The Warmest Romance Chapter 1379 -1380

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Chapter 1379

Within three days, the joint wedding of Ruan Shishi and song Yunan was ready. The layout of the venue, the invitation of the staff, and all aspects of the preparation were completed. Everything was ready, but Dongfeng was in debt.

The news spread all over Jiangzhou city very quickly, and the business circle was discussing all over the place, which was very hot.

For a time, the brother and sister of the Song family in Jiangzhou were going to have a wedding together, which became a rare anecdote and gossip.

Although there were not many people invited to the two weddings, they were not small in total. Because the wedding was very popular, many people took the initiative to apply for participation, which was a great honor to the Song family.

On the fourth day, the wedding was on time. At more than five o’clock in the morning, Ruan Shishi and song Yunan were called out of bed and ready to dress up. Sensen and Sasha were also pulled to be flower boys.

After several hours of tossing, they rushed to the scene to wait, listening to the host speak according to the process, Ruan Shishi was very nervous.

It’s the first time for her to have such a powerful wedding. At the beginning, she and song yean only had an agreement to get a license, and naturally there was no ceremony. But now it’s different. She and song yean hold a make-up wedding in Jiangzhou, that is, to make their relationship public.

As the host’s voice fell, a burst of light and melodious music sounded, and everyone turned to look at the end of the red carpet.

Ruan Shishi’s palms were sweating, “An’an, I’m a little nervous…”

On one side, An’an was more abnormal than usual. She didn’t say a few words for half an hour. She looked more nervous than her.

She stammered, “I I’m also nervous, Shishi. This is my first marriage… “

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi couldn’t help laughing. She teased her so much that her tension was reduced.

At this time, Professor Ruan and song yun’an’s father are ready. They come to them and take them to the red carpet.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes are focused on them. Ruan Shishi and song Yunan are wearing two very similar but completely different wedding dresses, one long and one short. They have excellent long temperament, and the other short is smart and sweet. It’s really a feast for the eyes that the two beauties appear together.

At the end of the red carpet, song yean and Du Yue are standing there, looking forward to their brides slowly approaching.

Sensen and Sasha walk in front of them, one carrying a small basket, with small hands scattered petals.

At this moment, Ruan Shishi looked at the front, and his heart couldn’t help being moved.

At this time, her eyes swept, almost in an instant to capture a pair of black eyes.

Yu Yimo sat at the guest table and looked at her, as if he wanted to see through her. His eyes were calm and calm, as if they were not mixed with any emotion, but somehow made Ruan Shishi feel uncomfortable.

Unexpectedly, song yean invited Yu Yimo to the wedding. What’s more, she didn’t expect that he actually came to attend.

She will look back, trying to pretend calm, with her father, step steadily on the red carpet forward.

She and song yun’an walked slowly through two thirds of the red carpet, and they were about to walk in front of song ye’an and Du Yue. Suddenly, the LED screen in the rear flashed several times, and a picture appeared.

Chapter 1380

The eyes of the people at the scene were naturally attracted by the pictures on the screen. It was a photo, and the person in the photo was Ruan Shishi!

Ruan Shishi takes a close look and discovers that it was the time when she and Chen Jun went shopping. Chen Jun in the photo is wearing a necklace for her.

Suddenly, the wedding scene was in an uproar, and Ruan Shishi was even more silly. Her body was stiff and her blood was boiling.

No one expected that such a picture would pop up at this moment. At this moment, one of the heroines in the wedding is close to other men. Isn’t this a big green hat for the bridegroom in public?

“This What’s going on! “

“Isn’t that the bride in the picture? How to be with other men… “

“You see, there’s still time in the lower right corner of the picture! Not long ago… “

The discussion began everywhere, and suddenly, like a wave of sound, Ruan Shishi’s ears came, her brain roared, a blank.

What should we do? What should we do?

Just then, the picture on the screen slowly changes into another photo. The protagonists are Ruan Shishi and Chen Jun. they eat and go shopping together Like all the right couples

The scene is more noisy, and Professor Ruan and song yun’an are all silly, “what’s the matter?”

At the end of the red carpet, song yean’s face is so blue that people unplug the power supply of the screen. At the same time, he calls the host and field personnel to maintain order.

A good wedding, has not started, has become a full farce, chicken fly dog jump, people walk tea cool

Half an hour later, all the guests left one after another. Ruan Shishi sat in the car, like a sculpture, motionless and silent.

Song yun’an was very anxious. “Shi Shi, you have to say something. Don’t scare me…”

Seeing that she still didn’t respond, her eyes suddenly turned red, “poetry…”

Ruan Shishi’s eyelids moved slightly. Her nose was sour. She opened her arms and hugged her. Her tears fell down.

She didn’t expect that things would develop to this point. Although she was sure that there was nothing between her and Chen Jun, it would be controversial if such a picture was released. What’s more, if it was released on such an occasion, it would be even more unclear

Her voice choked, full of guilt, “everything was messed up by me…”

Because of her, her own wedding was messed up, not to mention, but also a drag on their good sisters, let her accompany themselves have become the laughing stock of the whole Jiangzhou.

That’s what she feels most guilty about.

“Ann, I’m sorry.”

Song yun’an couldn’t help but shed tears, “I don’t blame you, Shishi. I don’t blame you for this…”

I don’t know how long it took for the emotion between the two to calm down.

At this time, a voice came from outside, “what’s the use of crying? Now the most important thing is to solve the problem.”

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi tightened up and looked out of the car door.

The car they were in was a three-row MPV, and the door was open. I don’t know when there were two more people outside, Yu Yimo in the wheelchair and Xiao Meng behind him.

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