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Chapter 719

“Thank you doctor, thank you doctor!”

Ms. Liu was also very excited. She even said thanks to director Feng. When she looked back at Ruan Shishi, her eyes were also full of tears.

She held Ruan Shishi’s hand excitedly, “Shishi, we are not in vain at all!”

Ruan Shishi nodded and looked at her mother in front of her. She felt a little sour.

This time her father was hospitalized, Ms. Liu was always with her and took good care of her. She never complained. She could almost see that she was a lot older.

Ruan Shishi opened her arms and hugged Ms. Liu.

Soon, the door of the operating room opened again, and the nurse pushed Professor Ruan out and transferred him to the intensive care unit to observe the condition at any time. Ruan Shishi and Ms. Liu stood by and waited for him to wake up.

Ruan Shishou was outside the intensive care unit. I don’t know how long it took. Suddenly, a clear male voice came from the side, “Shishi, aunt!”

Song yean strode towards this side, with a burning look between his eyebrows and eyes.

Seeing him, Ruan Shishi felt relieved for some reason. She took a deep breath and said, “Why are you here?”

It’s said that song yean has a very important meeting and negotiation today. Even if Professor Ruan enters the operating room, she doesn’t dare to disturb him, but she didn’t expect him to show up.

Song yean walked up to her and said, “uncle, how can I not be around when I have surgery? But I’m a little late. How’s uncle? “

Ruan Shishi took a look at the direction of the intensive care unit, “the operation was very successful, but my father hasn’t woken up yet.”

As soon as she finished, Ms. Liu, who was guarding the window of the intensive care unit, suddenly said, “wake up Your dad’s awake! “

Both Ruan Shishi and song yean were surprised. They came forward and saw Professor Ruan lying on the bed slowly opening his eyes.

“Ask the doctor to have a look!”

Several people were in a hurry and informed the doctor. Soon, the doctor came and did all the examinations. Everything was normal. Then he informed that Professor Ruan would be transferred back to the ward.

Several people gathered around Professor Ruan and watched him being pushed into the ward. Although he was a little pale, he was still in good spirits.

For a moment, Ruan Shishi was also relieved.

Slowly, Professor Ruan was able to speak, and he was in good condition.

Ms. Liu was also very excited. She looked at Song yean and said, “Xiao Song, you are really our lucky star! As soon as you come, Lao Ruan will wake up! “

Song yean laughs, half joking, “it’s the first time I know that I have this kind of special function.”

As soon as these words came out, Ruan Shishi could not help laughing.

Although Professor Ruan had just finished the operation and was still very weak, he was in a better mood when he watched them talking and laughing around him.

At the same time, on the other hand, as soon as Yu Yimo receives the notice of successful operation from director Feng, he immediately takes time to rush to the hospital.

Professor Ruan is his teacher after all. If the operation is successful, he will arrive at the first time.

Though he thought so, Ruan’s face flashed in his mind. For a moment, he quickened his steps.

Through the corridor of the inpatient department, Yu Yimo walks towards Professor Ruan’s ward with ease.

But before he got to the door, he had heard the laughter coming from the door. He walked to the door and looked into the ward.

Chapter 720

In the room, Professor Ruan is lying on the bed with Ms. Liu on his left and two people sitting side by side on his right, Ruan Shishi and song yean!

The atmosphere in the room is harmonious and joyful, and the laughter is constantly coming. Harmonious

is like a family.

Yu Yimo’s heart suddenly tightens, and a strange wave covers his heart. His hand hanging on his side has been clenched into a fist unconsciously, and his heart is surging.

It turns out that song yean and Ruan Shishi have reached this stage. They have a good relationship with their parents. Is it time to get engaged?

On this thought, Yu Yimo’s heart is full of anger. After a pause, he turns around and leaves quickly without hesitation.

If he goes now, won’t he become a light bulb that destroys the atmosphere?

Du Yue is surprised to see Yu Yimo get on the bus directly after coming out of the hospital gate.

It only took him more than ten minutes to get in and out, which was too fast.

Seeing that Yu Yimo’s face was gloomy, Du Yue had to swallow back the questions that came to his mouth.

Yu Yimo said in a deep voice, “go to Jinyuliangyuan.”

With that, he took out his mobile phone and dialed Su Yucheng directly, “come out, drink.”

Half an hour later, when Yu Yimo arrives at the place, Su Yucheng is already waiting at the door. He is sleepy, looking at the spirit is not very good.

Seeing Yu Yimo getting out of the car, he went forward and said, “brother, don’t you know I had a task last night?”

Yu Yimo gave him a cold look and said coldly, “who said that he has never lost in the wine market, and now he is willing to give up?”

When Su Yucheng heard this, he laughed and said, “what do you want to lose? I Su Yu achievement do not know to admit defeat these two words how to write

He raised his foot to follow Yu Yimo’s steps, observed his face, and suddenly laughed and asked, “who’s bothering you? It stinks

After entering the box, Yu Yimo orders the waiter to serve wine.

Su Yucheng smiles, but is not anxious, opened a bottle of wine, drank a way, “recently you pour is idle, according to reason should not have any vexation.”

Yu Yimo picked up his glass, shook the liquid in it, and said thoughtfully, “don’t you think they are too quiet these days?”

Su Yucheng smell speech, waist straight some, complexion also serious a few minutes, “if you don’t say, I really didn’t find, in addition to Jiangzhou western suburbs occasionally a little movement, other really nothing.”

“It’s strange here.” Yu Yimo’s eyes sank a little. “It’s a trick they used to play.”

“I see. I’ll let Luo Yu keep an eye on me when I go back.”

After a while, Su Yucheng saw that Yu Yimo had already emptied half a bottle of red wine. He couldn’t help joking, “how come today? Drink so much, not afraid to go back to be questioned by fiancee? “

Yu Yimo’s eyes flashed a dark light, light lift lips, “I didn’t live with Wan’er.”

Su Yucheng’s eyes flashed slightly and asked, “you should not, there is still…”

“What’s the matter?” Yu Yimo turns his head and looks at Su Yucheng.

Su Yucheng laughed, did not continue to say, “nothing.”

Unconsciously, the night is deep, they drink a lot of wine, and rarely talk about many topics that they don’t usually talk about.

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