly have some hesitation.”

Ms. Liu is more confused, “hesitation what? You two are fine now. It’s better to do this as soon as possible! “

“Mom, you don’t know.” Ruan Shishi said earnestly, “I suddenly think it’s better not to hold this wedding so early…”

Ms. Liu quickly lowered her voice and said, “don’t talk nonsense. How sad song’s son-in-law should be to hear him! It’s not that you don’t know these two days. He’s busy doing everything to make up for the wedding

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath and didn’t say anything. Things in his mind became more chaotic.

At the same time, at the corner of the stairway, there was a man standing straight.

Song yean is close to the wall, straight as a sculpture. He has been standing there for a while, and he naturally heard what Ms. Liu and Ruan Shishi said just now.

His face became colder and colder, holding several wedding site plans in his hand, which had been pinched and wrinkled unconsciously. His face was cold, and there was a flash of cold light at the bottom of his eyes. After a moment’s stay, he turned silently, stepped upstairs and returned to his study.

After closing the door of the study, he picked up his mobile phone without hesitation and dialed a number. Soon, there came the voice of Xiao Si, “Hello, Mr. Song.”

“Xiao Si, where did Ruan Shishi and an an go shopping today? Who have you met? “

“OK, I’ll do it now.”

When the phone hung up, he held the mobile phone tightly in his hand and stared out of the window without focusing.

After a while, the mobile phone in his hand suddenly flashed and vibrated. He paused and pressed the answer button, and the voice of Xiao Si came from there. “It has been found out. Today, they went shopping and met Yu Yimo and Su Ling in a jewelry store. Su Ling is the female star who has been with him for several years, and now he has left the circle…”

Chapter 1376

After hearing the word “Yu Yimo”, song yean couldn’t hear any more words. He clenched his mobile phone, his knuckles were slightly white, his eyes were heavy and cold, and he didn’t get angry at all.

It turns out that today Ruan Shishi met Yu Yimo. No wonder she suddenly changed her mind

Song yean clenched his teeth, angry in the chest Sheng Teng, he hesitated, listening to the report of the fourth over there, irritable, immediately hang up the mobile phone, threw aside.

No, he can’t wait to die like this!

At this time, a burst of children’s laughter came from outside the door. He frowned, his mind flashed, and his heart had a way.

Ruan Shishi’s depression lasted until before dinner. Fortunately, a few children ran to play football in the yard noisily. When she looked at them, her discomfort was relieved unconsciously.

At this time, Ms. Liu appeared at the door and called to her, “Shishi, come and have a look at my cake.”

Ruan Shishi answered, got up from the small chair at the door, turned around and entered the room. Before she entered the kitchen, she smelled a light sweet smell of cream. She went in and said with a smile, “Mom, when did you learn to bake?”

Liu said with a smile, “since the students.”

After a while, she was helping Ms. Liu with the cream. Unexpectedly, there was a confused sound of footsteps outside the kitchen. Sensen and Sasha ran in.

Ruan Shishi was about to give them a taste of the cake she had just made. As soon as she turned her head, she saw that both of them were panic faced, with tears in their eyes. She called pitifully, “Mom…”

Ruan Shishi’s heart “clattered” for a moment, and he quickly asked, “what’s the matter?”

“Brother Ziji, he He’s running out. He’s gone! “


Ruan Shishi was so surprised that she didn’t even have time to take off her gloves. She ran out and ran to the gate. She saw that the yard was empty. Besides the football on the lawn, she looked around. Where was Ziji?

Ruan Shishi asked the two panicked little guys beside him, “where is Ziji? Do you see that? “

“No, he disappeared as soon as I turned my head…”

Sasha choked with fright and tears in her eyes. “I saw the gate was open, only my brother ran away…”

Ruan Shishi ran to the door. Sure enough, there was a small crack in the door. She ran out and looked left and right. She couldn’t see half a figure in the distance!

“Are you sure you read it right?”


Sensen and Sasha shake their heads at the same time.

Ruan Shishi’s heart suddenly pulled up and opened his mouth. He felt that his throat was dry, but he couldn’t make a sound.

At this time, Ms. Liu also ran over and asked in a panic, “what’s the matter? What’s the matter? “

Ruan Shishi’s nose was sour, but he didn’t know how to talk about it. He knew she should have been there for a long time. No one thought that Ziji would disappear after she had left for only ten minutes.

Does he think this family is not good? So you ran away on purpose?

Ruan Shishi’s brain roared, but there was no way. Seeing that the sky was dark, it was hard to find even if he ran out at this time.

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