The Warmest Romance Chapter 749 -750

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Chapter 749

Yu Yimo stepped forward and asked in a cold voice, “what happened? Let Laofan start the third level alarm

As soon as he opened his mouth, a voice of pity came from a dark corner beside him. “Lord Luo appeared in Jiangzhou.”

When he heard the name, Yu Yimo was slightly stunned. After a few seconds, he came back to himself. He twisted his brows, as if for a moment, his whole body became tense, and his aura was heavy and cold.

It seemed that he didn’t believe it. He took a cool breath. After a while, he said slowly, “it’s been three years.”

It was three years ago that he last met Luo Jiuye.

But he didn’t expect that now, he appeared again and appeared in Jiangzhou city. Isn’t it intentional to provoke him?

There was a hint of coldness in my heart. He said coldly, “as soon as he appears, it means that there will definitely be a big event. From now on, you all have to work hard!”

Luo Yu nodded, “understand.”

The shadow sitting in the corner nodded and did not speak.

Yu Yimo sits on the sofa, closes his eyes and starts to sort out all the things that have happened in recent years.

First of all, there was no movement on all sides of Jiangzhou City, and some minions were in action. Now, Luo Jiuye suddenly appeared, all of which were paving the way for what happened later.

Suddenly, Luo Yu said, “I found something.”

Yu Yimo opened his eyes and immediately got up and walked to his side

Luo Yu turned the laptop screen to him. “I intercepted a encrypted email from them. It said that they should meet at the abandoned factory of Jinfeng at three in the morning and bring things with them.”

Yu Yimo swept the document quickly, and his face was a little cold.

The courage is big enough. Mr. Luo has just shown his face in the daytime, and then he takes action in the evening. All of them are anxious like monkeys.

“Do you think you need to deploy?”

Yu Yimo wring his brows, his face cold and frightening, glanced at the clock and said immediately, “call Su Yucheng, start to deploy and act immediately.”


Luo Yu and shadow respond with one voice.

People quickly spread out, each busy.

In the twinkling of an eye, it’s 12:00 in the middle of the night. Yu Yimo has changed his clothes and quickly gets on the bus.

Su Yucheng was just pulled up from the bed, yawned and rubbed his eyes.

Yu Yimo frowned, glanced at him and said in a cold voice, “in this state, are you going to give your head away?”

Feeling the coolness of Yu Yimo’s eyes, Su Yucheng’s body shakes and suddenly wakes up. He straightens his collar and cheers up. “Don’t worry, I’m absolutely unambiguous about business!”

Yu Yimo hears the speech, glances at him and doesn’t speak any more.

The car shuttles in the dark night, as if engulfed by the boundless darkness, indicating that all the dangers are going on quietly.

In the dark car, Yu Yimo’s eyes are black and bright, and all the states are tight without any relaxation.

At this time, we can’t tolerate any mistakes.

Soon, the car slowly approached Jinfeng factory, but suddenly, the direction turned, bypassed the main road, directly passed through the land without road, and drew a big circle slowly to the back of the factory.

Chapter 750

At this moment, the four people in the car are highly focused, holding their breath and paying attention to every move around.

All around is boundless night, the car is driving low beam, slowly moving forward, at this time, Yu Yimo suddenly frown, “No.”

“What’s the matter?”

Su Yu turned to look at him.

“Stop the car!” Yu Yimo’s throat rolled and said in a deep voice, “I see light over there.”

As the shadow slows down, Su Yucheng and Luo Yu follow Yu Yimo’s eyes. Through the window, they see darkness.

Yu Yimo is still staring at that direction, his eyes are terrible. After a few seconds of silence, he suddenly says, “turn around, go!”

The shadow caught the urgency in his words and immediately drove around, slamming on the brakes.

At this time, the gun sound cut the sky, “whew” towards them.

“Damn it! It’s a trick

Su Yucheng scolded secretly, holding the guy in his hand, immediately rolled down the window and drove a few times toward that side.

“Bang bang!” The sound hit the car body, but it didn’t penetrate, because their car body was made of special materials, and ordinary bullets couldn’t penetrate at all.

Just then, a light came from behind, and a car followed them and caught up.

Su Yucheng clenched his teeth and said, “I’m in ambush. The grandsons of Lord Luo are more and more daring!”

Yu Yimo frowned and looked gloomy. “That email is fake. It seems that they deliberately brought us here. It’s urgent to get rid of the car behind us.”

Since they dare to set them up, they must have done everything. If they fight head-on, the four of them may have no chance of winning against the unknown number, so they have to run now!

The shadow car is very skillful. It rushes through the dirt road and gets on the asphalt road, but the car behind is very tight.

Yu Yimo gritted his teeth and inhaled deeply, “Su Yucheng, you cover me, hit him on the left, I’ll burst his tire!”


Two people look at each other, immediately ready, the window rolled down, Su Yucheng first probe, aimed at them a fierce attack.

Yu Yimo takes a deep breath. When he hears that the main fire is aimed at the left, he immediately leans out of the window and tries to aim at the front tire of the car behind.

Both cars are moving, so it’s difficult to aim at nature. He held his breath, aimed his gun at the tire, pulled the trigger, and at the same time, with a “whew”, a bullet came out of the car, went through the front window and hit Yu Yimo’s left arm directly.


As soon as the rear tire burst, the speed dropped sharply, and the body suddenly tilted, almost rollover.

On this side, Yu Yimo snorted and quickly pressed the wound with his right hand.

Su Yucheng’s face was cold, and he said anxiously, “Lao Yu, you are hurt!”

Yu Yimo frowned and said, “it’s OK! Let’s go

If you kill one thousand enemies, you will lose eight hundred.

This time they were both defeated and none of them benefited. What he didn’t expect most was that in order to hurt him, the people in the car aimed directly in the car. They would rather break their own car glass than hit him!

Sure enough, all the people under Lord Luo are ruthless!

The car shuttled back to Qingyun villa.

Luo Yu immediately brought the medicine box and began to treat Yu Yimo.

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