The Warmest Romance Chapter 1381 -1382

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Chapter 1381

Xiaomeng looks at Ruan’s poem with a worried face, but it is said that he is silent and indifferent, which makes people unable to see his emotion.

Without waiting for Ruan Shishi to speak, song yun’an was angry and had taken the lead in saying, “our business has nothing to do with you!”

For her words, Yu Yimo was indifferent. He looked at Ruan Shishi, moved his lips and said, “Ruan Shishi, I have already reminded you.”

Once she chooses to hold a make-up wedding, she has no way out in case of any accident.

Now, it’s not surprising.

Before he warned her, it was just a metaphor for his own worries in his heart. I didn’t expect that the prediction would come true so soon and the speed of light would come true.

Ruan Shishi’s eyes suddenly became cold. She looked at Yu Yimo, moved her lips, tightened her throat, and finally asked, “do you know that this will happen long ago? Are you the leader or the participant?”

Her voice is very light. As soon as she falls, it becomes quiet all around. Even song yun’an looks at Yu Yimo in astonishment.

Is this related to Yu Yimo?

Yu Yimo said quietly, “if it’s me, why do I appear at this time? “Into the net?”

After hearing what he said, all of a sudden, everyone reacted that Yu Yimo really didn’t need to do this. It’s not good for him to break the wedding ceremony and show provocation again if he is seen through.

But Ruan Shishi still looked at him with vigilance, “what are you doing?”

“The love overflows, is willing to help others.” Yu Yimo raised his eyebrows slightly and then said, “don’t you want to find out who is behind the ghost?”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, stopped for a while, then looked up at him, “why should I believe you?”

Yu Yimo rationally analyzed the pros and cons for her, “you can’t believe it, but believe me, try to check it, it’s not bad for you. After all, once this incident happens, the outside world’s opinions are also very bad for you.”

Ruan Shishi’s lips were tight, his eyes were straight at him, and he was silent.

She is in a very clear mood. Once what happened today is publicized, her reputation will be ruined, because everyone is eating melons, and everyone will not care about the truth.

What’s more terrible is that she not only destroyed her reputation, but also the Song family and Professor Ruan Liu accompanied her to shame.

It doesn’t make sense to find out who did it, because the photos released are real, there is no fake, there is no PS.

Seeing that she hasn’t spoken for a long time, song yun’an beside her can’t bear it any more. She quickly reaches out her hand to hold Ruan Shishi’s arm, shakes it, and says in a low voice, “poetry, please say something. I think we should check it.”

At this time, two people came from the rear. Song yean walked in front of them, followed by a man. They both had cold expressions. Song yean looked straight at them, slowed down and stood not far away to look at them.

Ruan Shishi’s heart slightly tightens when she looks at him. The feeling of guilt at the bottom of her heart suddenly comes. She takes a deep breath, takes back her eyes, turns to Yu Yimo, and says faintly, “no, I’m not going to check this.”

Even if it is found out, the speech that has gone bad is like the water that has been spilled out.

Smell speech, Yu Yimo brow slightly twist up, eyes motionless stare at her, as if to see through her general, but Ruan Shishi turned away from his eyes, turn to the other side.

Chapter 1382

On one side, song yun’an was also surprised and asked, “poetry, why? Why don’t you check? “

Ruan Shishi raised a bitter smile, “what’s the use of finding out? Even if I clarify that I and the people in the photo are just friends, do you believe it, do others believe it? We are all keen on watching the fun, talking about right and wrong, exaggerating our imagination, reversing black and white, and entertaining life, aren’t we

Her words immediately blocked song yun’an from speaking.

Yu Yimo naturally also heard it. He frowned slightly and his face was slightly heavy. After two seconds, he told Xiaomeng in a cold voice, “go.”

Xiaomeng hesitated. He looked at Ruan’s poems and then at him, “General Yu…”

Yu Yimo’s face was deep and his tone was firm. “Go back.”

Xiao Meng has to swallow the words that come to his mouth and push Yu Yimo away.

Listening to the sound of their leaving farther and farther away, Ruan Shishi’s tight body relaxed. She took a deep breath. When she turned her head, she found that song yean had come with her men.

After reading Ruan Shishi, he didn’t ask a word about Yu Yimo’s appearance. Instead, he said in a low voice, “Du Yue has sent his parents and sensensenshasha back to Xiqiao garden. My parents left first.”

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi was silent.

Now, she can clearly remember the expression of song’s father and mother at that time. Their faces were very blue, and they had to endure their emotions. I’m afraid they would have tolerated her to the extreme. If it wasn’t for the fact that she and song ye’an had been married for several years, and she was song yun’an’s good friend, they would have investigated this matter to the end from the beginning.

Ruan Shishi clenched her hands and asked hesitantly, “what did your parents say?”

This event is equivalent to the two song Ruan families together to wipe the dust, even if the song father and Song Mother No matter how tolerant, will not mention a word.

Song yean hesitated for a moment and said softly, “nothing, that is to say, we can solve our own problems. I’ve already thought about it. After this time, we’ll have dinner together and make it clear with our parents.”

Ruan Shishi, moved by the speech, agreed, “good.”

Now, it’s obvious that song yean carried all the pressure on his own.

She couldn’t help him at the moment except to write down the feelings that she owed him in the bottom of her heart.

Ruan Shishi sniffed. Before he could say thank you, he heard song yean say, “well, it’s late. Let’s go back first.”

She hesitated and whispered, “OK.”

Let’s make it clear to him after we go back.

At the same time, at the gate of the wedding scene, a black car slowly drove out from the exit of the underground parking lot. Yu Yimo sat on the car, and his ears echoed back and forth with Ruan Shishi’s words just now.

At the beginning, he just wanted to help her find out the person behind the scenes, but now after listening to her, he also felt that doing so did not seem to return her innocence.

Thinking about it, his mind was in a mess. He stretched out his hand, pulled the tie between his neck and looked out of the window.

Suddenly, a familiar car came into view. He calmed down and immediately told Xiao Meng, who was driving in the front row, “slow down.”

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