The Warmest Romance Chapter 1441 -1442

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Chapter 1441

Is it that Yu Yimo discovered the relationship between Sensen and Shasha? So he just took this opportunity to hide them both?

The more she thinks about it, the more scared she is. She can’t help walking towards the elevator. She takes out her mobile phone in a hurry and is about to call him. Suddenly, she finds an unread message sent by Yu Yimo.

“I’ve brought sensensensasha to the apartment. Come when you’re done.”

In an instant, Ruan Shishi’s panic was relieved, but the tension in her heart was not completely eliminated. She took a deep breath, quickly got on the elevator and pressed the button on the first floor.

Just that kind of panic let her panic indeterminate, she stood alone in the elevator closed space, more and more afraid in the heart.

Nowadays, children are her biggest weakness. Even if she only hears a little bad news or gets a little stimulation, she can’t accept it. What happened just now really scared her.

When she comes out of the elevator, her anxiety and panic turns into annoyance. She takes out her mobile phone and dials it directly to Yu Yimo.

There were two rings and someone answered the phone over there.

The man’s low voice came, “hello?”

She gritted her teeth angrily, “Yu Yimo, do you have my permission to take sensenshasha away?”

The people over there obviously didn’t expect her to be so angry. After a pause, they said, “I sent you a message in advance.”

Ruan Shishi was angry and blurted out, “but you didn’t get my permission! Do you know how scared I was when I ran to the hotel and saw the empty room! Have you ever thought about how I feel? “

In an instant, the metaphor over there was silent.

After a while, he finally asked, “Ruan Shishi, what are you afraid of? Afraid I’m going to take sensenshasha? “

This sentence hit the bull’s-eye.ruan Shishi’s heart was shaken. Then he suddenly realized that he shouldn’t say this in front of him. Otherwise, it would make him suspicious. Such words are even more harmful to Sen Sen and Sha Sha.

She took two groups of deep breaths, then calmed down and said, “I’m just afraid they’ll have an accident. What are you thinking?”

The end of the pause, soon, Yu Yimo with a faint smile voice came, “nothing, we are in the apartment, you come here.”

After that, Yu Yimo hangs up without waiting for her answer.

In the room, he sat by the window, looking at the distant scenery outside the window, his eyes slowly sank.

Just now, Ruan Shishi’s reaction was really unusual. She was excited and flustered. There was a bit of fear in her voice. She couldn’t let him ignore it.

The man’s slender fingers gently tap on the table, and his brain continues to work. Finally, he thinks of something and calls Xiaomeng in.

Xiao Meng came over, looked at him and asked, “Mr. Yu, what can I do for you?”

“Where are Sensen and Sasha?”

Xiao Meng truthfully reported, “they may be tired of playing. Now they are resting in the room and sleeping soundly.”

He said in a soft voice, “you go over there and

What did he say? Xiaomeng widened his eyes in surprise and asked, “Mr. Yu, didn’t you do it once before?”

Chapter 1442

Yu Yimo’s face didn’t change. He said, “to be on the safe side, do it again.”

Looking at Xiaomeng’s retreat, Yu Yimo takes a deep breath. The questions that used to be blocked in his heart now come back. The thought of Ruan Shishi’s divorce with song yean makes those questions more and more intense.

Some things are better to be true.

In less than half an hour, Ruan Shishi had already arrived at the gate of the community. Seeing the familiar and strange building at the gate, she felt some feelings.

Say, she once lived in this apartment in this community for a period of time, more or less there will be some residual feelings.

Unexpectedly, Yu Yimo keeps this apartment in his hands all the time. It seems that he should come back to live here from time to time.

Ruan Shishi hesitated for a moment. According to her familiar memory, she found the gate of the unit building, got on the elevator, arrived at the floor, went to the gate, raised her hand and buttoned the door.

Soon, the door opened, Xiaomeng with a smile stood in the door, “sister poetry, you come!”

At this moment, Ruan Shishi is not in the mood to say hello at all. She just wants to see that her little heart is safe and all is well. That’s enough.

Seems to have seen through her ideas, Xiaomeng side to let her in, and then said, “little guy tired, now are in lunch break.”

Ruan Shishi was a little worried and looked around, “in which room?”

Xiao Meng reached out and pointed in a direction.

She immediately strode to the other side. When she got to the door, she slowed down again and pushed the door open gently.

Inside, the light is dim and quiet. Sensen and Sasha are nestled on the soft bed, sleeping back to back, breathing evenly, looking like two little angels.

In an instant, Ruan Shiti’s heart suddenly relaxed in her throat. She just wanted to go to the bed and sit down. Yu Guang swept something and suddenly found that there was another person in the room!

By the window, the curtain was drawn, revealing a narrow gap. The light came through and softened a lot. Yu Yimo sat there, motionless.

In the dark, she clearly saw the light of the man’s eyes, her heart moved, watching him move his lips, did not speak.

Yu Yimo drives the wheelchair slowly and comes this way. When she passes by, she whispers, “give them to me. You can rest assured that no matter what happens, I will protect them.”

This sentence is like an explanation, but also like a comfort, Ruan Shishi listen, but inexplicably feel a soothing force, she was restless and nervous heart slowly calm down, turned to watch him leave the room.

When the door closed, Ruan Shishi felt a sense of guilt. She did have some problems with Yu Yimo’s attitude these times. When things happened, she would always blame him impulsively, but after thinking about it, he didn’t do anything wrong.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, and her tight body slowly softened. She turned her head and looked at the two little guys on the bed beside her, and unconsciously raised her lips.

Fortunately, with them, whenever she was upset, there was always a feeling of being cured when she saw them.

From the tight state slowly released, unknowingly, her eyelids began to fight, she put her hand on the edge of the bed, holding her head, unknowingly began to doze.

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