The Warmest Romance Chapter 1377 -1378

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Chapter 1377

At this time, there was a sound of footwork behind him. Song yean’s voice said, “what’s the matter? One by one, they’re standing outside. “

Ruan Shishi immediately turned his head and looked at Song yean. His voice choked and said, “ziji is gone…”

“What?” Song yean frowned, stepped forward and asked, “what’s the matter? How come the good ones are gone? “

Ruan Shishi was a little flustered, tears could not help falling, “I don’t know, I just left ten minutes, Sensen and Shasha ran into the house and told me that Ziji was missing, I ran out to see, there was nothing outside, this day the horse was dark, if anything happened to him…”

“Don’t worry!” Song yean stepped forward, raised her hand and gently wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes. Then she rationally turned her head and looked at the same worried lady Liu, “Mom, you take Sensen Shasha back to her room first, don’t worry.”

Ms. Liu immediately nodded, pulling two red eyes into the room.

Song yean immediately turned around, looked at Ruan Shishi again, and said in a low voice, “don’t worry, I’ll go out to find him. He’s a child, and he won’t be far away. Besides, there’s monitoring on the side of Xiqiao garden. I’ll ask the security guard to cooperate with the investigation. You can stay at home and wait. Maybe he’ll come back by himself later. We’ll keep in touch at any time.”

Ruan Shishi nodded. At this moment, song yean said these are the most rational ways.

She watched song yean run out. She didn’t go back to her room until she couldn’t see his back. But she was on pins and needles, and she felt uneasy.

She hasn’t arranged for Ziji and Wuen to meet. Unexpectedly, such an accident happened. Thinking about it, the guilt in her heart adds a little more.

She told Ms. Liu and Professor Ruan to take sensenshasha back to her room for dinner, and then she sat on the sofa and waited. At this time, every minute and every second seemed to be prolonged, and it was extremely difficult.

She watched the minute hand finish the circle, but the door was still very quiet, without any footsteps or other sounds.

She took a deep breath, stood up and paced back and forth in the door, her heart hanging in her throat, worried all the time.

I don’t know how long after that, she only felt that her heels were sour, and the sky was dark, like an opaque curtain covering the whole world.

Suddenly, a sound came, and Ruan Shishi immediately put up her ears and focused on the gate. At this moment, a tall figure appeared in her sight. As soon as she was tight, she ran over.

See song ye’an embrace comatose Zi Ji in the arms, face blue a piece, the corner of the mouth is still oozing blood, quickly walked over.

Ruan Shishi was shocked and trembled. He came forward and asked, “this What’s going on? “

“Let’s talk about it first.”

Song yean gasps and strides into the room. Ruan Shishi suddenly finds that his trousers are still scratched in several places, and a little bit of blood is seeping out.

After entering the living room, song yean put the comatose Ziji on the sofa without saying a word. His leg bent, and he seemed to touch the wound. He immediately frowned and gasped.

Ruan Shishi immediately took the medicine box from the side and hurriedly brought it to him to deal with the wound.

Looking at his bloody pants, Ruan Shishi frowned and said, “don’t move, I’ll stop bleeding for you first.”

Chapter 1378

Song yean sat on the sofa next to him, hesitated for a moment, but he still didn’t move.

Ruan Shishi directly cut open his broken trousers. When he saw the wound on her leg, he suddenly widened his eyes and contracted his pupils It’s a knife wound! “

Song yean seemed to endure the pain and nodded gently, “yes.”

“What happened?”

Ruan Shishi asked while he was treating the wound. His voice was shaking.

Song Ye settled down and said in a low voice, “I went out to look for a circle and went to the door to ask the security guard. The security guard said that he saw a man pulling a little boy away. As soon as I heard that something was wrong, I immediately chased him. I didn’t expect that I really caught up with him! There were several of them. When I caught up with him, the man was ready to get on the bus with Ziji in his arms. At that time, I rushed over without much thought. Unexpectedly, they had knives… “

Song Ye settled down and even gave her a relieved smile on her face, “but fortunately Ziji is OK…”

Smell speech, Ruan poetry tears like a broken line of beads in general, “Pa Pa Pa” down, the heart is full of sour.

She could not imagine how dangerous it was when he went up to fight with those people alone, and how much risk he took to save Ziji.

She shivered and wrapped his wound with gauze. Then she looked at him with red eyes and asked, “didn’t you like Ziji at the beginning? Why are you willing to go out for him now… “

Song yean hooked his lips, his voice suddenly softened a lot, “because there is a saying called love the house and love the dog.”

This sentence, like a blow, gently fell in her heart, let her inexplicable moved.

I didn’t expect that song yean would do so much for her, but she wavered the chance to hold a make-up wedding because of Yu Yimo’s words. She shouldn’t, really shouldn’t!

“Shishi, don’t worry. Ziji should have been drugged by them. When he sleeps, he should wake up after the medicine is over.”

There was a man’s voice in her ear. Ruan Shishi nodded and lowered her eyebrows. Her thoughts were complicated.

Yu Yimo stood up from the sofa, went to Ziji and bent down to pick him up. “I’ll take him back to the room.”

Ruan Shishi looked up at him and couldn’t say a word. He just followed him silently and watched him send Ziji to the bed in his bedroom.

Then, they quietly back out of the room, song yean turned and gently closed the door.

Looking at his back, Ruan Shishi was moved. She couldn’t help taking a small step forward and gently hugging him from behind. “Thank you, good night.”

The next second, she moved her lips and whispered, “let’s have the wedding before next week.”

Song yean smell speech, the body a meal, then slightly side head, with a smile mouth asked, “how suddenly so anxious?”

Ruan Shishi sniffed, “finish it early, be at ease early, and my parents are going to travel soon.”

Song yean’s lips slightly rose, gently covered her hand on the back of his hand, whispered, “you’re right, finish early, and be at ease early.”

There are some things that he can’t wait any longer. He knows that Yu Yimo is coveting Ruan Shishi all the time. He must announce Ruan Shishi to the whole Jiangzhou city as soon as possible. Only in this way can he be at ease!

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