The Warmest Romance Chapter 1505 -1506

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Chapter 1505

Ruan Shishi looked at his reaction and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Yu Yimo shook his head and said in a low and deep voice, “now I can’t even trace Yu Gubei’s whereabouts. I’m afraid things are not easy to handle.”

Ruan Shishi frowned and asked, “then we can only wait for him to come to us on his own initiative?”

Yu did not reply.

He knew that when Yu Gubei took the initiative to find them, the matter would be more complicated.

Looking back, Yu Yimo turned his head and looked at Ruan Shishi, “from now on, no matter where you go, you have to come with me. Now the company can’t leave people, so I have to go. You can come with me at any time. We are not afraid of Yu Gubei’s moves.”

Ruan Shishi nodded, “OK, listen to you.”

The two cleaned up and soon left the apartment for Yu group.

Because Yu Yimo and the top management are pressing on, the situation in the company gradually tends to be stable, and all the affairs are orderly sent to the president’s office, which is jointly decided by Yu Yimo, Zeng Xiang and several other high-ranking executives.

Ruan Shishi stayed in the office, listening to them discuss business and deal with affairs. He flipped through the magazine at hand, but somehow, he was always restless and couldn’t help looking up at the clock hanging on the wall.

At the same time, on the wide road in the suburb of Jiangzhou, a black car sped by, filled with children’s laughter.

Both Xiao Meng and a Tao are not too old, and they like children. They soon get together with sensenshasha. They are both jokers and listen to music. The atmosphere in the car is very happy.

At this time, a phone call came in. A Tao, who was driving in the driver’s seat, immediately reminded Xiaomeng to answer the phone. Xiaomeng picked up his mobile phone and saw that it was a video call from Yu Yimo.

He immediately pressed answer, and suddenly, the voice from the other side of the phone came, “Sensen, Sasha.”

Sitting in the back seat, sensenshasha heard the sound and immediately stopped her action. She cried excitedly, “Uncle Shuai!”

Yu Yimo’s face appeared on the screen. After chatting with the two little guys, he told Xiaomeng, “I just want to see if you’re going well. If you’re OK, hang up first and call me back at the place.”

Xiaomeng nodded, “don’t worry! Mr. Yu said

After hanging up the phone, the atmosphere inside the car suddenly became happy again.

Sasha pointed out the window and cried, “look, brother! There are ducks there

There is a river under the embankment beside this road. Far away, there are aquatic plants on the river, and several wild ducks are swimming on it.

Such a scene is naturally novel and attractive to the little guys who don’t go to the wild.

But just at this time, a big black truck was coming towards us. The two cars were moving towards each other, and the distance between them was getting closer. At first, a Tao didn’t notice anything unusual. Until the big truck was leaning straight towards them, he responded and yelled, “that car!”

Hearing the sound, Xiao Meng turned his head. Through the front glass, the tall truck sped towards them. It seemed that the speed had increased a lot.

Xiaomeng exclaimed, “steering wheel! Turn the steering wheel

In an instant, a Tao, who was so frightened that he couldn’t move all over, shook his body and quickly turned the steering wheel to the other side. In the blink of an eye, the car didn’t slow down. He made a turn and slid to the bank and hit the railing.

Chapter 1506

The car almost rolled over, the front guardrail was dented, the hood was white smoke, the whole car was hanging on the bank, tottering.

The people in the car were dazed and confused. Sasha in the back row was in a coma and still awake, but she seemed to be scared, waiting for a pair of big eyes with tears. She was in a panic.

He called Xiaomeng in front of him in a weak voice, “Uncle Xiaomeng…”

No one answered.

The two people in the front row seem to be more serious than those in the back row. Although Sensen and Shasha are children, they are all sitting on the stable child seats and wearing safety belts. They basically don’t move much. Although the air bags pop out in the front seats, a Tao and Xiaomeng’s heads are broken and blood is dripping from the collision.

At this time, someone suddenly appeared outside the car. Soon, the window was broken, and then the door was pulled from the outside. Two men in black quickly blocked the left and right doors in the back row, reached out and untied the strap of the child seat, and quickly carried Sensen and Sasha away.

Sen Sen was still awake, and his eyes widened in horror. Seeing the hand of the man in black, he opened his mouth and bit it directly.

The man cried, raised his hand to cover his mouth, and cursed, “son of a bitch, bite!”

With that, his other hand twisted Sen Sen’s face hard. Sen Sen was full of tears, but he couldn’t get rid of it.

At this time, another man in black with Sasha in his arms said, “OK, let’s go! The boss can’t spare you for delaying business! “

Two people looked at each other, walked away quickly, and got into a gray car not far away.

As soon as the gray door of the car was closed, it sped away. Within a minute, the big truck, which was not far away, suddenly started and slowly speeded up towards the car that had been hit by the Bank of the embankment.

The truck sped up and ran faster and faster A loud noise, it hit the car where Xiao Meng a Tao was, and directly crashed the whole car into the river. After the huge crash, there was a huge sound of falling into the water!

The car fell into the river. First, the body of the car floated on the water. Slowly, water entered the car, and a corner of the car began to sink. The sound of the water was gurgling

Unconsciously, it has been more than five hours since Xiaomeng left with sensenshasha. According to the time, they should have arrived, but there is still no news. Ruan Shishi is a little uneasy.

Yu Yimo and the employees of the company had just finished the discussion. As soon as the front foot of the employee stepped down, Ruan Shishi stood up and walked towards Yu Yimo, “this point, Xiaomeng, they should have arrived, right?”

Yu Yimo looked back, raised his hand and pressed the center of his eyebrows. He answered softly, “well, I’ll call them.”

He picked up his cell phone to dial the number.

At this moment, the door was suddenly “bang!” Du Yue’s face was flustered and came in quickly

He seemed to be out of proportion, and his face turned white unnaturally.

Yu Yimo frowned, “what’s the matter?”

Du Yuefei took a quick look at Ruan Shishi, and then he still didn’t dare to hide, “something’s wrong! Xiao Meng, they are out in the suburbs and have a car accident

“What Ruan Shishi jumped up from the sofa in an instant, and his whole blood was boiling with him. “What did you say?”

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