The Warmest Romance Chapter 697 -698

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Chapter 697

After understanding the cause and effect, he looked up at Ruan Shishi standing there coldly, then looked at Yu Yimo and said, “what are you going to do with it?”

“To find out the truth, let’s start with the email system being hacked.” Yu Yimo’s tone is sure to say, “if you find out the person who sent the e-mail, you should be able to understand more than half of the matter.”

Hearing this, Yu Qingshan glanced at him. Instead of expressing his opinion, he looked at the crowd and asked, “what do you think?”

All of you said one word to me and said it again in front of Yu Qingshan.

Finally, someone said, “Chairman, it’s up to you to decide this matter, so that everyone will be convinced.”


Hearing the words, Yu Qingshan stood up with his hands behind him and thought for a moment. He looked up at Ruan Shishi and said in a cold voice, “this matter has caused great losses to the company. Now no matter who the traitor is, it has nothing to do with you. Our Yu group can no longer keep you.”

Ruan Shishi asked with a thump in her heart, biting her teeth, “do you mean that even if it has nothing to do with me, I have to carry the pot?”

Yu Qingshan didn’t expect that she would ask so. Her face turned black and she said in a cold voice, “do you have any evidence to prove your innocence?”

For a moment, Ruan’s poems had nothing to say.

Yu Yimo also got up, looked at Yu Qingshan and said, “I think this matter needs to be investigated.”

“If I say no, I can’t!” Yu Qingshan frowned and said coldly, “she can’t stay in Yu’s family any longer, and I’ll announce this to the media at your engagement ceremony and give you an account!”

Ruan’s heart was too tight to speak.

Yu Qingshan intends to do so, is to make it clear that the charges on her head.

As soon as she was worried, she could not help blurting out, “but I have never done anything to betray Yu.”

Yu Qingshan cold hum, eyes ironically looked at her, “traitor face will not write traitor two words, you so empty mouth white teeth said that he is innocent, no one will believe, put in front of everyone’s fact is that you and JV project leader is close, no one can prove that you did not do it!”

Ruan’s heart was heavy and stuffy, and his body could not help trembling.

At this time, even if she was full of mouth, I’m afraid it was not clear.

The atmosphere has reached the stage of white hot stalemate. Some people are insisting on their own position, while others are watching coldly. For a moment, the conference room is quiet and frightening.

At this moment, the door of the conference room was suddenly pushed open. An assistant came in a little flustered. He came to Yu Yimo and said in a low voice, “president Yu, Cheng Zixiao, the project manager of JV, is coming. He wants to enter the conference room.”

Yu Yimo frowned, and a little bit of surprise passed by his eyes. Before he let go, the door of the conference room was pushed open by two bodyguards, and then a tall figure came in.

Cheng Zixiao’s appearance is like throwing a bomb into the calm water, which makes the originally calm meeting room burst.

“It’s Cheng Zixiao!”

“Dong Chairman, why is he here? “

Everyone was shocked. Unexpectedly, the project manager of the rival company, who finally took away the 700 million yuan project of Yu’s group, dared to come here in such a swagger, and even went straight into their meeting room!

Chapter 698

Yu Qingshan looked back, and when he saw Cheng Zixiao, his face turned blue. Before he could speak, Cheng Zixiao already said, “I heard that your meeting was held because of me. I’m the leading role. Why can’t I come?”

As if for a moment, he has become the original uninhibited and indulgent Mr. Cheng, with a sense of joke in his words, but it can make people hear the irony inside.

Yu Yimo’s eyes coldly swept Zixiao, and told Du Yue in a deep voice, “since the guests have come, Du Yue, prepare a seat for Xiao Cheng.”

This title made Cheng Zixiao look cold for a moment.

Everyone knows that now Cheng Zixiao is the project manager of the JV group. He is no longer the former general manager who has nothing to do and relies on his family business. However, Yu Yimo continues to call him like this, more or less ironically.

Cheng Zixiao took a look at Yu Yimo and said nothing. He turned to Yu Qingshan, “chairman Yu, I’m here to explain something.”

With that, he turned to look at Ruan Shishi and gave her a smile.

This smile made Ruan Shishi’s nervous heart relax a lot. Just now, she sent a short message to Cheng Zixiao for help, but she didn’t expect him to come.

But the rest of the matter, Cheng Zixiao can explain clearly, she is not sure, but, this one must bet.

She also smiles at Cheng Zixiao, but suddenly she feels a sharp look next to her. When she sees Yu Yimo’s eyes, she feels a little nervous.

Even if yu Qingshan didn’t like it in his heart, it was not good to refuse him in front of so many people, so he had to let go, “you say it.”

“I heard that some people made an article about my shopping and dinner with Ruan Shishi yesterday, saying that she had a good relationship with me, so they put the suspicion of leaking your company’s plan on her and forced her to be dismissed.”

Someone responded, “there is no such thing as coercion. We have a reasonable analysis!”

“What a well founded one.” Cheng Zixiao chuckled, “I’ll show you what it means to be justified!”

Then he clapped his hands, and his assistant standing outside came in with a laptop in his hand.

Cheng Zixiao said clearly, “this is the surveillance video of Ruan Shishi and I ran into each other in the clothing store yesterday. It is enough to prove that we didn’t make an appointment in advance, but met by chance.”

With that, he raised his hand slightly, and the assistant pointed the computer screen to the crowd and pressed the play button.

During the monitoring, Cheng Zixiao breaks into the fashion shop, inquires about the direction of the fitting room, and then pats open the door of the fitting room. It can be clearly seen that at the beginning of the meeting, they have doubts on their faces. Obviously, they didn’t make an appointment in advance. Moreover, they say “long time no see”. This shows that the two people are not so close to each other as they are supposed to be.

After the video, the meeting room was quiet for a while.

Cheng Zixiao hooked his lips, took out his mobile phone, called out a text message, and motioned to the people, “the most suspicious thing is that yesterday I received a text message, and was deliberately led to meet with Ruan Shishi. It is obvious that someone obstructed us, deliberately let us meet, the purpose is to steal our photos. This is the message. “

Then he handed his cell phone to the people next to him and asked them to read the message.

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