The Warmest Romance Chapter 1459 -1460

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Chapter 1459

Ruan Shishi sniffed and was about to close the door when footsteps came from behind.

Sensenshasha didn’t know when she came over and stared at her one by one. She wanted to talk but stopped.

Ruan Shishi quickly adjusted her mood, looked at them and said, “what’s the matter? Looking at me like this, do I have flowers on my face? “

Sensen came forward, stretched out his little hand and gently pulled her, with a sense of comfort in his tone, “Mom, it’s OK, uncle Shuai is busy, and we are with you. Don’t be sad…”

One side of Sha Sha also nodded in agreement, “yes, mom, we are also reluctant to give up handsome uncle, but he will come back in the evening! Time is fast

Ruan’s poems were covered with black lines.

When did she want to be silent?

Ruan Shishi was angry and laughing. He couldn’t laugh or cry. Looking at the two strange little guys, he had nothing to say.

At last, she shook her head helplessly, closed the door and walked inside.

The two little guys didn’t know, so they looked at each other and followed each other.

For a whole day, although Yu Yimo was away, the three words “Uncle Shuai” were recited by Sensen Sasa many times. The head of Ruan’s poem was too big to help.

She estimates that this is Yu Yimo’s intention. When he comes back, she will settle the account with him!

On the outskirts, outside a row of dilapidated factories, there are several black cars. Yu Yimo is pushed down from the car by Xiao Meng and enters from the gate. What he smells of is damp.

He frowned and looked around. There were dilapidated machines and sundries piled up in the factory.

One of his subordinates came up from the side and reported to Yu Yimo, “Mr. Yu, we have controlled all the original people. Now we are waiting for Lord Luo to be arrested.”

Yu Yimo nodded, looked around and asked, “where is Su Yu?”

As soon as his voice fell, Su Yucheng’s voice came from behind, “why, Lao Yu, do you miss me?”

Listening to the man’s words, Yu Yimo frowned, looked at him, and said seriously, “did you report to the organization?”

“Don’t worry, I told Lao Fan.”

With that, Su Yucheng raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder. Then he came close and said in a low voice, “Lao Fan said that you have made great contributions in providing clues and manpower this time. If Luo Jiuye is arrested, he will consider letting you go back to the organization.”

Smell speech, metaphor with silent hook lips, did not speak.

Su Yucheng felt that something was wrong. He went around to him and looked at him directly. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “how come there was no response? Not satisfied with the result? “

Yu Yimo said blandly, “from the beginning, I didn’t catch Luo Jiuye to ask for credit, and I didn’t want to go back to the organization. Yucheng, help me tell old fan not to use it.”

Su Yucheng was a little surprised, “do you really want to? Isn’t that what you’ve been thinking? “

Yu Yimo said lightly, “not now.”

He just wants to see Luo Jiuye arrested, this matter, he has nothing to worry about.

At the beginning, he and Su Yucheng set up an organization to investigate illegal gangs in Jiangzhou. Under the leadership of Lao Fan, this organization had made extraordinary achievements and contributions. But later, because of the incident five years ago, he had to leave the organization.

It’s a pity, but he doesn’t regret it.

Chapter 1460

At this moment, to seize Lord Luo, one is to settle the grudge between him and Lord Luo, the other is to hope that from now on, someone can live in peace.

Looking back from the memory, Yu Yimo corrects the spirit slightly, turns to Su Yucheng and says solemnly, “are you sure there is no leak?”

Su Yucheng nodded, “don’t worry, I have deliberately explained, and so on this side of the deployment, other people immediately withdraw.”

Hearing the speech, Yu Yimo nodded. Then he thought of something, and his eyes sank. “Where’s Yu Qingshan?”

Su Yucheng hesitated for a moment and said, “it’s in the car. It’s in my car.”

Smelling speech, Yu Yimo nodded slightly and said coldly, “I took it directly.”

“I asked Lao Fan for instructions, and he agreed.”

Su Yucheng said, raised his hand gently patted Yu Yimo’s shoulder.

Yu Yimo didn’t speak. He pressed the control button on the wheelchair and then drove the wheelchair out of the factory.

Before getting on the bus, Xiao Meng hesitated and asked, “Mr. Yu, which bus do you want him to go to?”

Yu Yimo said in a low voice, “the one in the back.”


Then he sat in a wheelchair and went straight to the car in front of him.

He and Yu Qingshan have not seen each other for a long time. During this time, too many things have happened to him, including the fact that his legs were broken and his life was on the line.

Although there are some worries about Yu Qingshan from the bottom of my heart, in the final analysis, his indifference to him is more than warmth.

After all, Yu Qingshan did not give him much fatherly love.

The first two cars left one after the other, driving from the suburbs to the city. At last, Xiao Meng, who was driving, couldn’t help asking, “Mr. Yu, where do you want to arrange Mr. Yu?”

They want to go back to their apartment. Yu Qingshan won’t go back with them, will he?

Yu Yimo’s face did not change the order, “arrange the house in the west of the city, and send more people to guard.”

Xiao Meng ventured to ask again, “that I’m not going to see him again? “

For a moment, Yu Yimo’s face was gloomy, as if it could drip water, and the air seemed to be condensed. For one second or two, it was very quiet.

Finally, Yu Yimo’s eyelids moved, stopped for a moment and said, “now send him over, I’ll see him.”


It’s been half an hour since I arrived at the house in the west of the city. Yu Yimo sat in the car for a long time, and finally adjusted his mood and got out of the car.

Yu Qingshan is already in the bedroom of the house. Yu Yimo sits in a wheelchair and slowly enters the room.

In the room, the curtain was half drawn. In the dim sight, Yu Qingshan could be seen sitting by the bed. His figure was bent, as if he had grown old all at once.

Yu Yimo’s heart slowly tightens, and the wheelchair gradually approaches the bedside. At this time, Yu Qingshan looks up at him very slowly.

He seems to be a lot older, with white hair and gullies on his face. Even his eyes are no longer as energetic as before.

When he saw him, Yu Qingshan’s turbid eyes lit up again. He reached out to him and said, “Yimo, I’m not dreaming, am I?”

Say, two people also have nearly half a year time did not meet, did not speak.

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