The Warmest Romance Chapter 1461 -1462

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Chapter 1461

Meet again, more or less some strange feeling.

Yu Yimo obviously did not expect that Yu Qingshan would become the present model. His eyes sank and he said, “Dad.”

Yu Qingshan’s eyes turned. He found that his legs were different when he was in a wheelchair. He immediately tightened his brows and asked, “your legs What’s the matter

Yu Yimo didn’t answer his question directly, “let’s talk about you first. During this period, where are you?”

Suddenly, Yu Qingshan’s face changed subtly. He hesitated for a moment, then took a deep breath and said, “I’m sick. I’ve been recuperating all this time.”

Yu Yimo said, “what’s wrong?”

“Gastric cancer.”

These two words, like thunder cleavage, burst in Yu Yimo’s ear. He felt his head buzzing and couldn’t concentrate.

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Yu Qingshan added, “in the middle stage, the situation is not particularly good, so I’ve been recuperating all this time, and I didn’t have the chance to return home. It was not until some time ago that the doctor allowed me to leave the hospital that Gu Bei brought me back from abroad.”

Yu Yimo looked at him with deep eyes, “Why have you never contacted me for such a long time?”

“Because the doctor said that the electronic devices didn’t have a good effect on my disease, I handed in all the electronic devices from the beginning of treatment, and I didn’t touch them again.”

Smell speech, Yu Yimo can’t help sneering. He has never heard of anything that is seriously ill and can’t even read a mobile phone. Who knows if the doctor’s words convey Yu Gubei’s meaning?

At this moment, he even began to doubt that he was suffering from gastric cancer. After thinking about it, he waved his hand and called Xiao Meng. He said in a low voice, “call the doctor and ask him to take blood for examination.”

Xiao Meng nodded and immediately turned to arrange.

When Yu Yimo looks back, he finds that Yu Qingshan stares at his legs with a stern face and doesn’t move.

Yu Yimo asked casually, “what’s the matter?”

Yu Qingshan’s expression was more serious. “How did you get your legs?”

After hesitating for a moment, Yu Yimo said, “there was a little accident, I was injured, and I’m still recovering.”

Yu Qingshan’s dignified face softened when he heard that. He seemed to be relieved in secret, “it’s good to recover, it’s good to recover…”

Yu Yimo took a deep look at him and said coldly, “even if you can’t recover, there’s no problem.”

Yu Qingshan’s face slightly changed, “you Why say that

“Don’t you know? Yu Gubei’s legs are good. He can already stand up. “

“What?” Yu Qingshan’s face was a little startled. “Is his leg OK?”

Yu Yimo sneered, “it seems that he didn’t tell you anything.”

“When I came back from abroad, it was all arranged by his staff, and I didn’t see him either…” Yu Qingshan said, his eyes flashed a bit disappointed and disappointed, “Alas! The child

It seems that Yu Qingshan is ill. Now he is not as good as before. His spirit is not as good as before. Even his hard temper has softened a lot. In addition, he has half gray hair, just like an ordinary middle-aged man.

“Imor, when can you arrange for Gu Bei and me to meet? He is now… “

Chapter 1462

Yu Yimo’s eyes sank and said in a light voice, “he should be busy. I’ll arrange it as soon as possible.”

Yu Qingshan’s face flashed with joy, “OK Good

Looking at Yu Qingshan like this, Yu Yimo can’t help but frown. He finds a reason and retreats from the room. His heart is inexplicably heavy, as if something is pressing on it.

Yu Qingshan’s state is very wrong. Even if he is sick, it should not be like this.

He took a deep breath and stood by the door with mixed feelings. He watched the doctor enter the bedroom and wait for the doctor to come out.

Finally, the family doctor said, “Mr. Yu, in the case of the old man, we have to go to our private hospital to have a comprehensive examination. We will make an appointment for him, and then Mr. Song Penglai will come to have an examination.”

Yu Yimo nodded, pursed his lips and did not speak.

On the way back, Yu Yimo is silent all the way.

Xiao Meng often looks in the rearview mirror, trying to find a topic to talk about, but every time he sees Yu Yimo’s cold expression, he swallows the words again.

In this way, with a cold atmosphere, arrived at the apartment.

As soon as he gets home, Yu Yimo goes straight back to his bedroom. Ruan Shishi realizes that the atmosphere is not right and asks Xiaomeng, “he What’s the matter? “

Xiao Meng didn’t know what to say, so he had to whisper, “Yu is not in a good mood…”

In an instant, Ruan Shishi’s heart was raised and he could not help asking, “what’s the matter?”

Xiao Meng hesitated for a moment and said in a soft voice, ” I have found Mr. Yu. He is ill. It seems that the situation is not very good. “

Hearing the speech, Ruan’s poems fell into silence.

She took a deep breath and turned to look at the closed door. For some reason, she didn’t feel like it.

When Professor Ruan was ill, she was exhausted and worried. Now Yu Yimo must be the same. Even though he and his father are not compatible, they are still close relatives.

Ruan Shishi looked at the time, turned to look at Xiaomeng, and said softly, “there should be no other arrangement today, right?”

Xiao Meng nodded.

Ruan Shishi gave him a comforting smile and said in a soft voice, “then you can go back early and give it to me here.”

Xiaomeng was still a little uneasy. “Well, sister Shishi, you should watch more over general manager Yu. After all, I haven’t seen him in such a state for a long time…”

Ruan Shishi nodded and agreed, “don’t worry!”

After sending Xiao Meng out, she turned back, closed the door, made a cup of tea, hesitated to go to the door of the room, buttoned the door of Yu Yimo’s bedroom, and said softly, “I’m in?”

No one answered inside. She took a deep breath, pushed the door and went in.

Yu Yimo is sitting at the table by the window, looking down at something, but he doesn’t look up at all.

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, stepped forward and put the cup of tea in the corner of the table. Then he hesitated and said, “what would you like to eat at noon today?”

Hearing her say so, the man’s hand slightly, this just stopped, looked up at her, “how? Do you want to cook

Ruan Shishi nodded and said casually, “tell me if there’s anything you want to eat. I’ll cook for sensenshasha and bring you some by the way.”

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