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Chapter 1090

What’s more, now that the old man suddenly shows that he is a Chinese, Sheldon is a little caught off guard. Although he doesn’t know what this person intends, he can feel that he has no bad intentions .

Leaving from behind with Feixu, as expected, someone had already been waiting here.

Following this person, the two walked half a circle along the barren mountain.

“Mr. Sheldon, if you drive this car, you can drive to the front for a while and you will be able to leave our family from there.” The servant was very respectful to Sheldon. After speaking, he handed the car key to Chen. Singer.

“Thank you.” Sheldon didn’t say much.

It’s already night, and it will take at least three or four hours to get to the competition venue. If it is delayed, it may affect Feixu’s results.

After getting in the car, Sheldon stepped on the accelerator and galloped away.

In the car, Feixu couldn’t hold back the doubts in his heart, turned his head to look at Sheldon, and asked. “I don’t see that there is such a relationship between you and the Yamashita family.”

“To tell you the truth, I saw the Yamashita family for the first time today.” Sheldon shook his head and smiled. He hasn’t figured it out yet. What is the status of that old gentleman, why would he help himself, and why is he still a Chinese.

“Ah? Don’t you know each other?” Feixu was a little confused by Sheldon’s words.

“I’ve never seen this person before.” Sheldon just wanted to light a cigarette, thinking that Feixu had said before that he should smoke less, so he put down the cigarette case, “I will come back and take a look at the end of the game.”

“Well, I didn’t expect that there are still Chinese people in the Yamashita family, and he also met my father. Seeing how he talks, he should be quite familiar. My father has never mentioned this to me.” Fei Xu also has a stomach of doubts that has not been solved.

“Then wait until the game is over and come back together.” Sheldon nodded, he would rather know why this old man would help himself.

the other side.

After Hanoi Liu Gu made a phone call to his subordinates, he immediately returned to the house.

But as soon as he entered, he was immediately stunned. Sheldon and Feixu, who were sitting in front of him ten minutes ago, have long since disappeared, and only the old gentleman is still sitting there.

“Where did they go?” Seeing this scene, Hanoi Liugu immediately asked loudly.

“They just left.” The old man faintly raised his head, first drank the tea in his hand, and then said slowly.

“Gone?!” Hanoi Liugu’s expression instantly became distorted, and he clenched his fists uncontrollably. If he didn’t want to offend the Yamashita family, he would go straight to beat the old man in front of him.

“They are not tied to our family, can I stop them if they want to leave?” The old man continued to say slowly.

“I…” Hanoi Liugu just wanted to get angry, but it makes sense to think about what the other party said. Who is to blame? I can only blame him for just going out to call and let Sheldon and Erye Feixu catch him. This opportunity to escape.

So he took a few deep breaths, and patiently asked, “The old man, did you see where they left and where they went?”

Liugu in Hanoi was a little suspicious. He clearly stood in the yard and beat I didn’t see anyone leaving when I was on the phone, but it was impossible to hide people in such a small house without any room.

“I don’t know this. They just told me to leave, and didn’t say where to go.” The old man shook his head.

“Excuse me!”

Knowing that he couldn’t find out the whereabouts of any question, he immediately turned around and walked outside.

He knew in his heart that no matter what method Sheldon used to leave, he would definitely go to the special forces competition with Feixu. Then this matter could only come to an end. Although he was the leader of the family killer group, he did not dare to interrupt the battle. Ministry’s activities.

Moreover, it’s not just the special forces competition of their war department, but the world doesn’t know how many countries are watching there. Once troubles arise there, it may cause great trouble to the family.

Hanoi Liugu walked outside while thinking about this.

Although he did not catch Sheldon, it was not disappointed this time. At least I knew that Endo and Izumi were in the Erye family’s manor, and only this old thing put Sheldon and Erye Feixu away. go.

He can be sure that the Erye family and the Yamashita family must have an extraordinary relationship. This can be seen from the old man and Erye Takuya, and he also saw Erye Feixu when he was a child.

That day, the mysterious man who defeated Saburo and rescued Feixu was more likely to be a ninja of the Yamashita family.

Thinking of this, Hanoi Rutani’s heart suddenly opened up. Although Endo and Izumi were still in the Erye family now, he knew that Erye family would definitely not dare to kill them two.

Once you kill it, it means declaring war with your own family. The current Erye family doesn’t have the courage and dare not do so.

As I walked and thought, Hanoi Liugu returned to the place where he played against Sheldon.

He watched Sheldon’s car still parked there, and the family killers lying in front of him, and he exhaled a few heavy breaths before he felt more comfortable.

“Team leader, you didn’t mean to wait there. Why did you come out so soon? Could it be that Sheldon was dealt with?” Seeing Hanoi Liugu walked out of the darkness, Tian Fang quickly stepped forward and asked.

“They ran away.” Hanoi Liugu shook his head. He wanted to vent his anger on Tianfang, but he still didn’t think about it.

“Huh?” Tianfang’s eyes widened.

“Let’s not talk about it yet, how many of our brothers are alive?” Hanoi Liugu waved his hand, he already had a way to deal with it, and he didn’t want to talk more about this to make his mood even better. bad.

“None of them survived, you can tell the team leader about the situation.” Tianfang hooked the surviving one.

“Team leader, I am Kenshiro. This Sheldon has a very strong strength. It took almost five or six seconds to kill everyone, and it is a one-shot kill. There is no power to fight back. If you continue If I come for a while later, I’m afraid I’ll be killed by him.”

The man walked up to Hanoi Liugu and fully explained what had happened during the day. After speaking, he recalled the situation at that time and couldn’t bear it. She shivered twice.

“Five or six seconds? Do you have any chance to fight back?” Hearing his words, Hanoi Liugu felt a little unbelievable. Although he had thought before that Sheldon might quickly get rid of his subordinates, he did not expect , It only took such a short time.

He knew that his subordinates would not lie to him. Then, if he looked at it this way, Sheldon’s strength was even more terrifying than he thought, and even he himself might not be his opponent.

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