The Warmest Romance Chapter 1399 -1400

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Chapter 1399

After a pause, he restrained the emotion on his face and said softly, “first slowly, I’ll see if he can turn out the flowers.”

Shao Zhuo is still a little worried, continue to report, “they are still chayanchen’s financial director, I’m afraid very soon to check the account.”

Yu Gu Bei raised his eyes, looked out of the window, and said, “it’s OK. There’s a supervisor carrying the pot. There’s no direct evidence pointing to me.”

Then he stood up, stretched, and said, “it’s just the right time to divert his attention. By that time, things on my side will be done.”

Shao Zhuo nodded and did not speak.

Yu Gu Bei took back his hand and looked down at the watch in his hand. It was two hours before he went out. He slightly raised his chin and told Shao Zhuo, “OK, you go to have a rest, and start in an hour and a half.”

Shao Zhuo nodded, “OK.”

With that, he left quietly and closed the door.

Yu Gubei has nothing to do. He goes to the desk, turns on the computer, calls up the monitoring screen, and checks one by one.

Finally, in one of the square grid videos, he saw the familiar figure.

Now, with his approval, Lu Xiaoman can no longer use the chain to lock her feet. She can move freely in the whole villa, but she can’t go out and contact with the outside world. This is his final request, and she can’t give in any more.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoman is sitting in a daze on the deck chair on the small balcony. He looks serious and doesn’t know what to think.

He slides the progress bar under the monitor and replays the monitoring in the morning. At noon, she ate in her bedroom. Her aunt just put down the tray and just went back to clean up the room. Lu Xiaoman suddenly picked up the roast duck on the plate, wrapped it in a piece of paper and quickly threw it into the garbage can.

Once, twice, three times

She repeated this action again and again, until all the meat dishes on the plate were thrown into the garbage can when her aunt didn’t pay attention.

Yu Gubei tightens his brow. He is quite puzzled by her behavior. He drags the progress bar, puts it upside down, and looks at the clip again.

This time, he patiently continued to look back, only to see Lu Xiaoman after throwing away all the meat dishes, this began to eat, to the end, a meal was not finished, just picked vegetables to eat some, drink a few soup, so ended.

No, absolutely not.

She has been with him for so long, and he knows her behavior very well. Lu Xiaoman is not a vegetarian. Although she is very thin, her appetite is definitely not so small. Is it because she doesn’t eat much during this period that she starves her stomach?

Yu Gubei shakes his head. This idea can’t explain the doubts in his heart. He pauses, turns over the video of the day before and continues to watch it.

After watching these two days’ videos, he found that she was like this all the time. As long as there was meat, she would not touch it, especially the greasy food.

He took a deep breath and dragged the progress bar with the mouse. Suddenly, the woman in the video got up from the bed, covered her mouth and went directly into the bathroom. She could vaguely hear the retching voice coming from inside. After a while, the voice disappeared, and then she came out slowly.

Yu Gubei tightens his brows, and what picture has passed in his mind. Suddenly, his hand holding the mouse suddenly tightens, and immediately stands up and strides out.

Chapter 1400

Out of the room, without saying a word, he immediately called the aunt who was responsible for taking care of Lu Xiaoman and began to ask, “is there anything unusual about Lu Xiaoman recently?”

Looking at Yu Gubei with a serious look on her face, she thought something big had happened, and her hands were sweating. She shook her head and said, “it’s nothing unusual. Recently, Miss Lu also eats on time, and her life is very regular.”

Yu Gu’s head tightened more tightly and then asked, “what about the body?”

Aunt slightly pause, then shook her head, “nothing unusual.”

“Is it?” Yu Gubei sneers coldly, and his eyes seem to pierce him. He drops this sentence, strides forward, walks directly to Lu Xiaoman’s bedroom door, and pushes the door open.

“Bang!” After a loud noise, there was another door slamming sound, and the house was shaking.

Lu Xiaoman trembled. Hearing the movement, he immediately got up from the couch and looked at the door in a confused way.

See Yu Gu North momentum rushed toward her to come over, complexion cold frightening.

In an instant, Lu Xiaoman’s heat was dispelled, and a chill came out from his heart, and it was cool to the bottom of his feet.

She stepped back subconsciously. “What’s the matter?”

Without saying a word, Yu Gubei quickly stepped forward, pushed her back, and directly pressed her on the balcony wall. He looked down at her, with oppressive momentum, and asked, “are you pregnant?”

In a word, it makes Lu Xiaoman’s brain blank.

She didn’t expect how things would develop like this. As soon as he came up, he asked, which really made her unable to accept.

Soon she returned to her composure and immediately frowned and denied, “what are you talking about?”

Looking at her denial, Yu Gubei didn’t panic. Instead, his face softened. He hooked his lips and said, “well, I’ll take you to the hospital for examination.”

A listen to want to go to the hospital to do examination, Lu Xiaoman immediately flustered, “go to the hospital to do what, I’m not sick!”

Yu Gu Bei squinted slightly, stared at her and said, “check it, just in case.”

A man’s words are like a cold thorn, which instantly makes Lu Xiaoman feel cold. She shakes her head, wants to refuse, but is afraid to cover it up.

She didn’t know which part of her life had gone wrong. He suddenly said so and suspected that she was pregnant.

She inhaled deeply, shook her head, and tried to control the expression on her face. “Gu Bei, I don’t want to go to the hospital. You know, I’ve been tired of it for a long time. I’m in good health. I’m not sick…”

“Is it?” Yu Gubei didn’t give her a chance to lie at all. He held her shoulder and pinched her with pain. He asked coldly, “if you’re not sick, why don’t you eat meat? If you’re not sick, why do you retch in the morning? We’d better check it, so I can rest assured.”

His words instantly made Lu Xiaoman’s face fade. She opened her mouth and felt her throat dry, like a fish out of water. She couldn’t say a word.

“Come on, I’ll take you.”

Seeing her expression, Yu Gubei clasped her wrist and pulled her out, “today I will accompany you to do this examination myself.”

He wanted to see if she was lying!

Dragged by a man to the outside of the room, Lu Xiaoman was already shivering and couldn’t walk.

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