The Warmest Romance Chapter 1515 -1516

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Chapter 1515

With these words finished, ye Wan’er was quiet for a moment. Soon, she responded, shook her head and said, “impossible! Absolutely impossible! He loves me! He loves me

The more she spoke, the more angry she was, and the more hatred she felt in her voice. Suddenly, she sprang at Ruan Shishi with her teeth and claws open. Ruan Shishi moved to the side and directly avoided her attack. At this time, when her subordinates saw the situation here, they immediately stepped forward and held ye Wan’er down.

Ye Wan’er’s constant struggle, hysterical roar, “Ruan poetry! You have to die! It’s not easy to die! “

Ruan Shishi took a deep look at her. Her eyes were clear, without any extra feelings, sympathy, hesitation, and unbearable.

If she had seen a young woman dragged away like this and sent to prison, she would have pity. But now, when she knows what kind of person ye Wan’er is, she doesn’t feel sad at all.

She knows that now that ye Wan’er has come to this stage of her own sin, the result is the biggest punishment for her. She doesn’t need to punish her any more, and the prison life will make her suffer.

Looking at ye Wan’er being dragged into the car and leaving, Ruan Shishi is relieved. Now, the feud between her and ye Wan’er should be over, right?

There was a moment of peace in her heart. She took a deep breath and was calm.

Boom!! A loud noise exploded in his ear. Ruan Shishi’s body trembled violently. He turned around and looked back in confusion. The fragments of the explosion in the direction of the workshop splashed everywhere, and the smoke rose into the air.

“Hum –” the sharp sound rang out in Ruan Shishi’s ear canal. Her ears were temporarily deaf, and the world was suddenly quiet. She couldn’t hear any sound, but could only see the crowd there. The people who had been guarding outside were anxious, running and flustered

A few seconds later, a face suddenly flashed in Ruan Shishi’s mind, and her consciousness revived. She opened her mouth in shock, raised her feet and walked towards the factory building. Her step became faster and faster. Finally, she even ran.

“Yu Yimo Yu Yimo… “

She recited the name silently, rushed to the group of people who hesitated and did not dare to come forward, grabbed a person and asked, “Yu Yimo Has Yu Yimo come out yet? “

The man looked at her in confusion and shook his head.

What does she mean by shaking her head? You don’t know the situation? Or did Yu Yimo not come out?

In an instant, a huge fear enveloped her heart. She held back the shaking of her body, grabbed another person and asked, “Yu Yimo! Has he come out yet

Asked one after another, no one dare to give her a positive answer, until Su Yucheng came over, see her this way, tone suddenly choked, “old Yu He…”

Ruan Shishi’s feet softened, and his eyes swept Su Yucheng, then immediately shook his head, “I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it

With that, she walked quickly towards the gate of the factory and muttered to herself, “I’m going to find him! Get him back! “

She said, tears have been silent slide down.

The gate of the factory building has been blasted into a pile of rubble, blocking the entrance. Even if you want to rush in to save people, it’s very difficult.

Over there, Su Yucheng has let his men close to check the situation. As soon as he looks back, he sees that she rushes toward the gate. Her face is suddenly gloomy. He quickly catches up with Ruan Shishi and pulls her back several steps.

Chapter 1516

“You are crazy!” He glared angrily, and his forehead was blue. “If you want to die, think about your two children! The professional rescue team has gone. What’s the matter with you? “

His roar made Ruan Shishi wake up a little. Her body trembled slightly, her eyes were tearful, and she looked at the direction of the factory vaguely, and her body was cold inch by inch.

She never felt so far away from Yu Yimo.

There have been many times, she wanted to stay away from him, escape from him, but at this moment, she just wanted to see his face, just want to see him safe and sound in front of him.

As time went by, she stood at the gate, watching the rescue team around the periphery of the explosion slowly approaching the inside, exploring, without any waves in her eyes.

At this moment, she does not have any emotional ups and downs on the surface, but the tightly twisted hands have shown her tension.

About 20 minutes later, the leader of the rescue team came quickly and reported the latest situation to Su Yucheng, “the situation is not very good. The damage on the scene is serious. From the scene, someone should have deployed a bomb here in advance, just to blow up the factory, and the factory here has been in disrepair for some years. Once it exploded, it was smashed. I’m afraid the people inside…”

Ruan Shishi stumbled forward and asked, “I’m afraid what?”

The captain of the rescue team was embarrassed and moved his lips. Finally, he said, “I’m afraid there will be more misfortune than good luck…”

The four words “more evil than good” were like a mountain, which pressed Ruan’s heart and made her almost breathless.

Her heart slowly contracted, and the feeling of suffocation became more and more obvious. Her chest heaved up and down because of the big breath, and the pain came to her heart.

In those 20 minutes, she was still looking forward to a miracle, but now the rescue team leader’s words just let her fall to hell.

She took a deep breath, gritted her teeth and said, “I don’t believe it…”

He had survived so many dangerous moments before, and this time she didn’t believe he was gone.

She tried to control the tears in her eyes and walked towards the ruins. Her legs were as heavy as lead. Every step was very hard.

Su Yucheng over there, looking at her lost figure, couldn’t help frowning. His eyes swept over the ruins, and some complex emotions flashed through his eyes.

As a good brother who has known Yu Yimo for many years, how can he easily accept this result? But that’s it

He slowly clenched his hand, looked up at the rescue team leader and said, “please continue to search and rescue. If he is still alive, there is more hope to find him earlier.”

The rescue team leader hesitated for a moment, then nodded, quickly turned around and immediately went to command his men.

At the same time, Su Yucheng turned to Du Yue, who looked gloomy on the other side, and said in a low voice, “no one will give up until the last moment. For the safety of Ruan Shishi, you follow her.”

Du Yue looked back and heard Su Yucheng say so. His eyes flashed. Then he nodded firmly and walked quickly towards Ruan Shishi.

Ruan Shishi’s steps are heavy, so it’s hard to walk. As she gets closer to the ruins, she feels heavier and heavier in her heart. closer to her, she can even smell the smell of gunpowder in the air. The surrounding air seems to be gray, and everything is full of death.

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