The Warmest Romance Chapter 1397 -1398

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Chapter 1397

Ruan Shishi said, his eyes fell on Ziji. At this moment, he stood obediently beside Wu en, and his black eyes always followed her figure. Ruan Shishi’s nose was sour and moved inexplicably.

After living with Ziji for such a long time, it’s impossible to say that they have no feelings. She didn’t expect that they would be separated so quickly. She thought Wu en would not agree so neatly, but she didn’t expect that they would be separated soon.

She opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she was stopped by xiaomengnan, “elder sister, don’t worry, I will arrange everything properly. Don’t worry.”

For a moment, all kinds of words that came to her throat were swallowed by her again. She looked at Ziji and felt more and more reluctant.

Suddenly, Ziji opened Wuen’s hand and came to her. She opened her arms. Ruan Shishi’s heart warmed and quickly squatted down and gently hugged him.

For a moment, full of warmth rippling in my heart.

Zi Ji clung to her ear, and her voice was light and small. “Goodbye, aunt.”

Listen to this little doll with a serious adult tone to say goodbye to her, her nose acid, tears can no longer help.

She hugged him tightly and refused to let go. After a while, she asked, “ziji, do you want to go back and say goodbye to Sensen Shasha face to face?”

The little guy in her arms shook his head and said, “aunt, the abbot said that people who are destined to meet will meet again. I know I will meet them again.”

Listening to his solemn words, Ruan Shishi’s tears couldn’t stop. She inhaled deeply, hugged Ziji tightly, and then clenched her teeth to release her hand. She said softly, “OK, I believe we will meet again.”

Ziji nodded seriously, then waved her hand and turned to Wuen.

On the way to send them away, Ruan Shishi walked behind them and watched them get into the car. Then he stopped and stood there, watching the car go away.

As the car went away, Ruan Shishi bit her teeth and raised her hand to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes.

Just then, a voice came from behind. Xiaomeng came to her and said softly, “sister Shishi, you can rest assured about their affairs. Mr. Yu specially told us to protect them, and the life they finally chose is different from ours. We can only help them as much as possible, and they have to go the rest of the way by themselves.”

After hearing the words, Ruan didn’t speak for a long time.

It has to be said that sometimes Xiao Meng can see things more clearly than she can. In fact, looking back, only in this way is their best choice.

In an instant, the weight that had been pressed on her heart disappeared, and Ruan Shishi felt relieved. She raised her hand and pinned the broken hair behind her ears, nodded and said, “you’re right. OK, I should go too.”

With that, she raised her lips and gave him a smile. Then she stepped into her car and planned to leave.

Xiaomeng smiles and watches her car start slowly. Then she gets on the car and goes to Yu group.

After arriving at the president’s office, he immediately reported all the information to Yu Gubei That’s about it. After sister Shi sent Wu en to the car, she drove away by herself. “

Hearing the words, Yu Yimo’s brow wrinkled slightly and imperceptibly. Soon, he nodded slightly and asked softly, “did Wu en send someone to follow him?”

Chapter 1398

Xiaomeng immediately nodded back, “sent, will certainly ensure their safety.”

After getting a positive answer, Yu Yimo nods his head, which brings his attention back to the files on the desktop.

At this time, Xiao Meng hesitated and said, “by the way, Mr. Yu, there are many disturbing people in the company recently? After thinking about it, I think there is a good way to cure them… “

Xiaomeng immediately told Ruan’s method from beginning to end.

After listening, Yu Yimo’s eyebrows stretch a little, and his eyes also give birth to an imperceptible smile. He slows down and has no words.

Looking at his unpredictable expression, Xiao Meng felt puzzled and asked tentatively, “Mr. Yu, what do you think?”

Yu Yimo raised his eyebrows and looked up at him, “whose idea is this?”

Xiaomeng was surprised and didn’t know how to answer, “this…”

Looking at his embarrassed expression, Yu Yimo hooked his lips and asked with a smile, “is it Ruan’s idea?”

Little Meng shivers. He doesn’t know how he made a mistake. He is seen by Yu Yimo.

He asked with a guilty heart, “this way Isn’t that good? “

Yu Yimo chuckles and says faintly, “it’s good. Let’s implement it.”

Xiao Meng was confused and stunned. He was told that his back was cold. Then he responded and nodded, “OK, I’ll arrange it now!”

Looking at the back of Xiaomeng leaving the office, Yu Yimo’s smile deepened a little.

I’m afraid no one else can think of such a way except Ruan Shi.

Because the person who can come up with this kind of method must be a person who is very familiar with the company. Because she knows the way and habits of employees’ communication in ordinary days, she can be so accurate and circle out all the most likely places for communication.

Xiaomeng just met with Ruan Shishi, and Ruan Shishi met the conditions of his guess, so nine times out of ten, it was her.

But I have to say that her method is very good, this method, even he did not come up with, and she would come up with such a ghost idea.

He hoped that this method would work.

After only one afternoon, his expectations were immediately tested.

In the afternoon, under the arrangement of Xiao Meng, Yu Yimo’s thugs who had never been in Yu’s group all came to Yu’s half day tour. At the same time, different people wandered around the main places and arrested eight people who were stirring up the flames and disturbing people’s hearts.

The story that these eight people were taken to the president’s office spread all over Yu, and it also spread to Yu Gubei.

Yu Gubei sat in the empty room on the second floor, tightening his brows, “are all eight of us?”

Shao Zhuo bowed his head and replied, “yes, it’s all our people. Yu Yimo also said that he would sue them, sue them for defamation, and let them explain the main reason behind, saying that this is unfair commercial competition.”

Smell speech, Yu Gu North facial expression becomes more ugly, coldly scolded a, “a group of waste!”

“What shall we do now? I’m afraid other people who haven’t been caught dare not come forward recently… “

Yu Gubei is silent. For a moment, his temples are swollen. He didn’t expect that the people he bought would be caught so soon. His combat effectiveness is much worse than he imagined.

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