The Warmest Romance Chapter 721 -722

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Chapter 721

Su Yucheng sees Yu Yimo’s abnormality, but he doesn’t understand it. Just as Yu Yimo goes to the bathroom, his mobile phone on the desk starts to vibrate.

Su Yucheng looks up and sweeps the remarks on the screen. He can’t help pulling his lips.

In the past hour, ye Wan’er didn’t know how many calls she had made to Yu Yimo, but he didn’t answer them.

Su Yucheng hesitated for a moment, reached out to pick up the phone, pressed the answer, soon, the little woman’s anxious voice came from there, “brother Mo, where are you? I’m waiting for you at the villa. Why haven’t you come back yet? “

Su Yu Cheng laughs out a voice, “this hasn’t married yet, began to check hillock, isn’t not very good?”

That leaf Wan son Zheng Zheng Zheng, very quickly open mouth to ask again, “who are you?”

“I’m his friend.”

“Where is brother Mo now?”

Su Yucheng light way, “Jinyuliangyuan, we drink wine between brothers, don’t worry, soon went back.”

With that, he hung up the phone.

Just as Yu Yimo comes out of the bathroom, Su Yucheng raises his mobile phone to him and jokes, “I’ve answered the phone for you. I won’t call back for a while. Do you want to call back?”

Yu Yimo coldly glanced at him, eyes Qinren, “next time do not touch my mobile phone.”

“Well, well, just don’t touch it.”

Su Yucheng smiles and puts his cell phone back in place.

At this moment, far away in the villa ye Wan’er holding a mobile phone, has been on the verge of violence.

She stood in the living room, fingernails into the palm of her hand, not angry, but here in the end is Yu Yimo’s villa, she forced, not easy to attack, out of the villa, walked to the door, she could not help the bottom of her heart anger, directly on the car.

“Huo Chuan! Go to golden and jade

Huo Chuan was stunned, looking at the woman’s twisted face because of her anger, he asked, “Miss, don’t you want to wait for Yu Yimo?”

Ye Wan’er is not angry. “He’s in the golden age!”

Everyone in Jiangzhou city knows where Jinyuliangyuan is. As long as there is demand and money, there will be the best service and transaction. The thought that Yu Yimo would rather stay in that place until midnight than come back to her makes her angry.

Huo Chuan saw the reason why ye Wan’er was angry and advised, “maybe he’s socializing.”

Ye Wan’er clenched her teeth and said, “I specially checked his itinerary today to make sure that he didn’t have a dinner party at night, so I went to the villa to cook for him! I didn’t expect to see him back until now! “

“And we’ve only been engaged for three days, and he can’t wait to run to that place, where will he put me?”

“Drive now! I’m going to have a look! What’s he doing at Jinyuliangyuan! “

Ye Wan’er is on the verge of collapse and has lost her sense. On the contrary, Huo Chuan is much calmer than her.

“Miss, I can send you there, but you have to think that once you run over there and check Yu Yimo like catching a traitor, you can’t go back to the past.”

Ye Wan’er was stunned and turned pale.

As soon as she was worried, she didn’t think of this level at all. She used to find Yu Yimo to show her distrust of him, which would not only make him lose face in front of his friends, but also make her a joke in the celebrity circle of Jiangzhou city.

Chapter 722

More importantly, Yu Yimo will be disappointed in her behavior and feel that she is not considerate and tolerant. In this way, there will be a gap between her and Yu Yimo.

Which is more important, such a contrast, instantly clear.

Ye Wan’er clenched her teeth, suppressed her anger for a long time, and then slowly regained some sense, “what should I do?”

“Wait.” Huo Chuan’s eyes flashed, “now we can only wait for him to come back.”

After a moment’s silence, ye Wan’er took a deep breath and thought clearly. She nodded and said, “you’re right. I’ll wait for him to come back! No matter how late it is

She wants to make Yu Yimo feel guilty for her. Only in this way can she hold his heart firmly!

Returning to the living room, ye Wan’er says something to the villa servant, and then sits in the living room waiting for Yu Yimo to come back.

I don’t know how long later, the headlights in the villa hall were turned off, leaving only a floor lamp beside the tea table. Ye Wan’er was sleepy and almost fell asleep several times.

Suddenly, “click” a sound, villa door was pushed open.

Ye Wan’er stirs up, gets up immediately, looks at the direction of the door, and sees a tall shadow.

Her heart moved, and she quickly walked to the other side, “brother mo…”

Just took two steps, maybe because she was too anxious, she slipped under her feet and fell to the ground unexpectedly.

When Yu Yimo hears the sound, he frowns, raises his hand, turns on the light, and sees ye Wan’er falling to the ground.

His brow tightened, “Wan’er?”

Immediately step forward to help her up.

Ye Wan’er waited for most of the night. Finally, at this moment, she jumped into Yu Yimo’s arms and hummed, “brother Mo, it hurts so much…”

Suddenly, she was held around her neck by a woman. Yu Yimo’s face changed and her drinking spirit faded away. She looked down and saw ye Wan’er’s wrinkled face. Her voice softened a little. “How can I wait here?”

Ye Wan’er’s tone was soft. “I cooked a meal and wanted to wait for you to come back to eat together. I didn’t expect that you didn’t come back all the time. I didn’t answer your phone…”

After a meal, Yu Yimo felt a sense of shame. He held her up from the ground and walked towards the stairway.

He said in a deep voice, “it’s too late today. You’ll make do with it in the guest room. I’ll send you back tomorrow.”

Ye Wan’er was very happy. She hugged Yu Yimo’s neck and nodded obediently

It’s a great opportunity for her to stay in Yujia villa for the night!

She must make good use of it!

Yu Yimo took her to the guest room and checked that there was no scratch on her leg. He was relieved and asked her to leave the room.

He drank a lot in the evening, and his head was a little dizzy. When he got to the room, he went into the bathroom to take a bath. His eyes passed the washstand, and he saw a shiny thing, a small one, which had been there for a long time.

Usually he didn’t pay attention, but now suddenly there was a strange force to lead him.

When he got to the washstand, he fixed his eyes and found that it was a small earring. The shape of the star was very small and delicate.

It can’t be his thing. There is only one possibility that Ruan’s poems left behind.

The woman’s face flashed in my mind, which means that a strange feeling rose to my heart when my heart was tight.

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