The Warmest Romance Chapter 695 -696

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Chapter 695

“Yes, that’s right!”


Broken voice sounded, we all consciously or unconsciously look at Ruan poetry, meaning self-evident.

A bold head of the Department said, “Mr. Yu, I really want to give you an account of this matter. The 700 million project has gone to waste in this way. Moreover, it’s because our company has an insider and sent it to you through the company’s e-mail. Now if we don’t give an account, I’m afraid the whole company can’t accept it.”

Yu Yimo’s brow tightened and his face became cold.

Now he can’t be more clear about the intentions of the people. Because of the leakage of the plan, everyone has a knot in their heart and can’t find anyone to vent their anger. Now that the email is suddenly sent out, the first person we suspect must be Ruan Shishi. There’s no doubt about that.

Yu Yimo said in a cold voice, “I said I would give you an explanation, but it doesn’t mean that I will push someone out to carry the pot.”

Someone said, “Mr. Yu, things have come to this point. Everyone’s heart is clear. There’s no need to protect anyone.”

Yu Yimo raised his chin slightly, and the cold light at the bottom of his eyes shot like a cold arrow, “tell me, who am I protecting?”

When he asked this question, the man was silent, glanced at Ruan Shishi, and did not dare to answer.

Seeing that the people were silent, Yu Yimo straightened up and said in a loud voice, “the company’s email system was suddenly hacked, and such a targeted email was sent out. What if someone deliberately blackened it? Do you want to call a deer a horse, black and white? “

Moreover, there are many doubts about the time when this email appeared. Moreover, it really doesn’t make sense to convict a person on the basis of these photos alone.

For a moment, there was some silence in the conference room.

After a long time, the decapitated man suddenly looked at Yu Gubei, who had never spoken, “vice president Yu, what do you think of this?”

Yu Gubei seems to have a kind of magic that makes people ignore him. When he doesn’t speak, everyone doesn’t notice him. Now that he is mentioned, everyone’s eyes look at him.

We all know that Yu Yimo and Yu Gubei don’t deal with each other. Now they leave this problem to Yu Gubei, obviously with some selfishness.

Yu Gubei chuckles and looks up at Yu Yimo, who is sitting in the main position. His mood is complicated at the bottom of his eyes.

“I’m not sure about it,” he said in a low voice

Ruan Shi Wen Yan, originally raised in the voice of the heart down a bit.

Nowadays, the most powerful person in the meeting room is Yu Yimo, followed by Yu Gubei. Yu Yimo speaks for her. If yu Gubei can also stand on her side, those senior executives and shareholders will not make any more troubles.

As soon as she breathed a sigh of relief, she heard Yu Gubei say, “I think it’s better for the chairman to decide this kind of thing.”

Who doesn’t know that Yu Qingshan is the chairman of Yu’s group. Since he handed over the company to Yu Yimo, he has hardly appeared in the company. Now, because of her, it is obviously complicating the matter to ask Yu Qingshan out of the company.

It doesn’t do her any good to come here.

Ruan Shishi looks at Yu Gubei in surprise. The man is still a gentle face with a smile on his face. It’s a smiling face to everyone.

He once helped her several times, and she thought he would be on her side this time, but she didn’t expect that things turned around.

Chapter 696

Yu Gubei’s saying this is equivalent to pouring a fire on the high-level people who had different opinions on Yu Yimo. They all agreed, “yes, please ask the chairman to deal with this matter.”

“Yes, yes! It’s a big deal for the whole company. If we don’t get rid of the thief, we can’t figure out what else to do in the future! “


Ruan Shishi stood aside and heard the words in a bad tone. The whole person seemed to be soaked in cold water and could not help shivering.

There, Yu Yimo looks at Yu Gubei coldly, and his hands on the table tighten a lot unconsciously.

He is really a good means. If he doesn’t fight, he will ask his father to come over. He will stand aside and watch the tiger fight.

He looked up at the crowd and said coldly, “there’s no need to disturb the chairman.”

“Mr. Yu, we all know that this is the little assistant who follows you. When you think about the old love, we will not say anything, but we will never allow traitors to stay in the company.”

“Yes! It’s more appropriate to ask the chairman of the board to solve the problem. “

“Yes, I agree.”

For a moment, everyone turned around and agreed with Yu Gubei.

Yu Gubei smiles but says nothing. He turns to Shao Zhuo and signals to him.

Shao Zhuo turns around and goes out of the meeting room. He comes back soon. He says something in Yu Gubei’s ear. Yu Gubei nods slightly, looks at the crowd and says, “in half an hour, the chairman will come here. Everyone will be calm and be sure to give you a satisfactory reply.”

Yu Yimo inhales deeply and his eyes are angry. But at this time, he has no choice but to wait for Yu Qingshan to come.

He turned to look at Ruan Shishi. When he saw the woman’s calm eyes, he was a little surprised. He drew back his eyes, looked at Du Yue, and whispered something.

Du Yue immediately nodded, let Ruan Shishi sit next to the wall and said in a soft voice, “the president asked me to tell you that you should tell the truth about you and Cheng Zixiao, and he will fight for the chance to find evidence to prove his innocence for you.”

Ruan Shishi bit his lower lip and looked at Yu Yimo with complicated eyes. His mood was heavy and stuffy.

Finally, she looked at Du Yue and said, “I’ll find a way.”

When Du Yue walked away, Ruan Shishi sat there, feeling like a needle on the back of his head. His hands held together did not know when they were sweating.

She can almost foresee the change of the situation after Yu Qingshan came. Originally, he didn’t like her. Now, in order to explain to the public, he will naturally abandon her without hesitation. He will listen to the opinions of shareholders, punish her, and even dismiss her.

If yu Yimo wants to protect her, he will definitely stand on the opposite side of Yu Qingshan. Then there will be a dispute between them.

She didn’t want to see Yu Yimo in a dilemma, and she didn’t want to be a burden to him. She gritted her teeth, racked her brains, thought about it again and again, and finally summoned up the courage to pick up her mobile phone and send a text message.

Sure enough, within half an hour, Yu Qingshan arrived at the company. He walked into the conference room, and everyone got up to say hello to him.

How to say, he was also the person who led the construction of Yu family. The old people knew him well, and the strangers were afraid of him. From the moment he entered the meeting room, everyone was silent.

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