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Chapter 1409

Said, she suddenly thought of something, immediately reached out and pressed the bedside bell.

“When the doctors and nurses come here, they can help with it.”

Xiaomeng immediately nodded, “OK, I know. I’ll go out and guard.”

After that, he went out, closed the door and said to the people outside, “my sister is in a bad condition now. The doctor will come to check later. None of you are allowed to enter!”

The other party’s people don’t eat this at all. They ask coldly, “don’t you enter? Just now someone saw you go in with a woman. That woman is the one we are looking for

People on both sides quarreled again. Soon, doctors and nurses came to see such a battle. They were afraid that both sides would really work together and quickly stop in the middle to persuade them.

Both sides insisted on entering the ward to search, while the other side insisted on not opening the door. For a moment, the scene became more and more noisy, and the nurses could hardly stop it.

Just here, a group of people quickly approached. Yu Gubei was at the front. His face was gloomy and fierce. His appearance made the scene quiet.

Everyone’s eyes looked at him. Yu Gu Bei raised his eyes to Xiao Meng and asked, “who’s in it?”

Xiaomeng was not afraid either. He looked at him and said, “Ruan Shishi.”

Wen Yan, his brow slightly wrinkled, cold voice command, “open the door, my people are also inside.”

Xiaomeng refused, “I’m sorry, vice president Yu, this door can’t be opened. My sister Shishi doesn’t feel well. If you disturb me, I can’t bear the responsibility of any accident.”

Xiaomeng seems to deliberately poke into Yugu Beixin’s nest word by word. In an instant, Yugu Beixin’s face becomes gloomy and ugly, and a pair of cloudy eyes are firmly locked on him.

A few seconds later, he said in a cold voice, “since you don’t want to get out of the way, don’t blame us for being rude.”

At this time, the nurses and doctors next to him did not dare to stop. Who did not know that this was Yu Gubei, and who dared to offend this big man?

Xiaomeng stood in front of the door of the ward and refused to give in, “is vice president Yu planning to break in?”

Yu Gubei said coldly, “soft don’t eat hard.”

With that, he looked at the crowd behind him and moved his lips to give orders.

Who knows, suddenly came a sonorous and powerful male voice from the rear, “hard or hard, I accompany in the end.”

Hearing this familiar voice, everyone was surprised and looked back.

Yu Yimo is sitting in a wheelchair. Behind him is Du Yue, and Du Yue is followed by a dozen strong men, each of whom is a strong man with extremely developed biceps.

Those people spread out to form a semicircle, which just encircles Yu Gubei and his men.

Yu Yimo stares at him coldly, “if we do it, we’ll leave the hospital. After all, people still have business here.”

Yu Gubei’s face became black and blue at that moment. He didn’t expect that things would turn out like this. When he received a phone call from his subordinates, his first reaction was that he was calculated by Lu Xiaoman. It was no coincidence that Ruan Shishi appeared in the hospital at this time!

He has already thought about it. Today, even if it’s a hard fight, he will take people back. But he didn’t expect that Yu Yimo would suddenly appear and come to take a step in.

Chapter 1410

He forced his heart, pulled out a smile, looked at Yu Yimo and said, “brother, you don’t have to fight me everywhere, do you?”

Yu Yimo disapproved of the reply, “there is no need to fight against you, but you don’t want to offend me.”

“Your people?” Yu Gubei sneered, and then said softly, “as far as I know, the woman in it is Ruan Shishi. People have a family, a husband and children. When did you get involved with the elder brother again?”

Yu Yimo said without blinking an eye, “she is my ex-wife. As long as I live in this world for one day, I will protect her one more day.”

The voice of this sentence fell, and there was silence around. No one thought that Yu Yimo would be so straightforward.

After a moment’s silence, Yu Gu Bei’s disdain appeared in his eyes and said, “even so, you can’t stop me from looking for my people, can you? Just now someone saw with his own eyes that the people on your side brought my people in. It should not be too much for me to take her away now. “

Yu Yimo didn’t answer him directly. Instead, he looked up at Xiaomeng and asked, “is there anyone else besides Ruan Shi?”

Xiaomeng didn’t hesitate at all. She shook her head and said, “sister Shishi is the only one in the room. She is not very comfortable now and needs to rest. Outsiders can’t disturb her.”

Hearing the speech, Yu Yimo nodded, then looked at Yu Gubei and asked coldly, “do you hear me?”

Yu Gubei was furious, and his face was already a little angry. “Can others believe what you said on one side?”

Yu Yimo smiles and says with disdain, “Oh, I think you’re making trouble on purpose, aren’t you?”

Then he put away his smile and narrowed his eyes slightly. “Instead of focusing on searching the ward, Yu Gubei, you’d better check the people in your company. I heard just now that someone in your company has turned himself in, saying that he has been greedy for a lot of money in recent years.”

In an instant, Yu Gu Bei’s face turned white. He frowned, subconsciously took out his mobile phone and looked at it. Soon his face changed greatly.

Then, he looked up at Yu Yimo’s eyes with a little more cold feeling. Then, he looked deeply at the door of the ward, and said in a clear and cold voice, “Lu Xiaoman, you can hide for a while, you can’t hide for a lifetime, and one day you will regret today’s choice!”

Leaving this sentence, he immediately turned around and left with his men.

Both sides of the people do not like each other, everyone cold eyes after each other, each go their own, Wu great piece of people, instant scattered half.

At the same time, Ruan Shishi, who has been listening to the movement outside in the ward, suddenly breathes a sigh of relief. She did not expect that Yu Yimo would suddenly appear, and she did not expect that Gu Bei would be angry and go away.

In this way, it means that Lu Xiaoman can be saved!

When she thought about it, she immediately bent down and looked under the bed.

Lu Xiaoman is shrinking into a ball, hiding there, motionless, the whole person has been frightened like a small animal, suddenly let Ruan Shishi some heartache.

She slowly extended her hand to her and said softly, “Yugu North has gone, you can come out.”

Smell speech, Lu Xiaoman nodded, took her hand, drilled out from under the bed.

The next second, the door is pushed open. Then, Yu Yimo drives the wheelchair in, followed by Xiao Meng and Du Yue.

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