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Chapter 1519

Ruan Shishi’s heart suddenly softened, and a warm current emerged. She inhaled deeply, hugged Yu Yimo, and shook her head slightly, “I don’t blame you…”

It’s the biggest surprise for her that he can come back alive. Besides, she doesn’t want anything.

After holding him quietly for a while, she felt the warmth from him, and her heart became more and more stable. Then Ruan Shishi slowly relaxed. She inhaled deeply and asked softly, “Yugu Beihe…”

Yu Yimo’s body is obviously stiff and “dead.”

It was the expected answer, but Ruan felt that some unclear emotions were surging in his heart.

Without waiting for her to ask, Yu Yimo began to say, “my life was given by Lu Xiaoman. It was she who saved me that made me escape.”

Listening to Yu Yimo’s general description of the scene at that time, Ruan’s complex emotions are intertwined and hard to recall.

It turns out that after entering the factory building, Yu Yimo sees Yu Gubei and sensenshasha, and is threatened by Yu Gubei to exchange his life for senshasha’s.

The two negotiate, fight, and finally move. Several of Yu Gubei’s men are dead, and Yu Yimo is also injured. At the same time, Yu Gubei instructs other men to leave with Sensen Shasha and fight with Yu Yimo alone.

Both men tried their best to kill each other. In the end, because Yu Yimo had been hurt, he was defeated by Yu Gubei. Just when he was covered with blood and was hit by Yu Gubei again and again, Lu Xiaoman rushed forward and stabbed him with a sharp dagger My left chest.

Before Yu Gubei loses consciousness, he presses the time bomb button prepared in advance and vows to pull him to death. It is Lu Xiaoman who tells him that Sensen Shasha has been rescued and points out the nearest exit. Only in this way can he escape from death.

Everything is obviously more dangerous than Ruan’s imagination. Listening to Yu Yimo’s understatement, Ruan feels depressed.

I didn’t expect The end of the matter is to such an end, and Lu Xiaoman, after all, paid off the favor owed to her.

A sour heart, Ruan Shishi heart uncomfortable, will face buried in Yu Yimo’s chest, let the tears flow silently.

Yu Yimo held out his hand, patted her on the back and said softly, “I’ve experienced so much, but fortunately, it’s all worth it.”

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi did not hesitate and immediately nodded.

Waiting for the woman to release her emotion a little bit, at last, Yu Yimo reaches out her hand, gently raises her chin, takes out a few pieces of paper and wipes her tears from the corners of her eyes, and says softly, “stop crying, at least our ending is good, isn’t it?”

Ruan Shishi wanted to cry and laugh. Finally, she pulled her lips and nodded with a bitter smile.

Yu Yimo hooked the corner of her lips, held out her hand and gently picked up her face, and asked in a soft voice, “is that what you said at that time still counting?”

Ruan Shiwei was stunned. For a moment, his brain was short circuited, and he didn’t want to understand what he was saying.

Yu Yimo looked at her bewildered and lovely face, with a deeper smile at her eyes, and reminded her, “what you said at the gate of the factory.”

After such a reminder, Ruan Shishi suddenly realized that what he said was

Chapter 1520

“As long as you come back, I promise to be with you again! I’ll tell Samson who their real dad is! As long as you come back! I just want you back… “

At that time, the words she called there flashed through her mind like incantations, and her cheeks turned red, and she felt a little embarrassed.

Where did she expect to get what she said from the bottom of her heart? She was heard clearly by the client. How could she say that? She felt a little ashamed!

She looked back awkwardly, just to Yu Yimo’s smiling eyes, and her cheeks became hotter. She looked away and said, “I forgot everything.”

Yu Yimo chuckled, raised her hand, pinched her small face and straightened it. “You said you wanted to remarry with me, and you also said you wanted to tell senshasha personally that I was their father.”

Ruan Shishi only felt that his blood was surging up and his throat was tight, “who Who said that? I didn’t say that

Yu Yimo pinched her soft and smooth face and said, “do you want to deny it?”

Looking at Ruan Shishi’s face, he chuckled. His eyes swept the door of the ward, and suddenly he burst out laughing, “everyone can hear it. You can’t try to cheat me.”

Ruan’s rhetorical question was “nonsense! Who heard that? “

As soon as her voice fell, there was a tumultuous sound of “kicking, kicking, kicking” at the door of the ward. Sensen and Sasha came in one after another, rushed to the bedside, grabbed Ruan Shishi’s clothes, and said with one voice, “Mom, we all heard it!”

Ruan Shishi was in a daze, looking at the villain who suddenly appeared, confused.

Shasha nestles up to Yu Yimo and smiles lovingly. She persuades her to say, “Mom, just promise Dad!”

Sen Sen nodded and agreed, “yes, yes! Promise Dad

Ruan Shishi looks confused and looks at the two little guys changing their words and calling Yu Yimo as her father. She is surprised, “you…”

Yu Yimo smiles and confesses to her, “in fact, I woke up once before you woke up. Sensenshasha came to see you and asked me a lot of questions, so I told them all…”

Looking at the two little guys, Ruan Shishi was angry and laughing.

I didn’t expect that they would unite with Yu Yimo so soon. How could she swallow this tone?

Looking at sensensa, she suddenly reached out and scratched their armpits. “Well, you two little traitors, dare to betray me! See how I punish you

“Ah ha ha! Mom, I’m wrong! I dare not next time

“Please, please! Mom, I surrender, Dad, help me! Ha ha ha, how itchy

“Good! I hold mom! Come and scratch her

“Ah ha ha! Good, Dad


For a moment, the room was filled with laughter, as clear as a bell. The laughter flew out of the window, rippling in the wind

Ruan Shishi laughed to tears, but at this moment, she is extremely satisfied. This moment is her happiest moment in these years!

From now on, they will be her family. She will hold their hands tightly and never let go again!


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