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Chapter 715

Allen Bella arrived at the restaurant they agreed to wait half an hour early.

She found a small box and sat down.

Before long, Allen Bella felt a little tired.

She doesn’t know why, she seems to be getting sleepy recently, and her body feels more and more unwell, probably because of the recent nervousness and the lack of appetite!

With the sound of “Wow”, suddenly only one sound was heard, and the door was opened.

A tall black figure stepped in.

In the next instant, before Allen Bella could return to her senses, the door was closed again with a “wow”.

At that moment, looking at the familiar figure, Allen Bella could not recover for almost a second.

Just a few days…

There is a feeling of a world away!

In the bottom of her heart, a touch of sorrow ignited…

But did not show this emotion.

“Miss Allen has been here for a long time?”

Lewis Justin’s always evil and enchanting voice rang in Allen Bella’s ears, and the smell of alienation seemed to be a bit ridiculous.

“Just arrived.” Allen Bella forced a smile.

“How have you been?” It seemed, but it was just a chat at home.

“I’m okay.” Allen Bella nodded, but a wry smile appeared in her heart. Unexpectedly, one day the drug lord could sit down and chat with the police like this.

“What about you? How are you?”

“Of course. Thanks to Miss Allen, the flour business is getting bigger and bigger.” The irony in the words is self-evident.

Allen Bella’s face changed slightly, but she quickly reduced her emotions and changed the topic, “Mr. Lewis, I hope to reconcile your appeal privately. Can you please?”

“Why?” Lewis Justin looked at her with a chuckle.

“It’s a big mess, it’s not good for any of us.” Allen Bella answered calmly.

“Are you threatening me?” Lewis Justin’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he looked dangerously at Allen Bella, who had not changed much in her face.

Allen Bella shook her head, “You know what I’m talking about is just the truth.”

Lewis Justin chuckled, “Miss Allen, when have I been afraid? However, if you want to reconcile with me privately, it is not impossible!”

“You said…”

“Please!” Lewis Justin looked at her opposite sarcastically, “Please, I’ll settle with you! You don’t even need a claim!”

His words made Allen Bella couldn’t help but chuckle.

She shook her head and said nothing, just got up and said distantly, “Mr. Lewis, see you again if you have a chance.”

After speaking, she turned around and went out without reluctance.

Only left, Lewis Justin, who was frozen all over, sat there in awe.

Damn “female”!!!

Who allowed her to leave so soon?

From the time he entered the door to the present, even in less than ten minutes, she left without hesitation!!!

Is her self-esteem that important??

Still, his self-esteem…

Too light-cheap!!!

Being so toyed with and betrayed by her, he was so angry that he wanted to strangle her, and he was so angry that he wanted a shot and killed her, but what happened??

In the end, he just ended the game for her…

As a result, it was over, but still trying to pester her!!!

Turn out…

Knowing that the abyss ahead is dangerous, but still jumping into it without fear!!!

To say it nicely is brave.

To say ugly is cheap!!!

Knowing this, but still couldn’t help it, got up and chased her out.

“Have you talked about reconciliation with people like this? Huh? With such a bad attitude, do you want to reconcile too? Are all policemen like you?”

Lewis Justin chased her out, pulled her arm, and yelled.

Allen Bella turned her head and stared at Lewis Justin, who was very angry but seemed to be suppressing his emotions.

Of course, she didn’t yell at him back.

She seems to have no strength for everything now.

“Mr. Lewis, I can’t meet your request, of course, I can only leave.” She replied not humbly.

Lewis Justin’s eyes tightened, and for a moment he didn’t know what to say.

“Right!” Allen Bella said as if thinking of something, “Thank you for visiting Lucy, and…”

At this point, Allen Bella paused slightly and glanced at him.

“What else?” Lewis Justin looked indifferent.

“Also, I hope you don’t hurt her…” Allen Bella’s lips pressed tightly.

Lewis Justin gave a ridiculous chuckle, then turned and left for a moment.

He didn’t even say a word.

He was angry because of her words!!!

In her eyes, perhaps, he has always been such a despicable person!

If he wants to hurt her…

She thought she could still stand opposite him and say this to him so peacefully?

Later, Lewis Justin left.

But Allen Bella couldn’t help it again and retch directly on the trash can.

Fortunately, she didn’t eat all day, so she couldn’t vomit anything out of her stomach because of the uncomfortable feeling.

However, there was a twitching pain in the internal organs.

It hurts her tears…

Unstoppable surge!!!

Just now, when she saw that familiar face, her heart was so painful that even her breathing became unsmooth…

But, what about…

The fate between them is always the same, it can only be at this moment, even if they meet, they can’t fall in love…

Because between them is never possible!!!

Lewis Justin didn’t know how long he hadn’t drunk like this or how long he hadn’t drunk so much.

Back from the bar, it was already more than two o’clock in the morning.
Allison Ava also waited for nearly four hours for Justin in the Times Garden. She had already slept on the sofa in the lobby. When the entrance door began, Allison Ava on the sofa woke up.

A mellow smell of alcohol came out.


Allison Ava was surprised, and hurriedly walked over to support Lewis Justin, who was almost unsteady on the road, “Justin, what’s the matter? Why did you drink such alcohol…?”

Lewis Justin just shook his head in a daze, his expression a little bit painful.

“Justin, I will help you up…”

Allison Ava didn’t know what happened to Lewis Justin. She only knew that after he came back from Hong Kong, he had been in a low mood. Asking David and other subordinates, everyone just avoided answering.

But the only thing that made her happy was that after that, she had never seen Dixon Lily’s shadow again.

Allison Ava helped Lewis Justin to lie down on the bed, but she could only hear the murmur until the lips of Lewis Justin overflowed vaguely…

They shouted, but they were all…


“What qualifications do you have to play with this young master…?”

“What is your ability to make this young master play around?”

His voice was still a little choked.

Allison Ava froze.

Almost she can’t believe Lewis Justin at this moment.

Even lying down, even drunk…

She could feel the pain in Lewis Justin’s heart at this moment, and the emotional collapse!!!


He fell in love with that “female” named Dixon Lily!!!

Moreover, love is painful…

That is a kind of helpless pain!!!


There were tears in her eyes.

Maybe she’s distressed, or…unwilling!!!

Lewis Justin didn’t know how long he murmured, and soon he fell asleep faintly.


Allison Ava tried to call him softly, but there was still no response.

Reaching out, taking off his clothes one by one for him, revealing his strong and neat muscles, Allison Ava couldn’t help but poke his skin…

The perfect touch on her hand made Allison Ava tremble all over.

In the next moment, she suddenly seemed to remember something.

A calculated chuckle overflowed her lips.

Lips, pasted on the chest muscles of Lewis Justin’s sex-sensing, and holding Lewis Justin’s mobile phone in her hand, were recording their loving lingering process.

The sultry lips, walking through every part of his skin, kissing his neck, the cool lips…

The man below her was still asleep, and he didn’t mean to wake up at all.

After only a few minutes of recording, Allison Ava pressed the stop button with satisfaction.

She quickly found Dixon Lily’s call on his mobile phone, Allison Ava smiled coldly, and directly posted the video without hesitation.

“I am willing to chase for you, chase dreams back, continue to write the end of the story, chase for you, do not regret day and night, whether there is a chance, can learn for love, no longer back…”

In the night, the familiar and sad cell phone ringing awakened Allen Bella from her sleep.

Opened her wistful eyes and went to get the phone next to the pillow.

Open it, it’s a text message.

The hand trembled for a second.

Because the sender turned out to be…

Lewis Justin!!!

It’s so late, is there anything he wants to do with her?

Allen Bella smiled sadly, she thought he should have lost her phone number…

The fingers were stiff for a second, and the next moment, when she pressed the open button, her expression was completely frozen.

On the phone display…

Not a word, but a video!

A video of Lewis Justin’s love with a “woman”…

And that “female” is… Allison Ava.

The “female” whom he loved so much in the past…

Or she is the “woman” he loves very much now.

The things he had said to her in the past…

He just coaxed her into his trap!!!

Turn off the video, and turn off the phone directly.

Only then did she realize that her fingers were already stiff and numb.

Put it chaotically into the quilt, tell herself that you don’t have to think about anything, you don’t have to think about anything…

However, even with her eyes closed, the scene in the video seems to have been deeply ingrained in her mind, and it disturbed her…

Heart, like a knife…

The pain is obvious!

As a result, even tears began to roll in the eyes.

However, she refused to let the tears flow down…

So be it!!!

She told herself!

Since then, between them…

There is no way back!

Fair enough!!!

At least, it can also make her die.

Throughout the night, Allen Bella spent the whole night in her chaotic thoughts and tears that she refused to shed.

She woke up in the morning and looked at the two obvious panda eyes in the mirror.

Rubbing water on her cheeks, she felt better.

Today will be another boring day…

Allen Bella nestled on the sofa in a daze. Suddenly, the phone rang, and Allen Bella was taken aback for a while before she answered.

It turned out to be a call from Lewis Justin’s chief lawyer.

“Hello there.”

“Hello, Miss Allen, I’m here to inform you that Mr. Lewis has withdrawn the lawsuit against you. Congratulations.”

“Ah…thank you!”

Allen Bella opened her mouth wide in surprise, but she couldn’t recall the sudden good news.

Allen Bella apologized and hung up.

After finally being calm, the ripples swelled again…

However, when such ripples passed through her heart, the pain made her almost convulsive.

Just as Allen Bella was in a daze, suddenly, the cell phone ringing next to her rang again.

This time it was Brook Mark’s call.


Allen Bella fought for a long time but finally took his call.


On the other end, it was Brook Mark’s voice, and his tone was still the same as his usual, faint, with a little warm smell.

Chapter 716

This is the first time Brook Mark called her after her identity was exposed.

“Well… I’m here.”

Allen Bella subconsciously shrank her petite body and curled up together.

“Not coming to school anymore?”


The dialogue between them seemed very dry.

It’s not like they used to be.

“Where are you now?”

“At home.”

“Day off?”

His question made Allen Bella a little embarrassed, “Well, I have been on vacation recently…”

“Oh, that’s fine.” Brook Mark answered clearly, “Or, come out for a meal!”

Allen Bella hesitated, but finally nodded, “Okay.”

The two agreed to meet at a restaurant.

Allen Bella cleaned herself up quickly and went out.

On the bus, Allen Bella sat by the window, looking bored at the scenery passing by the window…

Heart, but still can’t bring up any interest.

At this moment, only a scream was heard suddenly, and the next moment, there was a “crack”, a piercing sound of a sudden brake, and a “bang”, Allen Bella’s whole body moved forward without obstruction. After hitting it, her head hit the back of the chair in front of her, and she suddenly came back to her senses.

The bus stopped suddenly.

Looking forward suspiciously, she discovered that a row of black commercial vehicles had blatantly intercepted the bus.

In the car, a group of men in black clothes rushed down.

In their hands, all of them are holding guns!

Allen Bella had a bad premonition, and her heart froze, and the palm of her hand was cold.


In the car, there were repeated screams of horror, and everyone was so scared that their faces were pale, and some even cried on the spot.

The door of the bus was pushed open.

The men in black rushed in.

The guns pointed directly at the passengers in the car, and every man was expressionless, without any waves in his eyes.

Such people are usually well-trained.

Allen Bella knew almost without thinking that this was from the Nine Union Press!!!

It’s for her!!!


The leading man in black suddenly approached her.

“Miss Allen, come with us!”

Without blinking her eyelids, Allen Bella got up and followed them out.

Because she knows that today, she must go!

This group of men is much smarter than the previous group.

They hijacked themselves on the bus, but used the lives of so many people on the bus to blackmail her! Presumably, if she dared to say no words today, there would probably be dead or injured in this car!

Everyone knows the decisive skill of Nine Associated Press!

To them, killing a few people is like pinching ants to death!

And she, as a policeman, the first task is to ensure the safety of citizens!

Therefore, today she has to follow them!!!

“I got in the car with you and let them go.” When Allen Bella got out of the car, she said humanely to the leader beside her.

Of course, the men in black in the car didn’t even mean to get off.

“Of course, we only need you, Miss Allen, to cooperate with us obediently, and we will naturally let them go! However, I think we may have to wait until we escort Miss Allen to our boss safely before we are at ease!”

The man in charge of the team smiled deeply, and his muzzle was on Allen Bella’s back, and he let out a cold growl, “Take the people in the car away! Only let them go after you get the news!”


The men in black were ordered to hold everyone in the car together.

“You…” Allen Bella was furious!

“Miss Allen, please rest assured, as long as you obediently cooperate with us, I promise we will never hurt this group of people! But if you are not obedient…”

The people of the Nine Union Press have always been careful in their minds. When encountering such tricky things as the police, they usually arrange things without omission.

Allen Bella was captured by them and got into the business car.

Today she is like the meat on the cutting board, even if she wants to resist, she can do nothing!!!

She just doesn’t know, what kind of hurt and pain will meet her later…

For a whole day, Brook Mark did not connect to Dixon Lily, and her cell phone was always turned off. Inexplicably, He was a little uneasy, always feeling that something was going to happen.

In the evening, Brook Mark finally got the news.

Dixon Lily was captured by the Robin, and now, whether she is alive or dead, her whereabouts are unknown.

Late at night…

Allen Bella has been locked in a dark room with a big iron gate for a whole day.

It was already night, and when Allen Bella thought that at least tonight would be safe to spend, she suddenly heard a “wow”, and the big iron gate was suddenly opened.

A group of men in black rushed in suddenly.

“Take her away!”

Before she could react, Allen Bella was taken out by a group of men holding guns.

She frowned, particularly disliked this feeling.

But she did not struggle, nor did she ask them where to take herself.

She was too lazy to ask because perhaps she realized early on that what she was about to face would not be a good thing.

However, Allen Bella never expected that she would face such a cruel scene…

She was dragged to a big table by a group of men, her hands and feet tied up, she couldn’t move at all, she could only let them play with herself.

And there was a small saber in front of her hands. Next to the saber were shards of glass, each of which had very distinct water chestnuts.

Even just looking at them, Allen Bella can deeply feel their sharpness…

At this moment, she was as if her skin had been penetrated by these fragments, and her hands trembled because of the pain.

Her heart paused a few traces of panic but quickly calmed down.

Waiting coldly for the man next to her, “What do you want to do?”

The man preparing the table and chairs snorted coldly, “What are we going to do, you won’t know later?”

“Lewis Justin!!”

Allen Bella just wanted to say something, but suddenly, she heard a respectful voice, and a familiar tall figure came out of the night.

There was a cold breath from all over him.

The gaze fell on Allen Bella’s bound body, his eyes tightened, revealing a dangerous light.

He did not speak and sat down on the chair directly in front of Allen Bella.

The biting gaze swept over Allen Bella’s pale and questioning face, and finally settled on the glass shards in front of her arm and the small saber, and his sharp eyes instantly became extremely cold.

It’s like freezing like ice, without the slightest temperature.

At that moment, even Allen Bella felt that the cold air radiating from him made people shudder!

Allen Bella never thought that the person who came tonight turned out to be Lewis Justin!

However, she believed that she was never caught by this man!!!

Because before, he had too many opportunities to hurt her, and he didn’t need to take this step!

Only in the next moment, Lewis Justin’s words made Allen Bella’s heart cold slightly…

“You guys start!”

He spoke faintly and looked indifferent.

Probed the hand, took the hot tea on the table, took a shallow sip, never looked at the opposite Allen Bella again.

But the phone he put on the table kept ringing.

He did not listen.

Because the person who called is Brook Mark!!!

Lewis Justin’s words are like a sentence…

In an instant, a few men swarmed up and the tall figure stood in front of Allen Bella.

“Say! Where did you take our shipment?”

A more wretched-looking man asked Allen Bella coldly.

“What is it?” Allen Bella asked them coldly.

Her heart is more suspicious.

“What kind of stuff? Don’t pretend to be garlic! Don’t say it, let’s stop blaming some of our brothers for not knowing protective feelings today!” The worrisome-trivial man said weirdly.

Allen Bella looked at Lewis Justin in confusion.

Lewis Justin indifferently put down the teacup in his hand, glanced at Allen Bella, who was suspicious on her face, and reminded, “Yesterday when we were trading, your police seized a batch of white powder. The people below said that your team did it! Girl! If you want to know, let’s just say it! You also suffer less.”

His faint tone was like an exhortation.

However, Allen Bella’s heart was so cold…

It feels like telling her that if she doesn’t say it, the next thing waiting for her is the unbearable suffering!

“Unfortunately, I just don’t know…”

She didn’t know.

She has been on vacation lately, and she still knows these things.

“Lewis Justin, her mouth is very hard! It seems we need to use some criminal laws!!”

Lewis Justin didn’t even glance at them here, but said lightly, “You can figure it out!”

However, the hand holding the teacup was squeezed very tightly, and there was an appalling paleness between the five fingers.


After receiving the order, the man quickly picked up the small saber on the table, and without hesitation, he dashed towards Allen Bella’s little hand resting on the table.


Drops of blood overflowed from Allen Bella’s fingers, and She screamed in pain.

The eyebrows were tightly furrowed, and the pale lips trembled a little, but she didn’t forget to yell, “Asshole! I said…I don’t know…Ah…”

Allen Bella was only halfway through her words, and suddenly, she felt a tingling pain in her arm.

Looking intently, it turned out that the army-green glass piece had been inserted deeply into her arm. Through the clothes, blood was constantly overflowing, and the pain made her almost crying.

Oh shit!!!

“I don’t know!! I don’t know!! You bastards!! I would never tell you if I knew it!! What does it mean to chop me? Even if you kill me, the answer is still the same!! I don’t know, no know!!!”

Allen Bella exclaimed excitedly.

The eye sockets were red, and tears were rolling in the bottom of the eyes.

It hurts, but it’s not a wound…

But the heart!!!

Looking at the cold and decisive face on the opposite side, Allen Bella seemed to have seen the decisive man that day again!

Let her be trampled by other men, and he, just like a passerby, stood aside and admired without feeling!!!

This feeling, once again, deeply hurt Allen Bella…

Her heart, like a knife, hurts terribly!!!

“Don’t tell me, you don’t want to go out alive today!!”


As the man spoke, he once again stabbed Allen Bella’s arm severely.

On the other side, Lewis Justin remained silent, tasting the tea in his cup.

Even with indifferent eyes, he didn’t even look at Allen Bella here…

“Lewis Justin, she still refuses to say…”

The man can’t, come and ask him.

And he still said, “You figure it out…”

“Mom!! It seems hard is not good, I can only come to soft!!”

With a curse, the man untied his waistband and walked over to Allen Bella.

At this moment, Allen Bella has already lost a trace of strength, and even screaming has become a difficult task.

Her hand was almost numb, and she could hardly feel any pain.

And the red blood has already dyed her whole body…

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