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Chapter 665

Aware of Du Yue’s recent abnormality, Yu Yimo picks his eyebrows and looks at him, “you and that song Yunan…”

He didn’t ask much about Du Yue’s return from Yicheng last time, but judging from his state, it’s probably a good result.

Sure enough, Du Yue raised his hand to scratch the back of his head and said shyly, “Ann and I are already together.”

Smell speech, Yu Yimo, the eye ground flits a silk fluctuation, hesitated for a while, light way, “is a good thing, it seems that later can’t always let you work overtime.”

Du Yue said with a smile, “the president can rest assured that I will not delay my work.”

Yu Yimo heard the speech and nodded slightly, indicating that he would go down.

After Du Yue left, Yu Yimo sat alone in the room with a little confusion.

I didn’t expect that Du Yue would take off the order earlier than him. Although ye Wan’er is his nominal girlfriend, his heart is more and more tangled. Is his love for ye Wan’er love or not.

He will take care of her as a sister, will accompany her when she is in the most painful time, will try every means to do surgery for her, but so much to say, only there is no kind of heart beating feeling, nor the kind of “love” feeling that Du Yue said.

Take back your thoughts, Yu Yimo looks at the documents piled on the desk like a hill, presses the brow, and transfers all your energy to work.

All afternoon, Ruan Shishi has been investigating about Jiang Huanchen. It sounds easy, but it’s hard to do.

Redeur, a fashion brand of Yu’s group, has developed well in the past two years. It is also a famous brand in the industry. It has its own characteristics and many artists who have cooperated with it.

In other words, I don’t know how many stars want to cooperate with Yu. However, Yu has just gone through a storm. There are many different opinions and the enthusiasm is not completely fading. At this time, it’s difficult to find artists to cooperate.

No one wants to be in the limelight and get in touch with Yu at this time. If the netizens on the Internet have opinions, it will also affect the artists themselves, so everyone will be cautious at this time.

After a busy afternoon, Ruan Shishi didn’t even find the contact information of Jiang Huanchen’s agent.

Suddenly, she thought of a person.

Just after work time, she immediately called song yun’an and asked her to come out.

Song yun’an is a member of the music circle. He knows a lot of people. Maybe he can get the contact information of Jiang Huanchen’s agent.

When song yun’an arrived at the meeting place, he mercilessly exposed Ruan Shishi and said, “come on, what can I do for you?”

Today, Ruan Shishi took the initiative to invite her to eat hot pot. As soon as she guessed, she knew that she must have something to ask her.

Ruan Shishi was seen through and laughed, “an an, you are so divine. How do you know I have something to look for you?”

Song yun’an haughtily raised his chin, “of course, I am so God, what’s the matter? To make you so anxious? “

Ruan Shishi didn’t want to make a fuss. He just made a long story short and told her about it.

Hearing this, song yun’an said, “you are really looking for the right person. I really have a friend who is in the entertainment industry. When the time comes, she should be able to ask.”

Hearing what an an said, Ruan Shishi seemed to see hope in an instant. With a big wave of his hand, he patted song yun’an on the shoulder. “Today’s beef, mutton roll and shrimp slip are up to you. It’s enough!”

Chapter 666

As soon as song yun’an heard it, his eyes lit up and he said subconsciously, “then I’ll call Du Yue to come here…”

As soon as the words came out, the table was suddenly quiet for a few seconds.

Ruan Shishi looks at Song yun’an in surprise, “An’an, you and Du Yue…”

Since Song Yunan came back from Yicheng last time, it was the first time they met. At the beginning, they had been talking about Jiang Huanchen, which made them forget about her and Du Yue.

“We’re together.” Song yun’an said, blushing. “I’m sorry to say that just now. I was going to give you a fright…”

As soon as Ruan Shishi heard it, he couldn’t help but say, “OK, Ann! When you have a boyfriend, you forget your best friend! “


They talked and laughed for a long time. Then they got down to business and talked about what happened in Yicheng at that time.

With that, song yun’an put down his cell phone and said, “he told me that he was busy and couldn’t come here. Recently, it seems that he has been preparing for the engagement ceremony, so…”

Song yun’an said half, this just suddenly reaction come over, voice a meal, hurriedly uneasy look to Ruan Shi.

When Ruan Shishi heard her talking about the engagement ceremony just now, her heart tightened. She bit her lip, looked at Song yun’an and asked, “when is the engagement ceremony sure?”

Song yun’an wants to hold his mouth directly. He really doesn’t want to talk about it!

“I heard Du Yue mention it unintentionally, as if it was Sunday this week.”

Ruan Shishi was surprised and unconsciously clenched her fist.

So fast, there are not many days left.

In the twinkling of an eye, Yu Yimo will become the bridegroom of other women.

There are some inexplicable emotions in my heart.

Song yun’an asked tentatively, “Shi Shi, are you ok? You won’t Do you still care about him? “

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi stirred up a smile and pretended to be relaxed, “what do you care? It’s very good. He and ye Wan’er are a good match… “

“Is it?” Song yun’an held out her hand and asked solemnly, “Shi Shi, is that what you mean?”

She is her best friend.

How can you not see that there is that man in Ruan Shishi’s heart.

Ruan Shishi takes a deep breath and smiles at Song Yunan, “of course, it’s time to turn over the previous things. Now Yu Yimo and ye Waner are engaged. Of course, I want to bless them!”

She said so, but her nose still turned sour.

Song yun’an knew clearly that he didn’t want to continue to ask. After sighing, he raised his hand and patted her on the back of her hand, and then changed the topic. “After I asked Jiang Huanchen’s agent’s contact information, I’ll send it to you directly. Don’t worry. To tell you the truth, I think his style and temperament are suitable for redeur.”

Ruan Shishi nodded, followed her to change the topic, and did not mention the matter just now.

At the end of a hot pot meal, song yun’an will take Ruan Shishi to go shopping again. After a tour, it’s not too early. The two separate and go back to their respective homes.

Early the next morning, Ruan received a message from Song yun’an, along with the contact information of Jiang Huanchen’s agent.

In an instant, Ruan Shishi almost jumped up in the excitement and sent several expression packs to song Yunan to express her gratitude.

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