The Warmest Romance Chapter 1457 -1458

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Chapter 1457

Yu Yimo hooked his lips and pretended to be stupid, “what do you mean?”

“You really don’t know?” Ruan Shishi was almost angry, “why don’t song yean leave me and support us to fall in love? Are these words taught by you?”

It’s said in a soft voice, “I taught it, I admit it.”

Ruan Shiqi gritted his teeth, “why do you want to do this!”

Yu Yimo chuckles, “isn’t my intention obvious?”

With that, he stepped forward, approached her directly, and looked at her with burning eyes. His two hands opened and supported on the balcony, just blocking her in the middle.

The distance between the two people has drawn closer, and the atmosphere is suddenly ambiguous.

Ruan Shishi’s heart quickened abruptly. He moved his lips, but he couldn’t make a sound. “You…”

“Since you don’t know, I’ll tell you.” Yu Yimo said with a smile, “I want to be the father of a child…”

In an instant, Ruan Shishi’s ears were buzzing and her cheeks were hot and dry.

She did not expect that today’s Yu Yimo should be so straightforward and dare to say such words.

She plucked up her courage and finally returned to her senses. Then she remembered to refuse No way

Yu Yimo chuckles, “why?”

Ruan Shishi knew that it was counterproductive to lose his temper with Yu Yimo at this time. He didn’t give her a chance at all.

It’s better to stimulate him to retreat in a different way!

She inhaled deeply and said word by word, “Samson Sasha has no blood relationship with you. No man in the world will willingly raise children for other men!”

“I’m the exception.” Yu Yimo shrugged his shoulders and chuckled, “I don’t mind at all.”

Looking at her expression, Ruan Shishi’s head swelled. She took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down. “You don’t mind, I do mind!”

With that, she reaches out her hand to push his arm away. Unexpectedly, Yu Yimo just reaches out and holds her hand.

Ruan Shiqi’s face turned red and she was about to scold. Unexpectedly, there was a low sound of laughter outside the balcony. She was stunned and looked up. Then she saw Sensen and Sasha peeping over their heads.

Ruan Shishi was a little worried, “you Let go

What does it look like to brawl in front of children like this.

Yu Yimo’s hand is very strong, and her big palm is tightly wrapped around Ruan Shishi’s hand, so she can’t get rid of it.

Yu Yimo looked at her with a smile and continued to ask the question, “do you really disagree?”

Ruan Shishi clenched his lower lip and said firmly, “no!”

Yu Yimo laughs, “well, remember what you said today. Sooner or later, it will become more beautiful.”

Then he let go of her hand.

Looking at Ruan Shishi’s flurried escape from the balcony, Yu Yimo’s eyes are more smiling.

He has always been sure of what he wants to do, and this time, he is also sure to win.

At this time, a mobile phone ring came. Yu Yimo came back to himself. He took a look at the mobile phone screen, paused and pressed answer.


There came a husky male voice, “boss, the fish has taken the bait.”

Chapter 1458

In an instant, Yu Yimo’s mild and smile disappeared, and was replaced by gloomy and cold, “well, according to the original plan.”


The voice over there suddenly hesitated. “It’s a little unexpected that a man was found in the basement of their old nest.”

Yu Yimo frowned slightly, “who?”

“Yu Qingshan.”

Yu Yimo’s body was stiff for a moment. He took a deep breath and clenched his teeth. “I’ll go right away.”

After the phone call, he felt a little dazed.

How long has it been since I heard the name? He once sent out so many manpower to search abroad, but he never found a trace of him. Unexpectedly, he hid in China?

It’s really dark under the light!

Before long, the doorbell rang. As soon as Ruan Shishi opened the door, he was surprised to see Xiaomeng and Du Yue outside.

Looking at their serious faces, Ruan Shishi was a little worried.

Once upon a time, Yu Yimo was accompanied by Du Yue or one of Xiao Meng. Later, after Du Yue and song yun’an got married, Yu Yimo gave everything to Xiao Meng. But today, her right and left hands are all here, which makes her uneasy.

Is something wrong?

She hesitated for a moment, but couldn’t hold back. She asked, “what are you going to do today? What happened to the company? “

Xiao Meng and Du Yue answered with one voice, “it’s OK.”

Smell speech, Ruan poem shriveled shriveled mouth, this where seem to have no appearance, the style of speech is quite strict.

At this moment, Yu Yimo’s voice with a smile came from behind, “what’s the matter? Are you worried about me? “

Ruan Shishi suddenly turned around and frowned at the expression on his face, “do you think too much?”

Yu Yimo laughs with disapproval, walks to her side, approaches her ear, and whispers, “take care of the children at home, and I’ll come back when I’m finished.”

His tone was like a man at home telling his wife.

Instant, Ruan Shi body numb half, Leng Leng just reaction, this is he took advantage of!

Just as she wanted to choke him, she saw him sitting directly in the wheelchair, covering his knee with a small blanket. Then, Xiao Meng immediately walked over and pushed him out of the door.

Ruan Shishi was stunned and couldn’t help asking, “why do you have to sit in a wheelchair?”

His legs are clear, and when he goes out, he has to sit in a wheelchair. Who is it for?

Yu Yimo’s eyes skimmed over the wheelchair, then said in a low voice, “this is a layer of protection.”

Hearing what he said, for a moment, Ruan Shishi’s heart was pained.

Without waiting for him to recover, Yu Yimo turned to her and said, “stay at home and don’t run around.”

With that, they approached the elevator entrance together.

Looking at the back of the man sitting in the wheelchair, Ruan Shishi was inexplicably sad and worried.

She can probably guess who he is doing this for. At first, Yu Gubei used this move to relax others’ vigilance against him, but now Yu Yimo also uses this move to fight back.

The things he went through must have been much darker and worse than she thought.

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