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Chapter 641

The maid was shocked.

Today’s domestic servants who do not know, that was brought back by the young secretary Ruan has been the master and wife out! Isn’t it hard for her to take pictures?

Besides, my wife specially told them not to talk nonsense, but now

The maid’s voice trembled, “I dare not…”

Yu Yimo’s brows tightened and his voice was cold, “dare you? I asked you to go. Why don’t you dare? “

The maid was so frightened that she almost cried, “Secretary Ruan, she She’s gone. “

“What?” Yu Yimo’s body is stiff, “gone?”

How is that possible?

She was still injured, only half a day, the wound did not scab, the family doctor specifically told the first few days can not move, to rest, she now go, will certainly lead to the wound, causing secondary injury!

“I I don’t know At noon, the master and his wife went to the guest room. I didn’t know what to say, so Secretary Ruan left. When they left, they didn’t take the car arranged by the master. That’s all I know, young and old… “

Yu Yimo didn’t speak. He was silent for a long time, and his cold feeling became more and more obvious. A moment later, he glanced at the maid, and his voice was lighter. “You go out, I won’t say you said it.”

“Thank you very much.”

The maid said thanks and exited the room.

Yu Yimo frowned. What came to mind was what the maid said just now?

What did her father and he Shuping say to her, and let her leave directly regardless of her injuries?

He clenched his fist, propped himself up with his arms, and sat up from the bed.

He put on a shirt difficultly, accidentally involved in the back of the wound, pain immediately swept.

Yu Yimo frowned, buttoned up the sleeve of his shirt, dressed and walked to the door.

Every step, he can feel the muscles on his body will be involved in the back of the skin, at the same time, it is a sharp pain.

It still hurts.

He was a little impatient, let alone Ruan Shi.

There was a burst of anger in his heart. He stepped to the door, pushed it open and went out.

The maid at the door obviously didn’t expect him to come out suddenly. She was startled and said, “young and old, you should have a good rest…”

Can be compared to silence, put on a suit jacket and walk toward the stairs.

The servants were frightened and frightened, and immediately reported the news to Yu Qingshan who was in the study.

When Yu Qingshan and he Shuping arrive in a hurry, Yu Yimo has already come to the door and is changing his shoes.

Seeing this, Yu Qingshan immediately frowned and said coldly, “where are you going?”

Yu Yimo looks cold, “go to the hospital.”

He thought that no matter how severe his father was, he would let the injured woman stay at home for a few days. Unexpectedly, less than a day later, he would drive people away!

Yu Qingshan raised his eyebrows and flashed a glimmer of light in his old eyes. “If you have a family doctor, what do you do in the hospital? You are not healed. Go back and lie down for me! “

In a word, Yu Yimo suddenly stops his action. He looks up, his black eyes flicker, and a trace of ridicule passes by. “You know that the injury is not good, so why did you drive her away?”

Chapter 642

Yu Qingshan’s face was green, and his eyes were stern. “What do you mean? Blame me? “

Seeing this, he Shuping quickly came forward to comfort him, “Castle Peak, don’t get angry. I’m sure it’s not the meaning.”

Then she looked at Yu Yimo and gently explained, “Yimo, don’t be angry. That Secretary Ruan is going to leave herself. It has nothing to do with your father.”

“Is it?” Yu Yimo’s sharp eyes and eyebrows are covered with frost. “Didn’t you tell her something before she left?”

Yu Qingshan’s face was livid and trembling. “I think you are dazed for a woman! Go back to me! “

Yu Yimo was silent, put on his shoes, stood up and walked out.

Yu Qingshan said, “Yu Yimo, if you dare to go today! Don’t recognize me as a father

Hearing the sound, Yu Yimo steps, turns around, his eyes are cold and deep, “father, I’ve done something wrong and been punished. I don’t complain, but can’t you be more lenient to a woman?”

Leaving this sentence behind, he turned around and walked out quickly.

Yu Qingshan stood in the same place, angry and speechless.

On one side, he Shuping quickly raised her hand and stroked his back to help him feel comfortable, but her eyes flashed with joy.

Fight, fight. The more fierce the fight, the better!

Although she thought so in her heart, she was still understanding on the surface. “Qingshan, don’t be angry. Yimo just lost his head for a moment. When he calms down, he will definitely understand…”

“Hum!” Yu Qingshan glanced at the car and turned around. “It’s a white eyed wolf! Now the company is in a mess. He’s focusing on women! What a disappointment

He Shuping took him to the living room, comforted him, sat down and poured him a cup of tea. “Well, men will go through this stage, but it’s you. You can’t get angry!”

It took her a long time to persuade Yu Qingshan.

After a while, she quietly suggested, “Castle Peak, now the company has been in a mess. In this state, I’m afraid he’s not able to do what he wants, and he’s hurt again. Do you want to go out of the mountain again to shock the scene?”

“Back out of the mountain?” Yu Qingshan frowned, “then I will lose all my old face?”

At the beginning, he had high hopes for Yu Yimo, but he didn’t expect that such a thing happened now. When he came out of the mountain again, wouldn’t it prove that his son didn’t have this ability? At that time, in front of the company’s shareholders and senior management, it’s his old face!

He Shufen pretended to be worried and said, “what should I do then? The current situation of the company is that no one is in charge of the overall situation! “

Yu Qingshan frowned at the words, but he was also a little uncertain.

Now the company’s situation is really not optimistic, and Yu Yimo is in such a state, he is really worried.

Seeing that Yu Qingshan didn’t speak for a long time, he Shufen came up and said, “actually, I have an idea, and I don’t know if it’s right.”

“What do you think?”

He Shufen said softly, “I think we can let Gu Bei go to the earthquake scene first and give him the title of vice president. Anyway, he is also Yu Qingshan’s son. At that time, the shareholders and senior managers will know it. In contrast, he is also rational and can help Yimo through this difficulty.”

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