The Warmest Romance Chapter 717 -718

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Chapter 717

At this time, she obviously felt that her fingers were pinched twice. As soon as she turned her head, she saw that song yean was looking at her smile. Her nervous mood was relieved in front of his smiling face like spring breeze.

She also smiles at Song yean.

The scene of two people laughing at each other falls into Yu Yimo’s eyes, and his eyes immediately produce a thin layer of anger.

Yu Yimo frowned, and suddenly thought of what the woman had just said in the dressing room. She said she had someone she liked. Is that song yean?

When you think about it, Yu Yimo’s anger is surging and can hardly be suppressed.

Suddenly, her hand was held, and ye Wan’er said to him, “brother Mo, let’s take a picture with them.”

Yu Yimo converged his anger at the bottom of his eyes, and suddenly stretched out his long arm and put his arms around ye Wan’er’s waist. He said in a light voice, “OK, listen to you.”

Ye Wan’er is suddenly overjoyed and smiles. She waves to the cameraman next to her. Then she pulls Yu Yimo to Ruan Shi’s side.

“Let’s take a picture of the four of us!”

Although Ruan Shishi didn’t think much about it, it was not good either. She refuted ye Wan’er’s face in public and had to nod her head.

They stand in a row. Ruan Shishi and ye Wan’er stand in the center. Yu Yimo and song yean stand on both sides. They are really eye-catching pairs.

The cameraman was also quite willing to take more photos, and specially instructed song yean’s posture, “this gentleman, please get closer, right That’s it

Under the guidance of the cameraman, song yean almost sticks to the ear of Ruan Shishi. This is the first time that he is so close to his beloved woman that he is inevitably nervous.

Some of Ruan’s poems couldn’t fit in. His cheeks were red and he seemed to be shy.

Ye Wan’er beside smiles brightly, while Yu Yimo on the other side looks cold.


When the photo was taken, the photographer took a look at the photo, nodded with satisfaction, and said to them, “OK, OK.”

Hearing the words, Ruan’s poems unconsciously opened up the distance from Song yean, which restored a bit of freedom.

Yu Yimo raised his eyes and swept Ruan Shishi’s Scarlet cheek. His face became more and more ugly. He frowned and obviously had no patience. He took out his mobile phone for a symbolic look and said to ye Wan’er in a cold voice, “Wan’er, I want to make a phone call and leave first.”

With that, without waiting for ye Wan’er to reply, he frowned and strode to one side, leaving ye Wan’er alone.

Ye Wan’er looked at the figure of the man who suddenly left. She was stunned. She opened her mouth and cried, “brother Mo…”

The man didn’t seem to hear it at all. He left quickly without looking back. His back was cold and ascetic, with some momentum.

They just got engaged, and the ceremony was not over yet. Yu Yimo left her here alone, which made her lose face.

She looked up at Ruan Shishi and song yean, and said, “now that I’ve finished taking photos, I’ll go first.”

With that, she walked away quickly.

Ruan Shishi stood in the same place, watching them leave one after another, feeling more and more strange.

Yu Yimo’s expression just now was obviously angry, but everything was fine just now. What kind of anger was he angry with?

Chapter 718

Ruan Shishi’s eyes follow the figure of the man who has gone away, and her heart is suddenly empty, some of which are not clear.

On one side, song yean saw her expression, and her mood sank.

After a pause, he took a deep breath and asked, “do you still have metaphor in your heart?”

In a word, to Ruan’s surprise, she instantly regained her mind, looked at him in a panic, shook her head and denied, “no No

Although it was a denial, she had no confidence.

She said, looking at the man in front of her, she gritted her teeth and stopped talking

She was really at a loss about what happened just now. She didn’t know whether it was because of her impulse or because she agreed to him in front of Yu Yimo and ye Waner

But in fact, what she did just now was to make use of song yean.

Now, it’s hard to ride a tiger, and she doesn’t know how to open it.

Song yean naturally saw that she had something to say, and even guessed what she wanted to say. He gave her a smile and said in a soft voice, “don’t take what I said to you in front of them seriously. I just helped you make a show in front of them. There’s no psychological burden.”

Ruan Shishi was a little surprised when she heard that song yean was so calm. She felt warm and said, “thank you.”

He helped her unconditionally again and again without asking for anything in return. He was really a gentleman.

Song yean said with a smile, “OK, it’s getting late, and the engagement ceremony is almost finished. I’ll take you to dinner, and then I’ll take you home.”

Ruan Shishi laughed, but did not refuse. He left the meeting with him.

When he came out of the Xinnan meeting hall, Ruan Shishi was unconsciously relieved and felt more comfortable.

Song yean took her to a nearby specialty store for dinner, and then drove her to the gate of the community.

When the car stops steadily, Ruan Shishi says goodbye to song yean with a smile, and then gets off the car and goes to the community.

Song yean sat in the car, looking at the woman’s back, feeling complex.

In fact, what he said in front of Ye Wan’er and Yu Yimo today is true, not a word is false.

His heart to her has always been true.

In the twinkling of an eye, on Sunday, Ruan Shishi had no time to rest, so he rushed to the hospital to see his father.

After accompanying his father to do a full set of physical examination, all the data are normal, and the physical conditions are suitable for the operation. Ruan Shishi and Ms. Liu are secretly relieved and accompany Professor Ruan, waiting for the operation.

The operation was scheduled for Tuesday, and Ruan asked the company for a two-day leave to accompany Professor Ruan all day.

On the day of the operation, Ruan Shishi watched her father being pushed into the operating room. After several hours of waiting, she finally saw the red light turning green in front of the door of the operating room and the door was pushed open. The first one to come out was chief surgeon Feng.

She quickly stepped forward, pale, moved his lips to ask about the situation, director Feng looked at her, and then looked at Ms. Liu, finally relieved to say, “the operation is very successful, you can rest assured.”

Smell speech, Ruan Shishi excited nose acid, tears are about to gush out, she has been waiting for this moment for a long time, from her father just hospitalized to now, she also accompanied through too much torture and suffering, now the success of the operation, on behalf of the end of the suffering, also means the beginning of a new life.

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