The Warmest Romance Chapter 1517 -1518

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Chapter 1517

Suddenly, a scene flashed through her mind.

As early as half an hour ago, ye Wan’er was pulled out of the car and looked at her with blood all over her head. She cursed her and Yu Yimo, and even her four words “not to die well” echoed back and forth in her mind.

Did she really answer the four words she said? It’s hard to die It’s hard to die

She was so lost that she tripped over a brick and almost fell down.

In an instant, all the repressed emotions broke out at this moment, and the hot tears fell down and blurred the sight.

Ruan Shishi clenched her fist and yelled in the direction of the ruins, “Yu Yimo! Come back! I know you are! “

She said hoarsely, “as long as you come back, I promise to be with you again! I’ll tell Samson who their real dad is! As long as you come back! I just want you back… “

“Yu Yimo! I know you’re lucky! As long as you come back! I promise everything you ask! I’ll do it all! “

She almost hysterical toward the pile of ruins shouting, but only to respond to her death like silence.

Ruan Shishi’s body softened. She squatted down slowly and sat on the ground, burying her face between her knees and arms

Is that the man she loved all along gone?

Just as the great pain and despair enveloped her a little bit, a male voice came from behind, “are you serious?”

Ruan Shishi’s twitching body shook, she looked up, her face still hung with crystal tears, she inhaled deeply, slowly turned back.

Two meters away, the man she was most eager to see was standing there at this moment, with wound on his face, blood on his body, tired face, but his eyebrows and eyes were full of tenderness and smile that could drown people

His appearance, like the most shining light, instantly illuminated everything around.

Ruan Shishi almost stood up in a panic, “you…”

Before she could say a word, tears had already poured out. She stumbled forward and touched the man’s real generous body. She sobbed, “you What’s wrong with you? “

Yu Yimo’s eyes are deep and full of true feelings. “How can I have an accident for you?”

At that moment, Ruan Shishi couldn’t restrain his impulse any more. He opened his arms and hugged him tightly, “is this an illusion…”

Yu Yimo covered her back with warm palms and comforted her in a low voice, “no…”

For a moment, all kinds of emotions rush to Ruan Shishi’s heart. She holds Yu Yimo’s hand and wants to say something excitedly. But as soon as she stands firm, her mind will be dizzy. When it’s dark, she will be dizzy.


Yu Yimo hugs her and looks at the woman who passed out. He shouts anxiously towards Su Yucheng and Du Yue, “stand by! Go to the hospital

Ruan Shishi had a long and painful nightmare.

In the dream, the leader of the rescue team takes someone to dig up the factory building, and finally finds a body that has been smashed, which is indistinguishable. The rescue team asks the family to claim it. She finds a ring on the ring finger of her left hand.

That ring, she can’t be more familiar with. It was once worn when she married Yu Yimo

She lost her voice in pain, but she could only watch the corpse being carried away. Finally, the scene turned into a crematorium of the funeral home. She watched the corpse being thrown into the fire. In an instant, the tongue of fire spread and devoured everything

Chapter 1518

She trembled and opened her eyes. The first thing that came into her eyes was a white ceiling. She gasped and tried to calm herself.

The afternoon sun is still a little dazzling, a ray of sunlight through the curtain did not pull tight in the shot in, hit the house a few beams of light and shadow.

Ruan Shishi turned his head, and his eyes passed the light and shadow on the wall, slowly moving to the other side.

On the other side of the room, parallel to her, there was another bed. The man on the bed was painted with the most familiar face.

Ruan Shishi’s heart suddenly accelerated to beat. She inhaled deeply and quietly looked at the handsome side face of the man.

Is she still dreaming? Is this a dream in a dream?

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, bit her teeth, slowly supported her body with her arms, sat up, slowly got out of bed and walked towards the next hospital bed.

Everything is so real. Ruan Shishi approaches him and touches his cheek with his fingers. The touch is real.

Looking at the wound wrapped up in his forehead and the cyanosis of his mouth, she took a deep breath and slowly lay on the side of his bed, reached out another hand and touched the tip of his nose. Her fingertips felt the warm breathing.

A few seconds later, she took back her hand, her heart was still shrouded in a bit of worry, and she would not give up and put her head on his left chest, quietly listening to his heartbeat.

“Plop!” “Plop!” The heart beat was strong and powerful, and the speed was balanced. Ruan Shishi listened and held his hand gently. He felt more at ease, but tears fell from the corner of his eyes.

She’s looking forward to this moment. It’s not easy.


Suddenly, two coughs came from her head. Ruan Shishi looked up and saw that Yu Yimo had opened her eyes and looked at her angrily and funny. “I thought it was a ghost, but I didn’t think it was you.”

Say, He Mou bottom again a few cent meaning unclear smile, “so think of me?”

Ruan Shishi breathed a sigh of relief and murmured to himself, “originally It’s not a dream… “

It’s true! He’s really alive, healthy and clear headed!

But at the thought of the ruins, she felt a burst of depression and palpitation.

At that time, she thought he was gone! Despair, despair! But I didn’t expect that there would be twists and turns of the road, the willows are dark and the flowers are bright

Nose acid, she raised her hand is a fist hammer on his shoulder, “you obviously have no accident, why don’t hurry back to find me! Scared me… “

Words did not finish, tears have fallen.

Yu yimosheng coughs in pain after being punched by her, but his eyes are more tender. He reaches out his hand to encircle her and hugs her tightly.

“You really misunderstood me. Why don’t I want to see you earlier…”

Then he seemed to think of something. His eyes were dim for a few minutes, and his voice was low and deep. “I just came out from the back door of the factory, and there was an explosion inside. I was stunned by the impact of the explosion at that time. After waking up, I found that I had nothing to do except some skin injuries. When I got to the gate, it was still late…”

He raised his hand, palms gently over her hair, voice soft a lot, “hurt you worried, sorry…”

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