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Chapter 1093

“Hey, I won’t say it, I won’t say it.” Bai Xiaofei scratched his head and explained.

“This kid, always likes to fuck me!” Sheldon shook his head and said to the ghost operator. He knew that Bai Xiaofei had this character a long time ago, so he didn’t care about it. He often made jokes just like him.

The slap that I just slapped was just a fight between friends, and it didn’t work hard at all.

“You don’t know, during your absence, I was often fucked by him!” Ghost operator laughed. In the past ten days, Bai Xiaofei gradually got to know him, and even became a nonchalant. friend.

Just as the two were talking, several people wearing the clothes of the Japanese army quickly walked up to Sheldon.

One of them was holding a file, and the other was holding a video equipment.

“Are you Sheldon?” The leader said first, “I am Ichiro Noda, an investigator from the War Department of the Japanese Kingdom. I’m here to investigate the disappearance of the South Vietnamese Special Force Lin Apping eight days ago. I hope you can cooperate.”

“Yes.” Sheldon narrowed his eyes, but nodded in agreement.

“What’s the matter with you, the disappearance of the Nanyue Special Forces has nothing to do with us. Why did your Japanese War Department hold us, because you think that China is so bullying?” As

soon as Sheldon’s voice fell, Bai Xiaofei became angry. He came over rushingly, without giving any face to the investigators of the war department.

“Sir, you are misunderstood. We don’t think you are a bully, but everyone said that before Lin Aping went missing, he had a conflict with you. Now we can’t find him, of course we need to consult you for some information.”

“If it is a fact investigation. Come out, if it has nothing to do with you, we will not bother you in the future, and we will apologize to you!”

Investigators know that these special forces of China are not easy to provoke, but after all, special forces of other countries have disappeared within their territory of the country. The war department cannot ignore it. If nothing happens, it must be investigated forcibly.

Even if the situation cannot be adjusted, at the very least, we have to do something and give an explanation to the Nanyue country.

“Xiao Fei, don’t be so excited, just cooperate with them. We did nothing. I don’t think the brothers of the War Department of the Japanese Kingdom will slap me indiscriminately, right?” Sheldon patted Bai Xiaofei’s shoulder.

Although this kid is a bit reckless and can’t speak his mind a lot of the time, he can see that he is really anxious for himself. He is a very rare and very good friend.

“This gentleman is right. It’s just a routine inquiry.” When Sheldon gave them a step, Noda Ichiro quickly nodded and agreed, “Sir, let’s smoke a cigarette and sit with us in the interrogation room.”

“No. Question.” Sheldon reached out and took the cigarette and lit it.

Following them to leave, Bai Xiaofei kept looking at Sheldon’s back. After he was far away, he posted to Guishuan and asked, “You said, Brother Chen doesn’t have anything, right?”

“You really underestimate him, don’t say anything. These investigators, even people from the entire War Department of the War of Japan, will not be afraid when you come here. You have time to worry about him, so you might as well consider whether you can get a good ranking for our Huaxia.”

Ghost operator laughed. He said that he knew Sheldon could easily settle these people.

“I’m really not sure. Although this competition is not so formal, it is attended by the top special forces from various countries. I really don’t have much confidence. It’s very good to get a relatively high ranking.”

Bai Xiaofei His mood is a bit low. His strength in the army is not very strong. Although he has the title of King of Soldiers, it is a reputation accumulated in actual combat, but it is really better than these restricted projects. He really does not have much. grasp.

In the interrogation room.

Sheldon sat on a chair with Erlang’s legs tilted, cigarettes in his hands, and freshly brewed tea in front of him. He said it was a questioning. If he didn’t know, he thought he was a guest.

“Mr. Sheldon, what are the conflicts between you and Lin Aping, can you tell us?” Noda Ichiro looked at Sheldon and asked.

“Actually, there is no contradiction.” Sheldon took a cigarette, exhaled the smoke, and slowly said, “I was in Nanyue some time ago and caused a little trouble. This special soldier may have come to me for revenge.”

“Then before he disappeared, did you see him?” Noda Ichiro wrote down Sheldon’s words, but did not delve into it. After all, Sheldon’s previous actions in Nanyue Kingdom were too dynamic. Even in the Wa Kingdom, it was more or less. Know some.

“Of course I have seen it, so many special forces are watching him come to make trouble.” Sheldon nodded, behaving very naturally.

“I’m talking about the night he disappeared, not when he was looking for trouble during the day.” Noda Ichiro interrupted Sheldon.

“That’s not true. I just vaguely heard him yelling outside, as if he was kicking our door, but I didn’t care when I was sleeping. Then I heard that he was missing. You come to investigate.” Sheldon shook his head. The answer is very simple and straightforward.

“Isn’t it really out?” Noda Ichiro stared at Sheldon. He is an investigator who has studied human micro-expressions. From a person’s eyes and behavior, he can guess the other person’s heart activities and the true or false of his words.

But Sheldon’s behavior was very normal. He didn’t even notice anything wrong.

“Of course, if I go out, I will definitely fight him. I’ll know the sound coming out.” Sheldon shrugged and said. “To tell you, I am also very curious about his disappearance, but I am also very grateful. At least I won’t bother me again.”

“You can’t say that. We still have to investigate carefully. After all, it is from South Vietnam to our country. We have to bear the main responsibility for the missing of the participating special forces, otherwise we can’t explain to the South Vietnam War Headquarters.”

“And now just for a part of South Vietnam leader, I heard called Lucheng Kun, we have an old saying Woguo called new broom sweeps clean, I am afraid that will not easily give up the things that make this! ‘

Wild Ichiro leaning his head some pain Said that, logically speaking, he has encountered a lot of missing persons after working for so many years, but at least he will leave a little clue or trace.

But this time Lin Apping seemed to have disappeared out of thin air, let alone trace clues, if it weren’t for the sudden discovery that a special soldier was missing, they wouldn’t know it at all.

And so many days have passed since the incident, even though they have been investigating, they have never found out anything. This makes him very angry, and he has not even eaten and slept well for three or four consecutive days.

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