The Warmest Romance Chapter 693 -694

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Chapter 693

Assistant Liu quickly explained, “Mr. Yu is receiving Mr. Huang. Let’s talk about it later.”

The man was not willing to beat around the Bush and directly opened the door to the mountain road. “Our department head asked for an emergency meeting and asked Mr. Yu to give us an explanation from the planning department, because that Ruan Shishi leaked the plan and wasted the work of our department. We don’t have to carry this pot!”

Ruan Shishi stood on the other side and suddenly heard his name. He was stiff and turned to look at the man.

The man was the assistant in charge of the planning department. When he saw Ruan Shishi, his face was suddenly gloomy, and he said, “there is no room for traitors like her in Yu’s group!”

Hearing this, assistant Liu frowned and said, “now I don’t know what the truth is, so I can’t make a decision too early. Moreover, the Technology Department says that the company’s email system has been hacked, and now it’s being urgently repaired. I believe that when Yu is busy, he will give an explanation to the planning department.”

Before she had finished speaking, the door of the Secretary’s room next to her was suddenly pushed open. An ran came out of the room with an ugly face. He looked at assistant Liu and said, “assistant Liu, why are you still standing here? Go and announce that the shareholders have requested an emergency meeting. “

Assistant Liu was stunned. He looked up at Ruan Shishi and took a deep breath. “OK, I’ll report it.”

With that, she walked to the reception room next to the president’s office, raised her hand and buttoned the door. Hearing a reply from inside, she pushed the door in and closed the door.

Ruan Shishi was standing there, his hands were cold.

She felt vaguely that things were moving in a direction beyond her control.

Within ten minutes, the door of the reception room opened and Yu Yimo came out with a gloomy and cold face and a chill in the bottom of his eyes.

He swept the people standing outside coldly, and his sight didn’t stay too much. Soon, he turned and looked back at Mr. Huang.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Huang, I made you laugh. There is an emergency in the company today, so I can’t accompany you. I’ll be the host some other day. Let’s have a good chat.”

That Huang always smile, waved a hand, “it doesn’t matter, a little bit of small things, that cooperation we again about time, today to go first.”

After a few words of greeting, Mr. Huang left with his assistant. Yu Yimo stood at the door, looking a little ugly.

When he was silent, the Department Assistant and other secretaries who came to apply for the meeting were also afraid to come out, waiting for him to speak first.

His eyes swept over Ruan Shishi, and then he told Du Yue behind him, “go to arrange and hold a meeting.”

“Yes.” Du Yue arranged it neatly.

Then she looked at Ruan and said, “come in with me.”

Ruan Shishi hesitated for a moment, his hand slightly tightened on his side, and he followed up.

Entering the office, the moment the door closed, Ruan’s heart sank a little.

Without waiting for her to look up and explain, the man’s voice with a chill suddenly rang out, “Why are you with him?”

As soon as Ruan Shishi was tight, she looked up at him in surprise. When she saw the thin layer of anger at the bottom of the man’s eyes, she gasped and replied, “I We met by chance

“When I meet you, I’ll go shopping together, have dinner together, and then send you home?” Yu Yimo’s anger surged to her heart, stepped forward and suddenly approached her, “Ruan Shishi, don’t you know what is reserved?”

Chapter 694

She said she was innocent, he can believe her, but others are different! There are so many people up and down the company, how many eyes and how many mouths. Everyone has seen the photo. No matter whether it’s a candid photo or not, she and Cheng Zixiao have come close! Everyone will suspect that she is the murderer who leaked the plan. Then he can’t even protect her!

Ruan Shishi was startled by the man who was suddenly angry. Her body trembled and her blood was boiling. When she came back, she felt the sense of humiliation.

She gritted her teeth. “Isn’t it reserved to go shopping and have dinner with the opposite sex? Have you and I reached the point of debauchery? “

Hearing the speech, Yu Yimo’s brow tightened, and his fierce anger rushed up to his throat, and finally retreated.

He stared at Ruan Shishi’s eyes and said in a low voice, “you know that the relationship between you and Cheng Zixiao is very sensitive to the leakage of the planning book. Why do you have to deal with him without scruple?”

How can he help her if she is like this?

Ruan’s heart was too tight to speak.

She and Cheng Zixiao did meet by chance. They didn’t think so much about it when they had dinner together. She thought Yu Yimo had been punished by the family law and she had been whipped. It was over, but I didn’t expect

At this time, Du Yue’s voice came from the door, “Mr. Yu, it has been arranged. Most of the shareholders and senior management have arrived, waiting for you.”

Yu Yimo took a deep breath and answered. He turned to Ruan Shishi and saw her black eyes. He hesitated a little and said, “you and Cheng Zixiao…”

Ruan Shishi knew what he wanted to say in his heart, and said firmly, “I really have nothing to do with him, let alone divulge the plan to him.”

Yu Yimo’s eyes were dark, and he heard, “OK, I’ll try my best.”

Try to protect her.

With that, he turned and walked out with his long legs. When he got to the door, he left behind a sentence, “come with me.”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, gritted his teeth, and followed.

This challenge from senior shareholders will come sooner or later.

When she comes out of the CEO’s office, Ruan Shishi follows Yu Yimo and goes to the conference room. When she gets to the door of the conference room, she can still hear the loud sound of gongs and drums. But when the tall man in front of her walks into the room, all the voices stop abruptly.

Then she went in, tightening her heart to the complicated eyes of all the people, unconsciously a little nervous.

Most of the people in the meeting room were familiar to Ruan Shishi, but somehow, facing their eyes, she just felt that she was seen through.

“At your request, I’ll come to the meeting.”

Yu Yimo goes straight to the throne and sits down, looking down at the crowd coldly.

There was a moment of silence in the meeting. After a moment, a man with a bit of decapitation took the lead in saying, “Mr. Yu, when the plan was just leaked, you said in the meeting that you would give us an account, but up to now, we haven’t all waited for it!”

He said, but also intentionally or unintentionally glanced at Ruan Shi.

Someone nearby echoed, “yes, although the company’s situation is stable now, after this incident, it has also lost a lot. These mistakes must be borne by someone.”

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