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The world can be cruel to you, especially, if you don’t have the desired status or the looks. Many of us don’t like to believe that it is the truth but as we keep on interacting with people we come to realize that the world is nasty.

The novel that I am going to discuss through this post is something of that realization. But there are some good lessons that we ought to learn from. The ending of this novel is a bittersweet treat.

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Into the World of Medicine:

This novel is the mystical and fantastical equivalent of Grey’s Anatomy – a TV show based on the lives of doctors.

The point of convergence among these two is the fact that both are based on the lives of people associated with the medical profession. While the divergences are too many to count.

In this post, I am going to discuss the novel that has made a name for itself. Into the World of Medicine has made a place in the imagination of many readers worldwide.

In the following lines, I will give a brief synopsis of the novel. Not only that I will also draw some conclusions that will serve as some sort of a review of this novel. So let’s begin without further ado.

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Into the World of Medicine Chapters: A Synopsis

Rong Qingyan is a magnificent healer who masters all kinds of medicines. He has earned a name for himself but after his death, there is a void that is felt to be impossible to be filled.

Here comes Murong Qinyang in the story. She has a ‘disappointing past’ and her present isn’t as promising as she wished it to be. She is nothing but a mistress in the family. Despite being legitimate, her existence is looked down upon as nothing better than an animal.

Not only that, but she is also made fun of because of her looks: she is afflicted with a skin disease. People avoid her and that doesn’t go unnoticed by our protagonist.

In all their hatred and parochial insights, people ignore that she is as skilled as Rong Qingyan with medicines. As the novel progresses we come to know that she is even better than the latter.

In her journey of finding her knack, she encounters many impossible problems. But with her skill and passion, she overcomes one after the other, just to rise triumphant.

Seeing her conquering all that the people have remorse at how they used to treat her. But will this help them now that Murong has become invincible with her skills related to medicine?

Into the World of Medicine Review:

This novel is a must-read for all the people who don’t mind reading fantasy novels. The story is gripping as proven from the synopsis given in the above passage.

The real page-turner of the novel is going to take you places that you have never dreamt of. In all the fantasy and outward action, there are moments in the novel when you will connect the real with the imaginary.

Into the World of Medicine main characters, especially, Murong provides us with a new path traversing which we can become better at what we do.

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Into the World of Medicine Read Online:

If you want to have the experience of living the happening lives of the characters described in this novel, you must read it. You can get this book online. The good thing about this novel is that it is wholly completed. It means that you don’t have to wait for the installments.

If you happen to be someone who is into reading books in PDF, there is good news for you. You can get into the World of Medicine PDF for free by commenting in the comments section below.

Final Words:

Into the World of Medicine is a good read. It has some of the daring characters you will come across in the fiction writings of today. This post has been all about that. Hope you liked it. Don’t forget to share your comment with us and keep sharing it with your loved ones.


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